Italy’s Giorgia Meloni Crushes The Global Elite Left: “They Pretend We Are Stupid”

At 45, Giorgia Meloni would still be pretty hot if she was 35. I woke up to some great news…perfectly in the tradition of Brexit, Donald Trump, and Hungary’s Viktor Orbán…as prominent challenges to the Global Elite Left. …And we’ve born witness to nothing but doubling-down—approaching, embracing, and advancing heightened levels of crazy and inch-mile…

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POLITICAL RANT: How Much Truth Can You Handle? What’s Going on in The World?

Rather than entitle the thing “roundup,” which I kinda hate, Im picking the most clickbait title from all the roundup stuff.

Did it work? Would you have just passed on by, but just had to click in?

…Mostly more videos this week, but toning it down. Only 7 of them, like 2 weeks ago—not the ridiculous 15 of them, like last week. For those who hate the videos, thanks for your patience. It’ll all work out. I have to first get to the monetization level, and the bar is surprisingly high which is probably a good thing.

I’m on track and accelerating.

For those who’re okay with the vids but prefer audio-only, I’m podcasting them.

  1. Anchor (the host and upload platform)
  2. Spotify (the owner of Anchor)
  3. Google Podcasts
  4. Amazon Podcasts
  5. Apple Podcasts (submitted, not up yet, but a PITA anyway…forcing you into an app where the others have both apps and web-based)


This last week was dominated by getting increasingly anxious and antsy about creating more tricked-out videos. It makes it more challenging and fun. So, a few of the videos are mostly about that in itself…not as some successful expert, but about a dude learning as he goes, in pretty short order, and you can too. If interested. My biggest deficiency is the thumbnails, i.e. the image that’s supposed to get you to click and watch.

I just hate the way so many do these. Some contrived image—often cartoon like—along with a silly mug with some hyped and stupid facial expression: usually with soyboy-boy-like, girlish exuberance on display. Blech.

Such is the state of the world, whether you can handle that truth, or not.

…I have half a mind to push back by doing something radical with the thumbnails. Picture this: solid black background, large white clickbait text. Exclamation point. Done. If it works, rename it to “Black & White Videos.” Or something…

Alright, then. Videos.

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12 Questions Of Life: 12 Answers in Rapid Succession, All with a Cool Intro

I’m breaking my own rule about doing single posts for a single video, but this one was a treat shooting and then editing and weirdly, I didn’t even feel like doing it; whereas, I usually do. I’m usually quite exuberant, in fact.

I mean, right up to the point I got to the 3rd shooting location (yea, three separate locations) I was feeling meh about it.

Perhaps it’s because this one was done solidly into the afternoon—it pissed rain most of yesterday, all damn night, and the first hours of the morning—and I’m now doing almost all footage shooting in the mornings…like during the walk.

Anyway, I think it turned out pretty darned great in terms of both visuals and soundness of the content—especially given my self-learning-as-I-go lack of experience.

Why the paragliding hero image up top?


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Visceral Chemistry Comes First When Women Size Up Men For Romance. What Comes Next?

Borgund Stave Church, Norway

If you ask me what the cover image is all about, juxtaposed with the title and in particular, the general subject: male-female physical attraction—“chemistry,” as it were—I couldn’t tell you. The truth is that I scrolled past the image last evening on National Geographic’s Telegram Channel and when I just had to share it on my own channel feed, I prefaced it with “Now that’s a Bad Ass church. Where can I join?

So the answer is: hell if I know. It was a visceral attraction and perhaps when I went looking for stock cover photos for this post, this one came to mind and I just went with it, with no added thought in the matter.

…And who knows, really, why anyone is attracted to anyone, or anything, else? Why can one person’s dream be another’s nightmare? Can you even account for your own attractions and repulsions, fully? I can’t. It’s even worse than that, for, the older I get, the less I seem to know about it in any concrete fashion. Why do I really just simply like what I like, love what I love, and hate what I hate?

That’s why, for instance, when I had the personal experiences that resulted in a video on the subject and a doozie, 3,000-word post with tons of images (The Secret For a Man: How To Get That Initial Positive Visceral Reaction From a Woman) I was deer-in-headlights mystified that such a thing existed and was easily managed. But it sure as hell does…and it kicks the shit out of anything else we’re told that puts our ducks in a row and best foot forward for those initial encounters with the fairer sex.

Guys, put that first thing into practice and see for your own damn selves. I’m continuing to strive towards even bigger and better; and it’s not disappointing.

