Thursday Jots & Tittles #3

— A Hit & Run Chronicle

Greetings from Pratamnak Hill, Jomtien.

Two items of note. The first is that there’s a new capability for the chatbot. You can now upload PDFs and ask away. Probably a great way to dig into medical research papers if you can land a full print in PDF. Max capacity is 120 pages, 1,000 words per page. That’s a whopping 120,000 words that Zon can help you delve into at lightening speed. Details at the chatbot page from the main menu.

Second, due to a bunch of massive changes, ramping up for a lot of things, and repositioning to come—a lot of which is to capture and harness the capabilities of AI tech—I have made it a lot simpler as to what’s public access or paying-member content here. I’ve set up an automation to make paying-member posts public access one year from their publication date. So it’s a bright line. Out of the roughly 5,200 published posts, about 5,000 of them are now public.

So, another way to think of membership is that it’s 1-year early-access to all the best stuff, if that helps. The benefit from my end is that not having all the paywalls will count for a lot more search-engine indexing, so likely a lot more traffic.

1. I just finished watching a brand-new documentary by Epoch TV, The Unseen Crisis: Vaccine Stories You Were Never Told. I’m on their email list, clicked in, and after a brief intro there was a pop-up asking for my email to keep watching. I provided. So it was free; I guess it’s 4 bucks otherwise. Hopefully you can land the same deal. It’s worth it. Well done. Tough for me to characterize because you’re into that no words realm. I think that a global crime against humanity of historical proportions has been committed and that thousands are directly culpable, and should eventually be publicly executed if convicted through honest court procedure. Not sure about all the just-doin-my-job-&-followin-orders foot soldiers, deaf to the voice of their own conscience, nor the billions of baa-baa sheeple…

2. Tim Urban of Wait But Why writes an interesting/funny post, 10 Thoughts From the Fourth Trimester, three months into his firstborn. He draws all his own figures and they can be funny. “A newborn is not a baby. Babies are cute and roly-poly and can see and are conscious and are normal and a newborn is not any of these things. It is a bizarre human larva that acts super weird and would still be in the womb if it could be.”

3. Keeping with Urban, I noted a link to a post on AI which of course piqued my interest. I looked closer, and it was written in 2015, over 8 years ago. This should be funny, I thought. Well, joke’s on me because I can’t think of anything he gets wrong (he did a deep dive, as I’ve recently done, and came out with great understanding, apparent in the article). The AI Revolution: The Road to Superintelligence. If you want some really thorough understanding, read it. Then read Part 2. It’s a lot, but it’s good stuff and he’s a great illustrator.

4. So, to segue into another AI, check out this sort 1-min video. I use ChatGPT to ace interviews: ‘Works for every single job’. It’s a tool. She’s using it to get the best result she can and because of the language ability of these bots, given the same word-data input, it’s simply going to craft better written words than the vast majority of people. Arguing about it isn’t going to help, nor is condemning it. I’m old enough to remember when pocket electronic calculators came on the scene back in the 70s. What a scandal to use one in school! If it helps, just think of it as a “writing machine.”

5. Except… oh, my. I watch this, and I’M almost scared: Code Interpreter. And he did a second video. I can’t describe it adequately. Be prepared to be spooked.

6. So here we go and gawd was it boring. I’m talking about Elon hosting DeSantis to announce his presidential bid via Twitter. I so accidentally stumbled onto it. Happened to check my email and there was mention. Caught it just as it ended, so started listening to the recording, which just put me to sleep. I mean, Ron’s a decent guy; Donald too, yada. It’s that who is president is, in reality, the most unimportant thing in the world. One of the roots of all problems in America and elsewhere is the notion and belief by people that it’s the opposite. Elon has a million better things to do, though I fully get what he’s up to here. Just wait until he hosts a leftie-commie like Sanders or someone.

7. Continuing on politics for one more. Just read this Jordan Schatchtel piece on the diffs between the two dudes, if you’re interested. Political contests never turn on that kind of stuff, though (facts and reason). … Nor, on good vs. evil. RFKJr is an interesting option because underlying everything else, the US State murdered his uncle (for sure…why do you think they still won’t release all the docs?) and maybe even his dad. The US is an interesting phenomenon in geopolitics. It uses the Stupid Party (Republicans) to maintain the ridiculous and child-like God & Country image and the Evil Party (Democrats) to do what needs to be done in real global state “craft.” If I were to waste my time voting again (I voted in ’18 and ’20 as a registered Stupid, absentee from Thailand in ’20) I think I’d be single-issue, which would be to detect how evil each sees the US State; and I think RFK is gonna have a lock on that.

