Statement of Values

It never occurred to us to write out or put such a thing on display, as the values held by folks running a site are implicit and will normally be understood over time.

That was until observing events all over the world in recent years, and in particular, the West.

In an effort to avoid any misunderstanding, we offer this explicit statement.

We celebrate the audacity and hubris to live our lives by our own exclusive authority; to take our own chances in this one and only shot at prosperity and happiness.

For this reason, we don’t like stupid; we don’t like woke; we don’t like commies.

We don’t like morons who can’t tell the difference between men and women, boys and girls; we don’t like the nihilistic destruction of wholesome values that have served humanity well under the stewardship of Enlightened Western Civilization.

We don’t carry membership cards for any particular religious institution, but to the extent they train up their children in the way they should go, then we’re fans, and we support you.

Neither do we play party politics; we eschew the modern politics that embody a general banality of dishonesty, playing out as automatic lying…where the players have lost the voice of their own conscience.

We never tolerate, and we dismiss out-of-hand the slightest intransigence by the stupid-clown purveyors of these culture and value-destructive ideologies, practices, advocacy, and activism; rather, we seek to cause them loss of restful sleep.

We’re redeemers of the stupid-clown, automatic-lying, and intransigent.

We say and we write exactly what we mean without equivocation or evasion. We don’t explain ourselves. Because of that, we’re not for everyone.

Part 2: Audacious. Unapologetic. Uncompromising. Exclusive. Authoritative. Take Your Chances.

Things are never the same; nothing stands still. This content is always evolving. For 20 years.

What was easy a few years ago is hard now. Things that used to be hard are suddenly doable because of technology and its instruments. Learn to play the instruments and you’ll produce beauty. Pound on them as most do, you’ll get noise and ugliness.

Priorities, struggles, hardships, obstacles, barriers, setbacks, failures…these things are all the prime elements of a worthwhile life.

Easy is for the pathetic; those who aren’t even trying. Most humanoids want and dream of things being easy.

Genuine and ideal humans seek out the hard.

They’re looking for a struggle.

They’re looking for a fight.

That’s us. You probably don’t belong. That’s okay. There’s ice cream in the freezer and the Netflix bill is paid.

This Newsletter comes out twice per week; Sundays and Thursdays. Don’t subscribe if you’re not going to read it. When you stop reading it, unsubscribe.

It’s not suitable for most people, and most people don’t belong on it. It shines a light on and exposes the stupid, the mundane, the banal, the faux and the poseur.

It mocks those who think they know something but who are just regurgitating what they’ve been told, what everyone says, what you’re supposed to say, what popularity and status amongst the flocks of sheeple demand. Those whose hubris is directed toward intransigence.

We seek the few who say Fuck. That.

… Those whose hubris is directed toward discovery, evolution, invention, reinvention, and excellence. The never satisfied. The condescending and rude to the flocks of moron sheeple; the gentlest of souls toward those of genuine, earned merit.

We have neither time nor inclination to explain anything to anyone.

If you sign up, you’re taking your own chances.

Memberships are $10 monthly, $20 quarterly, or $65 annually. The cost of two premium coffees per month. Every membership helps finance the travel to write, photo, and film from interesting places and share the experiences with you.

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