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The Basics

The problem is that for better or worse, marketing qua marketing is essential. And the other problem is that if there's sound marketing then there's hyped, bullshit marketing. ...Bad with the good, or tolerable. There's a straightforward chain of requirements for a decent life that culminate in the essential of marketing.

  1. Life requires a lot of values just to survive, and lot more to prosper and live comfortably and happily.
  2. It's near impossible for an individual to acquire or produce all that's needed for bare survival, let alone prosperity.
  3. So we're social beings, endowed with a certain natural division of labor based upon gender (and at the un-woke extreme of that...only one gender can get pregnant), age, stature, physical prowess, intelligence, creativity, imagination, fortitude, talents, etc.
  4. In the families and small tribes of old, there was no need for marketing because...everyone knew what everyone else produced.

In the barest sense, marketing is merely getting word out to those who need it but don't know about it. It is the creation and facilitation of markets (i.e., trade) that otherwise doesn't exist.

So that's good and there's a lot of good in it. And there's even more good. It's the sort of marketing where a legitimate need is identified but products don't exist; so marketing becomes a dual role of outright creation—or sourcing and integrating—then fulfillment to customers. The greatest marketing good is that which envisions the unimagined but possible, creating the products or services, and then making—not filling—the [nonexistent] market for that product or service.

Marketing is the mother of invention. It's the quintessential question that asks: 'what if there was...?'

...But, alas, humans wouldn't be human if the race didn't include the lazy legions among us who take shortcuts...producing a mountain of shit...then writing ad copy to urgently sell—BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!!!—its sweet aroma downwind.

And so long as people keep buying, they'll keep producing [the crap], marketing, and selling it. We've all fallen victim, succumbed...too heavy on unbridled exuberance, hopes, and fantasy while being too light on discipline, thought, and self-control.

Anti Marketing

That phenomena—and no need to describe it further because we're all intimately familiar, being inundated with it all the time—gives rise to a method dubbed anti-marketing.

That's the headline at this page for an ad agency owner. The copy following it continues in the same vein. I got wind of that because I sent a link to this post of mine mocking standard sales copywriting while using it myself tongue-in-cheek. (It's a post kicking off the 10-day paid-membership promotion we're in. So, you probably won't want to take a look.) Anyway, I sent it to Kelvin Parker, a marketer and copywriter I've known forever, and he shot me back that link.

I then proceeded to improve upon it.

WARNING: You’re Now On The Cusp of a Sales Funnel. This is Your Last Chance to ESCAPE! Once in the Funnel, There IS NO ESCAPE. You Will Be Motivated to Buy a Small Thing and Then We Exhaust Every Last Gram of Your Resolve With Upsell Offers AFTER You Have Paid, But BEFORE Your Order is Confirmed. And EVEN IF You Manage to Weather That Onslaught, Rest Assured That We Have Your Email Address and You’ll Be Hearing From Us (A LOT).

So, I suppose the bottom line in all of this is that you can always be real in your various marketing efforts to make a living and if universes collide, become prosperous.

You can even use all the bullshit copy stuff to your advantage through mockery.

All The Rest

This is an ironic sort of post; in that, the rest of it covers other basics loosely referred to as microeconomics and because of my affirmations and protestations therein, I'm going to have to cut it off here for the free members and public. Paid membership details, here. Hurry, before it's too late!

This is a fairly tight presentation where I discuss the microeconomics of the firm:

  1. Willingness to pay
  2. Some will never pay no matter what
  3. Free stuff
  4. Nothing is free
  5. Piracy
  6. Free marketing
  7. Ads
  8. Loss Leaders
  9. Etc.

And I have a remarkably tight video I shot on a whim a while back, sorta forgot about it but one thing to another and I gave it a looksee and I liked it. Yea, get this...I watched my own video and far from wincing, it held my interest.

I damn near popped corn in coconut oil, taking the time as well to clarify butter.

Maybe it'll doya too.

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