I shouldn’t even mention this next story because for sure it will utterly disgust some—which just eggs me on—but I’ve been casually meeting up with a young college student of 20, recently. She’s halfway through her degree in economics, but doing an internship at a nearby Swiss owned & operated care home for older expats who want to live out their last years here, but require some assistance.

And before the disgusted and triggered ones wonder—but then presume anyway—how in the hell that happened—me and a 20-yr-old meeting up under auspices of “dating”—it was near total serendipity…and the rest is on her.

She’d already initiated by swiping-right on my profile in a phone app, when one late evening, her motorbike wouldn’t start outside of a convenience store near my place. (I happened to require a few things at 23.30 so happened upon the trouble.

“Can I help you?”

I got the motorbike started lickedy split, 2nd kick. (Her battery was dead and she’s not “full figured” enough to effectively kick the manual start).

…And while I did not fail to notice her sexy adorableness (my God!), I stopped short of doing anything beyond simply helping out the damsel in distress; going then on my merry way, good deed accomplished.

Minutes later, back at home, my phone went ‘ding.’

There was a message via that phone app. Guess who? I scantly recalled that we’d had a brief text exchange a week or so earlier, after the right-swipe and “match.” I didn’t pursue it because at that hyper-young age, I figured she was probably a bar girl or freelancer. Nothing against that and I’m a fan sometimes, but it’s not what I use the app for. I use it to meet young women who don’t work in bars or freelance. If I’m in the mood for that, I’ll just go to one of any number of girl-bars only minutes away.

So, in the broke-down motorcycle encounter, she had recognized me but I’d not recognized her.

She asked if I was that guy who just rescued her from certain demise (I embellish) and that if I am, she thanks me profusely. Not embellishing, but a direct quote:

“I have just finished work. You’re like a god who really saved my life.”

So, of course, we’re now on a different terrain and you’d better believe I was going to explore that. I still didn’t know her background of college, the internship, etc., but that was promptly forthcoming in subsequent texts.

The fist meetup was a few days later when she invited me to join her up at the windmill lookout at Nai Harn for sunset. She arrived first. There’s a grass field sloping off downward toward the cliffs with a perfect aspect for sitting whilst watching the sun set. The difficulty was in there being quite a few people that evening, all facing out and I was behind, looking down the green field.

Rather than dweebishly text “I’m here, where are you?” destroying the serenity, I decided to think it through.

What sort of young woman—who’s not that kind of working girl—would initiate and pursue a liaison with a man 41 years her senior?

‘…It’s gotta be that one right over there. A woman sitting on the grass alone…the one in the casual long dress and cute black boots…the only person amongst dozens sitting alone. Likely, a woman who thinks for herself.’

And Bingo!

She was perfectly demure and delightful from the first second and has continued to be. It wasn’t five minutes and she was casually touching my forearm…which is always great when you like her too…terribly annoying when you don’t, in that way.

There’ve been a couple of casual meetings since, and in fact, she just finished at the care home a bit early, 23.10, here. So this is a good time for a break. The arm caresses have persisted and damn do I love them.

…Oh, I almost forgot. She’s pretty critical of the the whole Church & State thing—even dropping a couple of f-bombs when discussing it. Go figure. And, smart enough for college courses in economics rather than social studies…? Yea! She’s doing the internship because she’s considering a shift into medicine.

Finally, I have no illusions about any of this. Nor am I trying to come off as some Don Juan seduction expert. I’m merely writing and creating videos about experiences from a different land and culture where, in my view at least, they suffer from substantially less hang-ups than are prevalent, epidemic, and stifling—especially for men—in the West.

And i’m increasingly mindful of this:

There is a detached, formal aspect to personal relationships that I observe in Thai culture

And what’s in it for her? Damned if I know, though there are clues. She’s absolutely not clingy, needy, pestering, demanding, entitled, or scolding. …Oh, wait… One little rebuke last Saturday night when she invited me to come join her and her sister at the same place, Vibes, where I have the 99 baht breakfast. A live band was playing so it was difficult to talk. I was using Google Translate on the phone, so as to not be shouting. She told me to put it down and just get close to her ear. And when I did, there she was grasping my forearm again as I would speak, as if to draw me closer.

…I’m now back to drafting after a short meet up with her, and then a much needed sleep for me. And so what happens but that I wake up and begin rethinking including this in the post. I could do without it, actually. I could save it for another post. While I know some will like and enjoy it—even chicks—so very many seem locked in their paradigms of what’s “acceptable” behavior, and there’s never any self-evaluation towards attempting an understanding of why they find completely consensual interactions such as this so abhorrent.

