The Month of Extreme Discipline: Report 4; Days 13-18

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— Doing AJAC’s SHRED30 + HP/MC/LF Whole Food + 18/6 TRF; All Daily Logs; All Food in Photos; Over The Hump; Big Gains in Volume and Bulk; Old Dudes & Young Women; and New Gym

“Embark on a transformative fitness journey with a 62-year-old fitness enthusiast as he navigates the challenges of intensive workout programs, nutritious food choices, and intermittent fasting. Discover how physical health impacts mental fortitude and vice versa. Get inspired to improve your own fitness routine, regardless of age or experience level.”


What else is going on around here?

That’s one big thing of two big things, released yesterday in a beautiful, full-color PDF of 54 pages with 41 photos.

I haven’t really begun too much promotion yet, beyond the blog post. But already, the typical scorn was seen a few paces. It prompted me to add this:

Ironically, those who will presume immediately what this book is about, scoff, and move on, are the ones who need the values in this book the most. They’ll miss the forest for the trees, never having understood how and why this happens, and what widely applicable, common chords and themes are in play that apply to every man-woman relationship on earth. This goes equally, perhaps even more, for women.


But I kept tweaking and finally, bang! Started getting lots and lots of clicks with this popup.

… I’ve also added a couple of testimonials from actual readers if you want to see (click either link, above). Guaranteed, the heapers-of-scorn didn’t even read the provided preface. They just immediately knew they think what everyone “thinks” and is supposed to say. Frothing at the mouth for virtue-signalling opportunities, they could not be bothered by anything else.

The e-book is also on Amazon and Gumroad, just now earlier today. I’m hoping that either or both of those create a bit of organic expat buzz here in The Land of Smiles—because if I go into expat places like various Facebook groups and start popping in links to the thing, it’ll get frowny real quick… I’m sure you can imagine. Incidentally, the Thai expat FB groups are basically toxic sewage treatment plants. It’s appalling, ever since covid. I never go in there.

Item number 2 is that things are beginning to buzz a bit surrounding The 114 No-Pill Advantages for No-Matrix Power. Silly naming, I know. But that’s the thing, see? You’d be surprised. Or, maybe not.

Anyway, that’s already successful by snagging some new memberships, which I expect to increase come next Monday and onward, as I’m into #7 and through to #114, with no further previews beyond this one.

One guy who’s already an Annual member (100 bucks) offered to upgrade to Life Sentence membership (500 bucks) to get the whole thing immediately. Problem is, the rough-draftiness of it is not something I can put out there at any price. However, it did make me think of perhaps pushing through the editing process and getting the final whole e-book out sooner. I’ll see.

Yes; this report, as did the last one, covers six days. Turns out that’s better for me. Even more amazing stuff.

This follows Alexander J.A. Cortes’ SHED30 Program, a 30-consecutive-day gym program for max gains combined with fat loss. It’s HAF. This is a “companion guide” of sorts, focussed on old guys (I’m 62; but good for anyone); not a substitute for the SHED30 Program Guide.

“Embark on a transformative fitness journey with a 62-year-old fitness enthusiast as he navigates the challenges of AJAC’s SHRED30, nutritious food, intermittent fasting, and explores the profound connections between physical culture and mental fortitude. From comprehensive daily logs to real-life epiphanies about ‘Physical Culture,’ this is a raw, unfiltered exploration of physical and mental transformation.”

[All weights in kilograms. 1 kilo = 2.2 pounds.]


I learned one thing when the program, days 1-15, restarted on day 16.

The first few days are hard as fuck the 2nd time around. You’re (or at least me) unaware of that when you first began. Sure, I was beat up and tired, but that’s because it’s a bunch of new movements and you (or me) suck at them, at first. Unfamiliarity…out of shape, sloppy, lack of focus, etc.

Then another 14 straight days in the gym, you come back around. Same exercises, but this time you’re doing 30, 40, 50…even 75% more volume and you (or me) go whoa! I was a hurt puppy after days 16, 17, and 18. More so than normal.

But it’s great. It’s like…this is affecting every damn thing in my life.

Now I understand why hardcore gym rats are so emphatic about it. The gym is just part of it. The bigger thing is the personal ethic and mental discipline it represents, and especially since the whole point is to achieve gains.

And when you have a day, or a particular exercise, where you don’t make gains from the last time, or even worse, lose a little, it pisses you off.

So if you’re made of anything, you just have to go—once over the hump of realizing what it’s all about; which, as I said in the last report, was day #8, and that was 8 consecutive days, which I think is equally important.

So to reemphasize, it’s a mental toughness that really begins affecting everything, and to the good. Lazy body, lazy mind.

… Then the other big thing is the new gym, which I’ll address below.

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