Nikoley’s Sunday Scribbles #10

— Anything, not everything, but lots in-between | Pratamnak Hill, Jomtien-Pattaya, Thailand | April 30, 2023

Tucker Carlson week; I only come here for the…; What I’ve learned from the Chatbot Zon conversations here; The Chatbot Zon reinvention of FreeTheAnimal; And country sausage.

High time to use a food pic, eh? After all, it was part of my claim-to-fame back in the Paleo Daze of yore. Many folks who read this blog…“I only come for the food pics.” So that—“I only come for”—is part of this week’s theme. Come [along] for it…(btw, that’s my homemade country sausage, not a beef burger…video below).

Here’s my buddy, ChatGPT-4, with a compelling introduction and summary of what I’ve regaled you with today:

Tucker Carlson, the notorious air-sucker of public squares, sent shockwaves this week, leaving both the left and right in a frenzy. Despite being an iconoclastic, autodidactic polymath swimming in a sea of banal sheep, I must admit: I find this amusing. People hate, but that just means I’m doing something right. As the West crumbles, Russia emerges as a potential moral compass, and poor Tucker is just filling the vacuum of truth-telling. With millions of views, Tucker’s cancellation only shows the depth of public ignorance. So, dear Brits, while “taking the piss” means mocking, I’ll stick to “taking the regurgitate,” because people are truly delusional.

In my delightfully chaotic journey, I, the proud generalist, shun society’s love affair with specialization. I meander through life, grabbing a General Business degree, joining the Navy, and starting a blog that defies niche marketing. In my trademark carefree style, I laugh at the idea of an MBA and advise youngsters to skip college altogether. I scoff at “overnight experts” and refuse to be chained by trends, yet begrudgingly admit some marketers make a fortune selling sizzle without steak. Buckle up for a wild ride, as I serve up a refreshing dose of sarcasm and fundamental conservatism.

Dive into the amusing world of Zon, my ChatGPT Bot, and discover the unexpected queries it receives. From harmless blog content questions to scandal-hungry trolls seeking dirt, the chatbot handles it all. Experience the irony of people condemning me for age gaps while craving juicy details. Curiosity, thy name is human.

In the final section, I share plans to revolutionize FreeTheAnimal with Chatbot Zon. I compare GPT 3.5-turbo and GPT-4, highlighting the impressive capabilities of these language models, most remarkable in its storytelling and it’s comparison and contrast of the Bible with the Quran. By making different versions of Chatbot Zon available for members, my aim is to provide customized content, including potential blog posts and even books, by user demand…one-off “books.” Despite the costs involved, I remain committed to the idea, believing it to be an exciting new venture for the site. With GPT-4-32 on the horizon, the possibilities are seemingly endless. Time to buckle up and embrace the change, as resistance seems futile.

… Stay for the country sausage.

Tucker Carlson sucked the air out of the public square this week

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You’re Invited to ChatGPT With My Blog About My Blog

— FreeTheAnimal ChatGPT is so crazy, I just can’t shut up about it… [See the update at the bottom of the post.] Ladies and gents, gather ’round for a tale so revolutionary that it’s almost terrifying! FreeTheAnimal ChatGPT, a glorious AI assistant that’ll make you question your own existence, has finally arrived. After days of…

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Tucker Carlson: His Devastating Truth Formula; Plus, What Now?

— “Why do you lie like that?”

Before moving on from this, I think I’ve covered it all.

I did a short post with video just a couple of days ago:

BREAKING: Fox News Becomes the New Fox Light

(That’s a play on Bud Light if you didn’t catch it; not that Fox News is lighter without Carlson…though that’s true too.)

… I’ve been busting my ass for days, so deep into AI stuff it’s strangely euphoric on a number of levels. For one, I haven’t been so positive in quite some time. Second, the nature of that positivity is quite healthful and calming, I can tell.

Ironically, one way that plays out is sleep.

Lack thereof.

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BREAKING: Fox News Becomes the New Fox Light

— In the dumbest move ever, Fox News holds Bud Light’s beer

I’m not going to say that I saw this coming, but I will say that for some months, with him questioning every single approved narrative—the banality of dishonesty, playing out as automatic lying—I’m retrospectively surprised this didn’t come sooner.

