Thursday Jots & Tittles 1

— A fender-bender hit & run chronicle | May 11, 2023

A detailed and realistic minor hit

Hey there from Pattaya, Thailand.

This is the first of a new mid-weekly. For me, it serves as an outlet to clear out all the stuff I could write a post on, but it doesn’t rise to that level (like limited time)…and other stuff that’s just interesting, funny, noteworthy, enraging, troublesome, nonsensical, and head shaking, etc. So it’s like a child publication of Sunday Scribbles, which is several article-length sections per week.

So, for the appropriate ring to it: Nikoley’s Sunday Scribbles (and Thursday Jots & Tittles).


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1. Tucker Carlson is gonna be a Tweeter. So, just like you and I can do, he’s going to tweet stuff, retweet stuff, share links, hit like, reply to tweets if he wants, and also produce videos. Rather than put them on YouTube, he’s choosing to upload them to Twitter, just like your teenage daughter can do. He popped another one up early yesterday, the 10th. The tweet in which it’s contained has 118 million views and the video itself, 25 million. For some reason, the left-woke pronoun-people are apoplectic about that. Apparently, it’s a very serious matter. PJW makes good fun of it. As for me, I’m struggling to come up with a better characterization than pipsqueaks and clowns.

2. Speaking of clowns, they’re out of the bag in San Francisco, where the specter of reparations continues to haunt the halls of public discourse. I can’t recall what the original true and just number was, but some folks been doin’ some calculatin’ and apparently, 40 acres supposedly promised way back when is equivalent to $200 million, to which all never-slaves with dark skin are entitled, today. Personally, until they get up to a billion per, they ain’t talkin’ real money.

3. 2024 Democrat contender Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. says, …we watch the Television news not to learn the truth but to understand the official narrative.” Me too. And it’s strangely reminiscent of watching newsreel clips of official Soviet Pravda way back in the day. American and Western media in general is all political/social antagonism, their only purpose being, in the words of H.L. Mencken, “…to keep the populace alarmed—and hence clamorous to be led to safety—by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”

4. Andrew Tate, whom I profiled in Section 2 of Sunday Scribbles 7, is back, in good form and force. It’s a powerful short video he and his people have put out, A Battle of Good vs. Evil, and it shouldn’t be hard to understand why millions (not exaggerating) of young men look up to this guy more than anyone else in the world. It should be very easy to understand. Sadly, far too many men in the circles I travel instantly sucked up the canned, bromide-&-slogan narrative and shamed themselves by not being discriminating men who calmly evaluate things for themselves so that they can speak with trustworthy authority.

5. On the subject of men, Felix Rex of the Black Pigeon Speaks YouTube channel has an interesting video up, Why INCELS are a THREAT to WORLD PEACE. Stepping back, it’s well known sociologically that populations in which young males have severely diminished prospects for a mate are more violent populations. It’s very common in polygamist societies, where the elders scoop up all the young hypergamous chick-flesh, leaving nothing for the young men lacking in much, but enthusiasm. Compounding that, women are on lockdown, so no promiscuity and prostitution outlets for the young and enthusiastic. The point of the video is the worrisome male/female ratios in many places you wouldn’t expect but, in retrospect, makes perfect sense given social policies such as unbridled immigration.

6. The sad and dark side of what I often call “cultural conservatism” vis-à-vis living in Asia. The Tragedy of Japan’s Masked Children. Even though not compelled to do so, out of 1,328 Japanese kids asked about masks upon returning to school, only 5% said they’d not wear them. 68% said they’ll wear them, and 27% said it depends on what others do. More profoundly troublesome is their reasons. Only 20% said it’s because they’re still worried about Covid. 35% said it’s because they don’t want to show their face. It’s not even close to that bad in Thailand, where an interesting observation on my part is that for compliance amongst boys and girls, it’s almost exactly inverse. Two out of 10 boys wearing them, only 2 out of 10 girls, not wearing them.

7. What can you say? You think the woman was ready for that from Trump? In my most hated, most ratioed video ever, I said Trump was an Alpha. Now you believe it? And, given what Tucker Carlson is saying about truth and automatic-lying in media, who’s the one effed up now, me, or the 55% down voters?