8. “’It took us 20 years to take Bud Light beer to the No 1 beer in the country and it took them one week to dismantle it,’ Mr Lachky, Anheuser-Busch’s former chief creative officer, said.” You know that story, I know, and it’s old news by now, with the difference being that the roughly 25% loss of market seems to be sticking thus far. I find that surprising, given that almost nobody has courage of conviction, anymore. Here’s the new one, Target taking a shit all over a huge chunk of their customers for the sake of a bunch of fringe weirdo cross-dressers who like hard dick up their assholes and in their mouths, which at root is all this is and has ever been about…which is something for consenting adults to evaluate for themselves, from the insides of closets.

9. Why the World is Descending into Catastrophist Delusions – and What Can Be Done About It. “The Lockdown Sceptics website, as it was then, picked up on my piece about how Covid catastrophists were behaving like members of the cult researched by social psychologist Leon Festinger in When Prophecy Fails. The more evidence accrued that they were wrong, the more fervently they asserted they were right” (emphasis mine).

10. “THE BUG IN OUR THINKING: AND THE WAY TO FIX IT.” I discovered it less than 5 minutes ago from the link in #9, that post-link’s author, and the author of this new book published only days ago, Hugh Willbourn. “For 12 years I worked with a plethora of Government departments including the Department of Health, the Cabinet Office, the Home Office and the Department of Education (under its ever-changing names) and many others. I also have a PhD in philosophy and for 30 years I have been a psychotherapist, working with hypnosis and collaborating with Paul McKenna on a series of best-selling books. I found that I was uniquely well placed to comment on the Covid imbroglio.” The book now resides in my Kindle—which will be dispatched forthwith—and it can reside in yours too.

11. “Veganism is Bad for You and I’m Embarrassed I Promoted it – Now I Only Eat Red Meat,” Says Bear Grylls. You gotta wonder sometimes if these guise do this on purpose. First, embrace a moronic but popular, virtue-signalling thing like a fucktarded vegan diet for fucktards (not a single exception in all of human history. If you ever ate a vegan diet, you were a fucktard. Get over it. You had no good reason. You were fucking stupid.). Then, after a while, you do your Come to Jesus, do a 180, and recapture your relevance.

12. Got this from multiple sources and saw on multiple feeds over the last week, Lab-Grown Meat Is 25 Times Worse for the Environment. Let me focus only on why I never ever cheerlead this kind of thing and never have, going way back. BECAUSE, you are conceding the premises (the playing field) of your opponents: evil fucking pond-scum, vermin-infestation humanoids who ought rightfully be exterminated from the planet. What you’re saying is, ‘oh, I agree; if it really did help the environment, then where’s my plate…? but I won’t eat it because it harms the environment.’ The only proper answer is: “I’m a human. I eat and enjoy other animals. Now, fuck off. You’re dismissed.” (a polite answer is an improper answer)

13. Finally, scanning up there at everything I’ve dropped in, the theme is rather cynical, I’d say. What the fuck else is there, if facts turning amidst the reality of things is remotely important to you? Let me offer hope; which is, there is no hope. That’s the problem and the solution. A new paradigm is busting its way through, and I know for sure what’s coming (see: AI Ascendant: Dismantling Deception in the Information Age), like I always know what’s coming, and what’s losing…3 decades of very accurate wide-swath prediction, and for very specific reasons having nothing to do with “spider sense.” Ghost is a cool modern band. Check out this 80s-vibe Tina Turner cover, We Don’t Need Another Hero, and stay tuned for the real 80s sound at 2.45. Listen to the lyrics and catch my drift.

Bonus #14: The Twitter thread I published some months ago counter Trump. It’s 100% valid and on the mark, which is why it has gone nowhere (one Twitter influencer retweeted it, saying I made “good points,” a polite euphemism for ‘yea, so what?’ and even though it went to his thousands of followers, it was 99% ‘look, oh wait, don’t look’). If you don’t know, Twitter threads are posting a lead tweet and then a series of replies to each successive tweet. So, it’s one tweet followed by about a dozen replies, all by me, all published at the same time (yea, I have a tool for that).

Upcoming, keep an eye out for: Intelligence, Self-Awareness, and Consciousness: A Journey Through Intriguing Hypotheses — Inner Worlds: Deciphering the Mysteries of Intelligence and the Emergence of Consciousness. Another day or two. Not a light read. You can use AI to simplify it for you, like, copy/past a section at a time and ask it to explain it at whatever level you’re comfortable with. It’s amazing at that.

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