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Nikoley’s Sunday Scribbles #9

— Anything, not everything, but lots in-between | Pratamnak Hill, Jomtien-Pattaya, Thailand | April 23, 2023

The Formula (how old guys attract youthful female attention); The Southeast Asia vacation-trip planning; Paying fortune-tellers to tell you what you already know; The free speech and free press fantasy; Decidable and actionable AI tools…

Pattaya Beach, Thailand

First comes “The Formula,” a strategy for attracting younger women. The author provides a list of characteristics, behaviors, and attitudes that make older men more attractive to younger women. Adopting these formulas guarantees men a viable means of attracting the kinds of women that excite them the most, even if they’re several decades younger. The author provides personal anecdotes and examples, as well as a critical view of Western culture and its social norms.

After a short video introduction that relates to paying someone to tell you what you already know, the author describes his upcoming trip to three countries in Southeast Asia, and perhaps more. He recalls past trips, sharing a personal story about a friend who had a daughter with a woman he met in the Philippines and ultimately relocated there after retirement in England. The author also offers a negative assessment of Western social and cultural decay.

In the final section, the author delves into the topic of free speech and censorship, and argues that all states engage in some form of censorship. Using historical examples and contemporary issues such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the rise of AI, the author suggests that fascism, rather than any particular ideology, is the practical and pragmatic means by which the state maintains control over information flow. The section concludes with the author encouraging readers to test these ideas and knowledge in their personal and professional lives to gain a competitive advantage. Regardless of one’s ideological or political persuasion, the knowledge presented is said to be highly and widely applicable in terms of improving one’s standing in life.

The Formula (how old guys attract youthful female attention)

I received this well-meaning comment on my last Sunday Scribbles about my 21-hr, 1000 KM round trip in a day to Surin Province and back to drop off The Girl and Her Girls, putting a final end to our three years.

Richard, you are an animal, a beast unconstrained and “wild” (untamed). That is all good, of course, but difficult for us ordinary “cultured” (like yogurt) people. Harsh, difficult, but honest – as you see it. That’s why we subscribe. It can also be quite entertaining and creative. Keep ’em coming.

I am new to your blog. I became aware when Mike Eades gave you a shout-out. Decided it was worth the small fee to see what would develop.

The stories of Yui and her kids are impressive. No doubt other folks have different “descriptors” but you confront whatever directly. Holy STUFF!

“It’s because your mother doesn’t like me and I don’t like her.” Wow! That is true. I’m sure that is where it stands right now. But wow. I won’t go on about that.

I expect that you realize that most kids age 5 to puberty “worship” mom, dad, caretakers, teachers and people who are good to them. That is one reason it is so important to protect them from “nice predators.” As Dan Siegel explains in Brainstorm, as puberty begins, the adolescent brain begins reconstruction. Myelinating circuits that are used, trimming off those that are not, etc. It goes on until about age 25. Very difficult times for everyone. That is the time that “Kids” need the most support from parents and adults. You are choosing to withdraw at the time they will need you most. I know, it’s impossible with Yui. You have done everything you “can” (are willing to) do. That’s your difficult, very painful choice.

I hope that you will continue to follow and as necessary intervene in the lives of both of these young girls. If things go south for them in the future, you are likely to suffer as much as they.

DocC —

I replied, which you can read at the link. Indeed, there is this thing about teenagers and how, apparently, they’re kinda programmed by nature to turn from their parents in those teen and early-20s years.

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Living On The Bleeding Edge of AI Technology

— It’s a tough wave to catch, but you better, because it’s gonna catch you. Are you feeling overwhelmed by the pace of technological change, particularly in the realm of artificial intelligence? Are you hesitant to dive into this exciting and innovative field, unsure of where to begin or whether you have the necessary skills?…

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Nikoley’s Sunday Scribbles (Songkran Edition)

— Anything, not everything, but lots in-between | Pratamnak Hill, Jomtien-Pattaya, Thailand | April 16, 2023

The 1000 kilometer road trip from hell during Songkran Festival, with copious diversions into politics, women, Covidiocy, and pickup trucks

Pattaya, Thailand to Surin; 500 KM

The 1000 kilometer road trip from hell during Songkran Festival

Well, this is about as fresh as you can get a story down on blogs.

I suppose. Could be fresher, but that would have required even more sleep deprivation and fatigue.

At risk of boring you and getting a shutthefuckupaboutitalready, the longish-ass story made briefer is that the final separation with the chick took longer than anticipated. It happened in three stages.