8. It’s really hardly worth putting this stuff up anymore, but another study…yep, it’s not just that the jabs aren’t effective—they are—it’s that their effectiveness is negative. The more jabs, the more Covid.

9. Jeff Childers’ Coffee & Covid issue of just-right-now-hot-off-the-presses is as good as you’re going to get for sound commentary and lotsa laughs. Oh, yea…it’s about Trump’s town-hall gig on CNN last night. Didn’t watch it. Not even clips. Barely knew it was taking place—not even the day—and just found out only about 2 hours ago it had taken place. Strange. All that unawareness of what’s evidently of crucial importance, yet I haven’t been smitten down…not even a mild case of leprosy. I heard from the right that Trump mopped up, and from the left, how-dare-you-CNN…but I would hear that, wouldn’t I? I take it as a sign that the left is a bit perturbed CNN is making it hard on them keeping up the insurrectionist shtick with a straight face.

10. Sticking with Jeff, I was a few issues behind reading his dailies, which I just read in succession. Tuesday morning’s issue, mostly about Ukraine and Taiwan, the war-footing-and-stumbling relationship, gave me the best belly laugh today at the end of section 1. “It’s almost time to put the Taiwanese flag in your social media bio pic to show support!” In my keepers folder I have a handy meme that’s the Ukrainian flag, captioned “!WARNING! Retards are using this symbol to identify each other online. Please be aware.” When out and about, and I see posts and comments with that flag in the bio, I post that meme in reply, all by itself. Get dozens and hundreds of likes, sometimes followers.

11. Speaking of retards, this is currently in preprint: SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Accumulation in the Skull-Meninges-Brain Axis: Potential Implications for Long-Term Neurological Complications in post-COVID-19. The thrust of the thing implies “long-Covid” as the driver of this mental retardation…uh…”neurological complication.” But, apparently, they discerned this by injecting spike protein, sorta like one would do in a massive global drug experiment… They also found another mechanism by which spike can get into the brain: cerebral bone marrow. Explains a lot.

12. A dozen seems like a good length for these, so in closing, here’s a summary of the stuff they supposedly have on the Biden crime family. A year or so ago, my prediction would have been this will go nowhere and that this is theater, at best. Then again, Trump, while still a sitting US president, was banned from Twitter and other social media platforms for a concocted insurrection Tucker Carlson exposed as concocted with actual video footage. … The same Tucker Carlson who will now be the most popular tweeter of all time, on a platform owned by Elon Musk with millions of users of said platform begging Trump to come back for mean tweeting, again.

Hang onto your hats.

As a bit of a preview for Sunday Scribbles, I got this new testimonial this morning.

Grandma’s Life Revolutionized: Richard Nikoley’s Expert Guidance Unleashes Her Inner Techie!

Richard Nikoley’s guidance over the years has been nothing short of revolutionary for this old lady! Married for 34 years and a proud grandma of three, I’m not exactly a techie. But Richard’s insights over a wide range of topics from health to crypto to AI have broadened my horizons in ways I never imagined. In just two weeks, I’ve used AI to create a promising business plan for our church, developed educational materials for my granddaughters whom we’re homeschooling, successfully organized a fundraiser, acquired new video skills, and even launched a YouTube channel on the fly. I can’t thank Richard enough for his invaluable support and expertise!

How about that? I’ll devote a section of the next Sunday Scribbles to the whole story. Remember in a recent post how I predicted that old folks might embrace AI tech faster than you think, for the simple reason they already went through the computer and internet reinvention from the perspective of not having any of that stuff, so they see the vast potential in this far more readily?

You’ll shake your head—and maybe clap your hands—at what she accomplished in mere days using the exact tool I have made available for everyone, but almost nobody uses.

What she did is precisely why I busted ass to bring it forth.

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  1. Andrew From Oz on May 12, 2023 at 02:06

    Good little round up Rich. Coupla links, a few laughs, perfect. Hats off to grandma for utilising Zon so well too, so cool

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