Why do they “cringe.” What is the source of that? What values are they in pursuit of…taking actions for. Why do they use dismissive, unthoughtful words like “cringe” in place of actual integrations and arguments?

Why? Why? Oh why?

It’s my observation that nearly the whole world—9 out of ten-ish—rely on authorities external to themselves rather than engaging in the process of discipline, thought, and self control required to assess and judge things on their own context, merits, and demerits.

Rather, I see a lot of “The [insert appropriate external authority] told me what to think and what to say.” (god, book, law, priest, guru, government, president, king, judge, PhD, expert, and the list goes on…)

Florida lawyer and blogger extraordinaire, Jeff Childers, included a section in yesterday’s Coffee & Covid apropos to this human failing to use one’s own mind…beyond its more common usage of taking all efforts to assess what others think and say, such that one knows himself what to think and say.

I was attending some CLE yesterday and came across a perfect example of what I’ve been talking about since the beginning of the pandemic. File this story under “The Death of Expertise.”

So, I was watching a live continuing education program yesterday afternoon, a pretty good one actually, and the presenter — a 40+ year veteran trial lawyer — was going through his powerpoint on a particular type of civil rights litigation, when he got to his general pointers about jury selection.

Here’s one of the three main bullet points the presenter offered, after his long and successful trial career, about how to pick good jurors:

I bet the experts didn’t see THAT coming. Explaining his rationale, the presenter said something like, “I have nothing against people who think they are experts, but they tend to believe that just because they know a lot about ONE area, that means they should be able to tell everybody else what to think about everything. I much prefer common sense over expertise, when it matters.”

Indeed. When it’s life or death, or is about serious money issues, you’re better off with REGULAR FOLKS — not experts — on the jury. Even people with expertise in whatever the case is about! It’s not a knock against professionals. I know that a lot of our C&C army are professionals, and I bet they’d agree. I’m even in that group.

The points, neatly made in a single Powerpoint bullet, is that you can’t rely on experts to use common sense, and other people defer TOO MUCH to experts. We need to stop deferring to experts. They are valuable for giving us an informed opinion to consider, that’s all. You should feel free to reject expert advice if it doesn’t make sense to you.

…And with that, it’s time to move into the meat of the subject. And that involves yet another story about a woman, but of a decidedly different nature and outcome. It’s below the fold. It’s a write up and an embedded video.


  1. 00:00 Introduction
  2. 00:32 The Thing Is…
  3. 00:50 The Pretty Lady
  4. 01:25 The Move
  5. 02:10 Oopsie; Where’d She Go?
  6. 03:46 Good For Me; For Her?
  7. 03:57 The Real Reason…
  8. 04:46 My Potty Mouth
  9. 05:02 What’s The Question?
  10. 07:51 The Big Clue
  11. 09:13 The Video Chat
  12. 10:02 Saving Face
  13. 11:06 Financial Setback What To Do
  14. 12:02 Do I Fault Her?
  15. 12:18 But Wait… A Great Story
  16. 14:47 Not A Young Kid Anymore

A final note is that some-something absolutely made this all possible and I covered it—primarily for the guys—in the previous post. As I said or implied, it’s a ridiculous advantage and any guy should be able to do it and see for themselves: The Secret For a Man: How To Get That Initial Positive Visceral Reaction From a Woman.

Do you really want to miss out on the substantially more important rest of the story? The foregoing introduction is 2,962 words. What follows is another 3,000 and it’s kinda odd and strange, as I remark in the closing.

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15 Ways To Improve Life Today — (In Exactly 187.5 Minutes)

Doing the maths, that’s just a smidgen over 3 hours.

The Godfather is 2 hours and 55 minutes…and while my 3 hours of footage in 15 videos shot, edited, produced, and published over the last week won’t give you any ideas or tips on how to actualize your best life as a mafia Don, it may give you more than a few actionable and practical ideas. Inspiration? Well, I’m an expat living a dream in Thailand…Enough said? Pitfalls to avoid?

That’s a certainty, and I pass all of then on—in the the writs and the vids—in part because I’m the worst at succumbing to nearly all of them. Learn from my mistakes, would’ja?

This is pretty big work in terms of thought, effort, hours, and perseverance. Sunday, September 5th’s Roundup had 7 vids produced over the week. Last Sunday, the 12th, had 11 of them. That’s 33 videos in 3 weeks—awfully close to 2 per day (now 1 vid per 0.64 days).