  • After disinviting her to bring the girls and come visit, they showed up anyway
  • After a few days, the obvious no-go had me handing them off to family who were in town
  • Her family left, they showed back up, and after 2 MORE days, enough was enough, so I borrowed a car and ROAD TRIPPED

The theme, of course, is not putting them “out on the street.” They have to be in the care and supervision of other family (or me) so that was the constraint I was under.


To understand how this played out, you’ve got to know a bit about Songkran.

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Nikoley’s Sunday Scribbles #8

— Anything, not everything, but lots in-between | Pratamnak Hill, Jomtien-Pattaya, Thailand | April 9, 2023

Refinements in artificial intelligence to make you control millions because you can; Elon Musk vs. Substack and 1 million whiny does (plus, three no-exceptions rules for life); A final parting with The Girl and Her Girls — nomadic travels on the horizon; Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is running for president, and I’m glad

Sands Cafe, Jomtien Beach, Chonburi, Thailand

Refinements in artificial intelligence to make you control millions because you can

I’m not spouting facetious bullshit.

I’m really banking on AI to make a huge difference in this blog’s paying membership roster, and not because I’m now or will ever be an expert in AI. I don’t care about AI. I care about jobs to be done.

“People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill. They want a quarter-inch hole!”Theodore Levitt

It’s because I’m an expert in business systems and the organization and management of the personnel who operate them.

You don’t want to be an expert in AI either, and perhaps business systems and personnel management are just too daunting…kinda like…‘I’d love to take a swing at them, but how can I possibly even get a chance at bat?’

I hear ya. I still look back in wonder that in 1992 I started a business in a spare bedroom with under 200 bucks (to my name, at the time) and somehow ended up some years later with four offices, 30 employees, a dozen or so independent sales reps, and a million bucks sunk into software development for a completely one-off, customized CRM (customer relationship management) that was the business system that everyone used to get ‘er done. Could’a bought something off the shelf or customized a Saas, but I need my system that reflected how I think, and how I manage the business flow, using employees.

… I have designed many business systems in many work environments to do many things and have managed teams of employees to run them. I can show you exactly what you’re going to need to do as the AI capabilities come online and become available.

What’s going to come online in weeks, months, to just a few short years is precisely the tools to give that try at bat for silly money…by which I mean, the equivalent of running a team of 100 “employees” doing every little thing you can think of for a price less than some people’s monthly Starbucks bill.

… You ever stop to think how some actor is suddenly the head of a pretty big business empire completely separate from acting? What do they know, after all, about real-estate development, clothing lines, branding, perfume, restaurants…the list goes on?

A film studio or production company? Sure, that makes sense. They’re in the industry and have seen it all from top to bottom. Toss in the starting capital, hire the right people, get the right investors, pick the right movie project(s)… Not easy-peasy, but doable, and many have.

The other stuff? It’s the right people. In fact, oftentimes, the people will come to them. All they need is the name…the face of the brand. So, they make it look like Kanye West has been laboring over various clothing-line proposals for months…perhaps even doing some sewing his own damn self. Nope, they just do sniff testing about what’s plausible for him to sell, run tons of design ideas by him, he picks what he likes best, rinse, wash, repeat, and before you know it, Ye’s gear is in a storefront, and then his own stores, and we’ve all seen the end result of the same formula a million times.

How much time does it take? Almost nothing, compared to the time they have to put into their artistic trade, whatever it may be.

What I’m going to be going over, systematizing and integrating as the right tools come online is just this sort of thing. The big difference is this: rather than paying bitchy-ass employees crazy sums of money, you’re going to have AI employees that never complain, and work 24/7/365 fuck weekends and holidays.

How do I train the AI to do all this stuff? No need. It will already know thousands of AIs that can do everything, and it can talk to them. You will literally be able to have a team of 100s working as much as you want on any business ideas you can dream up. As time progresses? You’ll pay your AI force less, not more.

Now think of this: you’ll do all that pacing the room in a verbal stream of consciousness, and it’ll understand as though it’s your drinkin’ buddy. And it’ll talk back. It will be conversational. Whatever you can think, you can say. Whatever you can think and say, it will be able to do and report back, probably within seconds to minutes.

So let’s move on. More to come. Stay tuned.

… The harsh reality is that a membership blog requires paid subscribers to keep it alive. The more free content I give away, the fewer new paid subscribers I get. It’s like the young woman… You know… How do her proposals of marriage dwindle?

