The No-Pill Advantages Course (114 Lessons, 5 Per Week, 6 Months Training)

— Lesson #1 The Essence of Man and Woman

“Unlock the power of the No-Pill Advantages to achieve financial success, guilt-free celebration, and long-term happiness. Break free from the Matrix, conquer mysticism, quell dishonesty, and hold the power of prosperity and passionate love.”

Unveiling the Power Within Your Mind

Welcome to The 114 No-Pill Advantages, a revolutionary journey that has been brewing in me for over three decades. This is not just a collection of insights, but a testament to a life lived under my own exclusive authority…a life dedicated to personal discovery, learning, growth and the enrichment of family, friends, and colleagues.

As our world teeters on the brink of unprecedented change, the time has come to extend this journey beyond the personal sphere; to empower others, and do my part in the coming transformation of society at large that will begin taking shape, once the current social and cultural breakdown has run its course.

This is not a task for the faint-hearted, but a challenge I embrace with unwavering resolve.

… In 1999, a cinematic masterpiece was unveiled. The Matrix. Its powerful metaphor continues to resonate, categorizing our world into the Blue Pill of blissful ignorance or the Red Pill of supposed enlightenment. But is the Red Pill truly a gateway to reality, or is it merely a diluted version of the Blue Pill, a Limited Hangout in the world of conspiracy?

The Matrix sequels, particularly Revolutions, suggest that the Red Pill is a necessary component of the system, a vital cog in the machinery of the Blue Pill. It’s a part of the meta-pill, which is inherently blue.

Humanity stands at a crossroads, between two extremes that threaten our very essence. One is the age-old institution of slavery, where individuals are chained to the whims of the powerful. The other is a utopian dream, where every need is met, but at the cost of our will and motivation.

Neither extreme works. Slavery, whether ancient or modern, strips us of our will, reducing us to mere automatons. Utopia, while seemingly perfect, robs us of our motivation, making us complacent.

So, what do we, as humans, truly desire?

We yearn for victory.

We wanna win!

We crave success in the realms of wealth, power, and passionate love. We seek these triumphs not on a silver platter, but through the crucible of adversity and struggle. It is this journey, this process, that defines our humanity, regardless of whether we succeed or fail.

The Blue Pill, with its matrix of lies and illusions, offers a false promise of delayed rewards in exchange for present loyalty. But this path leads to a loss of humanity, whether in a dystopian society like North Korea, or in an unfulfilled heaven, nirvana, or utopia where the promises of the Blue Pill can never be realized.

Enter the Red Pill, the necessary evil that injects just enough struggle and conflict to keep us motivated, yet still trapped within the confines of the Blue Pill.

The 114 No-Pill Advantages offer a third path, a way to break free from the Blue-Pill, Red-Pill dichotomy. This is your guide to a mental, psychological, emotional, and intellectual liberation from the Matrix.

Prepare to unlock your god-like potential.

These 114 Deprogramming and Rejuvenating Advantages will be published each Monday through Friday, at 08:00 Eastern US time, until completion around the New Year—a perfect priming for you to kick off your New 2024 like you’ve never done a new year before. For the very first time, you will know exactly what’s going on around you at all times, the reasons behind all events, and their future trajectory.

… By tapping into this No-Matrix, No-Pill approach that only a select few possess. You will outmaneuver and outcompete all others at will. You’ll win whenever you want to. It will always be up to you.

The 114 No-Pill Advantages Primer — Harness the Power of the 114 No-Pill Advantages for a Life of Freedom and Fulfillment, Happiness and Love

The easiest, quickest way to gain No-Pill, Guilt-Free Advantages for prosperity, power, and passionate love is simply to forge ahead: Read all the No-Pill Advantages as they are released, in order. Do not make prejudgments. Wait until you have completed all 114 No-Pill Advantages. Forget judgments made by others. Do your own thinking; make your own judgments.

Grab the values from those conceptual advantages to which you can relate. Put aside temporarily those concepts you are uncertain about or with which you disagree. By the end of this series, all the concepts will come together into a clear, harmonious understanding—into a powerful synthesis, a practical Matrix of your own will, values, and making. You will then have integrated control over all competitive situations through the No-Pill Advantages/Concepts. You will also know exactly what is happening and exactly what to do. You will forever know how to conquer mysticism in yourself and neutralize any effects of the mysticism always and forever perpetuated others in manipulative, lazy, and nefarious ways.

You will forever know how to quell all The Matrix, Blue-Pill vs. Red Pill dishonesty and laziness. You will forever hold the power of prosperity and passionate love.

You will learn how to forecast the future in ways that will forever surprise you. What to act upon, bet upon, or set aside will be up to you…which is the other skill you’ll develop over time as you learn to integrate, demystify, and honestly assess your own unique circumstances that only you can fully know.

This is the power you will possess, develop, and truly feel. This will become your greatest a-ha!

But don’t fool yourself when you’re so close. This will become the hardest mental and intellectual work you have ever done. This is your six-month online training course.

Are you ready to capture this knowledge and power for yourself? Or, will you just sit back, relax, and let the world pass you on by while others—for both good and bad motivations—exercise their play-by-play power for good and for evil, as you never really understand what’s going on in the game, even while you believe that you do?

Make the investment here. I can’t make it any more plain, simple, or affordable. Even a quarterly subscription of 2 payments of $30 will see you through this six-months of training to gain the requisite knowledge, deprogram yourself, rejuvenate your mind, and discover the power that’s already locked away; and how to harness it for perpetual winning, in spite of the setbacks that will come along on the path of your choosing.

You can cancel your subscription at any time with a mere click.

Stop waiting. The training is already in full swing.

The Real Deal

By Owen Leahy | August 10, 2023

I’ve been an eager consumer of Richard’s explorations of the galaxy for about 15 years now. In that time, I’ve found him to be an insatiable pursuer of truth and a brilliant narrator of his experiences along the way. Over the years I’ve seen him take a leading, pioneer role across a disparate range of topics, not limited to diet and health (Paleo early adopter), finance (crypto), politics (unbeaten election prognosticator and reader of the cultural ‘tea leaves’) and now AI and all the other stuff I didn’t mention.

The trait that most resonates with me, however, is that unwavering commitment to truth. There’s no sideshow, no agenda: only the truth, even if that means walking back a previously held position. Richard has always struck me as having unimpeachable integrity, wears his heart all the way down his sleeve, and never shies away from the action. In all honestly, there is no ‘internet personality’ I trust more.

You’re missing out if you don’t jump aboard, and you have no idea where you’ll be this time next year thanks to the stuff you’ll learn on FTA.

Cheers for everything, Richard!

Here is the course index of all lessons already published.

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