Will you love all of them? No. Not even I can claim that. It’s like your own offspring. Admit it; you have your favorite(s). Will you hate all of them? No. Try to hate #5, for example, once you get past the clickbait innuendo (I Live Between Two Lovely Young Thai Ladies. Here’s What Happened Today). I’m sorry to say that such headlining of posts is the terrain in this game. I suppose it always has been everywhere products and services are sold. Sex & money. They sell.

Here’s the introduction to this week’s 15-video deluge release, where I discuss that very aspect of the selling out required to be effective at this sort of thing. It’s probably less so for writing than for blogging. Ironically, the title of the video, and of this post, falls right into that hyperbole category. The headline analyzer I use scored it an 84 out of 100. My 1st stab at it scored in the 60s… The 2nd cut scored 75. Then, successively, 82, 83, and I settled at 84 as close enough.

I’m learning as I go.

Before I get to the list, I’ve got 4 insightful analytic charts for you, or, for those who may be curious or interested. Or, even for those considering doing this sort of thing in their own unique style. What you may be up against. Click on them for the full size versions, about 1500px wide.

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The Secret For a Man: How To Get That Initial Positive Visceral Reaction From a Woman

This post roughly falls under my series of posts, What Caused My 40% Hormone Increase? (I changed out the T-word in there because of the maternal spam filters…)

This was something I was informed of, but didn’t think much about because I didn’t have the problem.

Then, within a short time, I developed that specific problem and noticed a tremendous difference in my interactions with women, in a negative way.

Chicks were not approaching me or behaving towards me as I’ve enjoyed all of my adult life. Because of the very short time frame involved, I was able to form a hypothesis as to the cause and I took action immediately. This state of affairs will just not do.

Not at all.

…And to confirm that this untold, unknown secret was precisely at the root of the problem: then once I took the requisite actions, executing on those actions fixed the problem. All went back to normal. Here’s a hint for the astute. That was taken Tuesday morning, 04:45, after arising 15-minutes earlier—my daily routine. Then it’s work-work-work until 07.00, when I head over for the best Americano in Rawai / Nai Harn, then the 7km barefoot walk, and then a 2nd Americano.

So, I’ve been doing videos—a lot of videos—lately, so I did one on this problem and its solution. In my daily 90-minute walk, I can do about three videos, and this was one of them.


  1. The manly motorcycle ride to the Windmill Viewpoint, no helmet
  2. The introduction to the talk
  3. Going it manly barefoot
  4. What gets women viscerally when they see a man, positive or negative?
  5. Shout out to Alexander Cortes
  6. The secret revealed
  7. Absolutely true! And from PERSONAL EXPERIENCE
  8. So here’s the story part 1
  9. The laboratory
  10. They aren’t approaching me, so who are they approaching?
  11. Now the rest of the story: the radical transformation and results
  12. What’s next? Part 2, about what motivates women after the visceral or chemistry-box is checked

It’s up to the “windmill” lookout, back down, and two times around the lake

In addition to the video itself, I’ve put a lot into this post, as the next in the 40%-Increase series.

  • Before pictures
  • Photographic evidence of the precipitous weight loss in a short time
  • After pictures from getting things right
  • A transcript of the video with lots of added written commentary

And, last but not least—and most importantly—the food that’s the mainstay of the rapid transformation!

Since I’ve been around the diet realm for so long, nobody, and I mean NOBODY does food and the pics like I do. BOTH aesthetically pleasing AND big-ass for the MAN in you (goes for some of the astute ladies out there, too). I present 29 amazing, mouth-watering, protein-targeted food pics that ought to be the envy of the entire getting-fatter-or-shrivelling-up dietary world. Those 29 recent food pics alone (all within the last month) and the hundreds like them distributed to members throughout the year is worth the price of a membership alone.

…Even my friend Mark Sisson doesn’t (can’t) do it like this. Do you know why? It’s because his operation is heavily chick-centric and unfortunately, that includes at least tens of thousands of woke, virtue-signalling males. Consequently, most of his food pics are done by women, for women. Call it California Paleo, I guess. That’s the vibe I get. But, bless The Sisson’s Heart anyway.

I do food pics appropriate to men—and laddies who’re of that very special, cherished minority. Recently, some of my publishing activity demographics have gone from a ratio of 92:8, men to women, to 98:2.

Sounds about right, sad to say. Of course, anyone who’s been following along with everything I’ve been up to can likely guess the cause of that, and accurately so.