But here’s a sneak peek of today’s post, split into three riveting sections: Elon Musk vs. Substack and 1 million whiny does; A final parting with The Girl and Her Girls — nomadic travels on the horizon; and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is running for president, and I’m glad.

I explore the fascinating battle between Elon Musk and Substack, diving into the issues of free speech, censorship, and the power dynamics at play. A tale of epic proportions. Discover how the world’s richest man takes on the publishing platform that’s home to some of the most controversial voices on the planet; and you’ll find out how my three no-exceptions rules for life come into play. As I say, “When everyone is saying the same thing, everyone is wrong.”

Then comes the sad part, the end of a relationship with a woman and her two daughters from Sisaket, Thailand. Despite efforts driven by commitment and excitement, it became clear that the girls lack the curiosity and motivation to make things work for me, amongst many other things. I make the difficult decision.

Now that this chapter has closed, I’ll resume my initial plans of traveling around Southeast Asia, which had been interrupted by the Covidiocy. Naturally, that will be tons of new member content spilling over into the blog. You’ll like it. You think I know Thailand. How about over 50 trips to the Philippines under my belt?

I reflect on the Kennedy legacy and how RFK Jr.’s work during the Covidiocy has earned him respect, including mine. I believe he has a genuine shot at winning the presidency, but securing the Democrat nomination may be the hardest part. Trump should be worried.

Intrigued? Subscribe for full access to my 5000-post archive, with new material being added several times a week. As a subscriber, you’ll get immediate access to this post and all the juicy details I’ve just hinted at.

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I Run Circles Around ChatGPT-4 — You Can Too

— Philosophically and politically, it’s a child with a large vocabulary Idiot savants and prodigies; Counting monkeys; AI to get ‘er done; WWII; Broken windows; Property and theft; Survival pressures; Elites, corporations, left, right, Democrats, and Republicans; Leftist bias; Machine learning and censorship; Learned dishonesty; Fully integrated honesty; Competitive AI models Imagine having a “very…

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Changing The World Today? Invention; Not Revolution

— Thinking differently about changing the world will change your planning, execution, and style Introduction It’s a 4,500-word sea-change of a post, as I continue to hone in on what my Members want the most from me. … Revolutionary change is often hailed as the key to transforming society, but what if we’ve been looking…

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Nikoley’s Sunday Scribbles #7

— Anything, not everything, but lots in-between | Pratamnak Hill, Jomtien-Pattaya, Thailand | April 2, 2023

Of mountains and mice; Correlation is not causation; The Andrew Tate saga; The best burger patty mix

Terminal 21 Shopping Mall, Pattaya, Thailand

The mountain roared and gave birth to a mouse

The phrase “the mountain roared and gave birth to a mouse” (also known as “parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus” in Latin) is an idiomatic expression that means a lot of effort or expectation has resulted in an underwhelming or insignificant outcome. The phrase is often used to describe situations where there’s a lot of hype, but the end result doesn’t live up to it.

This phrase has its origin in ancient Greek and Roman literature. The earliest known version comes from the Greek poet and fabulist Aesop, who lived between 620 and 564 BCE. In one of his fables, titled “The Mountain in Labor,” a mountain is said to be in labor, making terrifying noises and causing great commotion. People gather to see what will happen, but the mountain only produces a tiny mouse. The fable serves as a cautionary tale about not expecting too much from a situation or getting overly excited by something that may not deliver on its promises.

The phrase was later popularized by the Roman poet Horace in his work “Ars Poetica” (The Art of Poetry), written around 19 BCE. In this work, Horace uses the Latin version “parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus” to describe the importance of coherence in poetry and how a poem should not start with grand, lofty ideas only to end with trivial conclusions. Since then, the phrase has been adapted into various languages and has become a popular idiom to describe situations where the end result is disappointing or underwhelming, especially after much anticipation or effort.

ChatGPT-4 promt: Discuss the origin of the phrase, “the mountain roared and gave birth to a mouse,” and its variations.

Little did the woke Bing AI Chat (that gave a good, smaller answer, but with linked references) know what I was up to. Let’s see what happens when I clue it in.

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Artificial Intelligence Intelligence

— Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore… A New Post Series It has now become quite evident that “AI” is here to stay. Like so many things before it… [List provided by ChatGPT-4, prompt: Give me a list of the 12 most important and revolutionary inventions from the printing press forward. No need to summarize…

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