Simply put, I will tolerate nothing but a very healthy relationship with a woman. The vast majority of men are in profoundly unhealthy, castrating-like relationships with women. And one reason I like Thailand so much is the way women behave towards men…

So, grab yourself a premium, paid membership and get a move-on with my extreme productivity. You can skip 9 of 10 things I put up and it’s still going to be a value. And if not, for you, then ending the relationship is a 1-click away, no questions asked.

Grab a Membership Here.

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The Not So Regularly Scheduled Sunday Roundup — September 12

I’m dreadfully late getting this out. I’m also behind in writing content with many posts in draft and many on a list.

And yet, I’m up and about around 04.30 every morning.

What in the hell is my problem?

Videos. I’ve created a monster and he is I.

I know this doesn’t sound like that bodes well for those out there who are not so much video, moreso the writing. I’m profusely sorry and I promise that my failings will right themselves soon.

It’s not just the video. It’s a whole damn new life. Ditching alcohol has radically altered every aspect of my life, and for the really damn good. It’s just that in charting and navigating this new course, I’m a bit disorganized, jumping from one thing to the other and for the moment, putting stuff in video is expedient.

Plus, I believe the investment in time and attention is going to pay off long term.

When I began producing the 50+ videos I’ve published since early July (about 10 weeks), I was at about 1,000 watch hours accumulated since my first in 2006, 16 years ago. I had close to 200 total videos published in that time. So, in just over 2 months, I’ve doubled total watch-time over 16 years and it keeps increasing, accelerating. I’m near a rate of 600 hours per month.

Plus, I’ve created a monster. Initially, I was content to do a single file take and upload it to YouTube with no editing. Ha, wait until you see the one I did yesterday morning.

Ridiculous. Not only am I doing title text, but transitions too.

And now?

Yep, two cameras, like the pros do. And, I even know how to get both cameras in sync, regardless of when you begin recording. Now I know what that clapper is for when they’re filing movies and TV shows with a bunch of different camera angles. So, yea, I start the cameras rolling and then do a loud clap. You then trim each camera’s footage to that exact clap-point and voila, your clips are all in sync on your editing timeline.

It’s pretty damn fun, actually. What seems impossibly daunting initially becomes just another of those things in life where you just have to jump in and take the challenge, sink or swim.

In this week’s video footage, reverse chronological order this time, because I don’t want you to have view fatigue before you get to my prideful newbie achievement.

  1. Nai Harn Lake laps for 4.2 km to talk about everything
  2. Hiking Invitation To Friends in the Rawai and Nai Harn Area of Thailand
  3. Innuendo by Queen; A Reading
  4. Tinder Serendipity With The Girls Of Thailand
  5. Big Full-Body Gym Session Requires Big Grilled Chicken, Pork, and Veggies
  6. The Laughable State of the Whole World and Crumbling “New World Order” Joke
  7. Feeling Tired, So Tired, and Discouraged? I Can Definitely Help
  8. One Month No Alcohol Over a 99 Baht Breakfast and a Surprise Ending
  9. Improvements To That May Tickle Your Fancy
  10. My encounter with faux piety, sanctimony, and pretense at a restaurant
  11. GoPro on My GPX Cafe Racer to Nai Harn, Phuket, Thailand…For a Morning Cafe Americano

Ok, the embeds and my supplementary commentary is for FREE members and above. Sign up free right here.

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Improvements To That May Tickle Your Fancy

I have a longtime friend, where, our relationship began as business associates. 1993; nearly 30 years ago. Today, we still exchange emails and he’s a paid subscriber to this blog.

Way back, he was in the business opportunity business. I bought his basic book on debt negotiation for $89 out of the $200 I had to my name at the time. And I turned that initial knowledge—simple enough to execute immediately—into a company that eventually reached 30 employees and $3 million in annual revenue. I got the book on a Friday, read it and created my forms and agreements over the weekend, and landed my first client with a $300 retainer on Monday. I was under survival pressure.

I would go on to make more than $20,000 working for that 1st client over the ensuing 2-3 years.

…Along the way in the early years, my friend held annual business conferences and I attended them all. In one speech he gave at one of those conferences, he referenced a phrase that clicked with me and I’ve regarded it as the way I do business ever since.

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The Regularly Scheduled Sunday Roundup — September 4th

In an endeavor to add some structure to this 19 year old blog with its 5,072 posts, I’ve listened to some long-time readers, done some clear thinkin’ and am takin’ a step forward. The simple reality is that most folks seem to prefer the writin’ to the videoin’.


But then there are also those gassed about the videos.

Chocolate and vanilla, y’know?

The solution is simple enough. Continue to make the vids and the vid fans know how to find them or even get notified when they get published. In the meantime, write content, and I mean lots of content. More on that later, because it’s one of the vids in this roundup.

Up to now—and beginning a couple of months ago—I started doing video almost daily, and then I’d do a post for each one, separately. Then I’d pump it out in the Newsletter. Anyway, some folks saw it as a complete change in format—kind of like back in the day when you flipped on your favorite classic rock station in the car, only to find that they switched to a country & western format overnight, with no notice.

I can do both, just like I can write 5 books concurrently (all at the same time). There’s a video on that below, too. You’re welcome to bet against me, but do so in the knowledge that the length of time and number of posts constituting this blog comes out to a consistent publishing rate of a post every 1.4 days over nearly 20 years! Plus, I’ve easily kicked alcohol, get up at 04.30 most mornings and am pulling about 150# for 10-15 reps in the deadlift—and I hadn’t pulled in nearly 10 years when I started back up last week.

Plus, looks like I got dumped by the new Thai chick featured in the week number 3 no-alcohol video (there’s a vid on that story below, too). I have time on my hands. …Thing is, there’s thousands and thousands of others around here where she came from, and resistance is futile…

So, in addition to the two videos I did during the week, I did crazy shit today. Up at 04.45, I fiddled around catching up on reading until atout 06.00, loaded camera gear in my backpack, and headed out on the cafe racer.

By 06.15, I was sitting at a table at a restaurant a friend of mine owns and it’s at the water’s edge, Rawai Beach. Everything is deserted, of course. I shoot. By 06.35, I’m shooting a second vid up at Promthep Cape with only the early-morning fitness enthusiasts about. By 07.00 I had my first two videos in the can. Coffee time, as though I hadn’t imbibed a gallon at home already. Good thing there are plenty of trees and onlooker people density is very low that time of the morning.

…Thailand is different in this way. It’s near impossible to get anything but stuff from street carts along the roadside before 09.00. Luckily, there’s a Thai family that makes great espresso-based coffee drinks (like an Americano) right from the trunk of their car beginning at 06.30, Nai Harn Beach. Some footage of their pro operation is appended to the first two videos of the day.

Anyone getting the sense that I’m getting a total kick out of all of this? Hell, even hot chicks 20 years my junior can dump me, and I’m not phased in the slightest.

…Careful eliminating alcohol from your life; you may experience side effects, and those will be beneficial or adverse—depending on what you want to have cookin’ in your life. You’ve already guessed correctly the character of my side effects.

Funny thing is, by this point I thought I was done shooting video for the day and I’d just head home to process, upload, and write about them.

That was 17 hours ago, and in that time (it’s just after midnight here currently), I shot three more videos for a total of five of them, all with different backdrops, including a swimming pool over at Vivi’s where I snacked on some fine bruschetta. Mashing and uploading that many videos at once is a chore and mistakes will happen. My one mistake in all of that cost me an hour of wasted time.

So here’s the lineup:

  1. GEO Arbitrage Explained With Examples – Live Like a King As An Expat
  2. One Month Of No Booze Commemorated With A Trip To The Gym For Deadlifts And Lots More
  3. My Super Easy No Alcohol For 4 Weeks
  4. Brandon Biden’s So Dumb and Tone Deaf Speech
  5. Oopsie. My Brash Style Scared The Thai Girl
  6. Write 5 Books Concurrently. Who Can Do It? Guess who.
  7. China Is Locking Down 21 Million People In Chengdu. “Covid Zero” is Impossible. China Knows It.

Ok, the embeds and my supplementary commentary is for FREE members and above. Sign up free right here.

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A Roundup: The Breakup Explained; Tongue Lashing A Chiropractor; Reducing Rent 70%; and Wrong About My Weight Loss

Well I think I have too many videos to do individual posts on each one.

So I’m doing a catch-up post with four of them:

  1. The Story Of My Breakup With The Thai Lady After 2 1/2 Years…Plus Bonus Rant…Bed-Wetting Wanker
  2. Americano-Fueled Tongue Lashing: “Dr.” GM…Glorified Masseuse…(Chiropractor)…No Happy Ending
  3. Geoarbitrage: Lowering My Rent By 70% In Phuket, Thailand
  4. Saying I Lost 10 Kilo (22 lbs); WRONG—Back To The Gym—$2.18 Per Day—HUGE Gym—Rawai, Phuket, Thailand

So, real quick this time. Video summaries, links, and embeds for FREE Members on up.

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