All Good: 1-Year Easy No-Alcohol, Gym, and 40% Testosterone Increase

— All predictions by know-nothings of my eventual demise have been stupidly wrong

NOT my experience. Is it yours?


I was tooling around with Midjourney AI yesterday just tossing in weird ideas and that’s one of the images it came up with for the prompt /imagine [free speech as a euphemism for approved speech] and I think it’s one of those serendipitous picture-worth-1000-words results.

Add on some noise-cancelling headphones, and you’ve got three [patriotic] monkeys, eh?

… Perhaps mostly because it’s not my experience. Being in a sort of limbo, I’m not in the thick of the bullshit there in the US and being here in Thailand, I’m unperturbed when it comes to the restrictions on speech here…because I have no standing.

I like it this way. Increasingly, I’m avoiding…entanglements…of all sorts.

It’s a jungle out there. I’m good with that; and part of that, again, is that most 1st-world dwellers—fat, domesticated, phamacated, overfed, overentertained, overcoddled, overindulged, overregarded—couldn’t beat their way out of a sponge-cake maze with a dry map and compass.


So, yea, the no-booze is a year now. August 7, 2022, to now. As I explain in the vid to mark the occasion, it was so anticlimactic that I didn’t even remember it until over 12 hours into my day.

See? It’s not just your anniversary he forgets, ladies.

It’s not always all and only about you!

Here’s the vid; and it includes a story about “he good man; have good heart,” which is a Thai bar-girl euphemism for stupid and foolish.

You heard it in the video…the masculine approach…different from the feminine approach all the guys can’t wait to try with its 12 steps of repentance, grovelling, saying stupid shit like how helpless and pathetic you are, support networks, meetings…and who knows what the hell else.

And God blessed are all the chicks who do it the-chick-way to get off the sauce, but it’s for chicks. I like the man’s way:

I’m not drinking, and you can’t fucking make me!

Now that it’s a year, I have sufficient natural authority to write an e-book about it, and the outline and lots of content is already done, owing to the posts and videos (which I’ll have transcribed). The list of e-books to write and publish is daunting.

The white board right in my line of vision says 11, with 2 of them done (114 No-Pill Advantages and Young Sexy Thai Chicks). So, 9 to go…but the list will probably never be much less than 10, because I’m always adding to it.


I finished the SHRED30 gym program, which was 30 days straight in the gym. There’s a freebie giveaway associated with that post.

I took 6 days off. Interestingly, you have sort of a low, base-level soreness and body-wide “pump” the whole month long. Because the program is designed with isolation exercises—spaced apart to account for muscle recovery time per exercise—you don’t get wiped out like a bunch of heavy deadlift, squat, or leg-presses will do, which are compound, involving lots of muscles and joints.

But here’s what happened.

I was in aching agony on the 3rd to 4th rest day, especially my upper back/shoulders (the good kind of aching agony). One of my best exercises is sitting upright row, and my form is perfect with almost no engagement of biceps…it’s all back, baby! It was a frequent one during the program and I really upped the game doing pyramid sets of five, finishing out at 65 kilos (143 pounds) on the 5th & final set, for 8 perfect-form reps. Wide-grip pull downs are another shoulder/back gig where I have perfect form, and I also killed it in those.

Anyway, it was the morning of the 4th day of rest where I was thinking I might pop a NSAID, but didn’t. It passed soon enough. Aching!

So, what’s next? I was considering a few of Alexander Cortes’ programs (Old-School German High-Volume, Achilles, and Wolverine). I settled on his Longevity Program, which is designed for older dudes with a view towards performing 10x better than the worthless 20-sumthin Coke-sippin gamers soiling the sheets mom washes for them…and then staying in that game and love it long-time.

It also has tons of options, and you can choose programs for 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 hardcore days per week. I chose four days because it looks challenging; plus, there are 4 sub-programs for things like higher volume, shoulder & chest emphasis, and leg emphasis. I’m going to set up my Jetfit app with all four of the programs and can switch back and forth whenever I want. But I think the most effective will be to do each program for 8 weeks (4 exercise routines done 8 times each) and then switch to the next program. So, I’ll go through the whole cycle every six months. I’ll be doing 4 days straight, Monday-Thursday, 3 consecutive days off with one of them being a 30-hr fast (lunch to dinner next day).

… Fasting…another e-book on the list and which is already a 50-page unedited mess steam of conscience that requires only the TLC to finish and publish.

I love it.

The first day back in the gym was yesterday.

It was 6000 kilos total volume, 13,200 pounds. It was nice to work out fully recovered.

… Oh, BTW, favorite new exercise I rarely ever did before but now love it? Incline bench press (barbell, Smith machine). I’m currently at 40 kilos (88 pounds) for 4×5 but looking to build on that substantially because it quite the movement, I think.

Incidentally, for those interested in the SHRED30 gig, here are the links, again, and the freebie.

I’ll be doing an e-book on it with a lot more on the mind and spirit aspect of just making yourself do it…30 days straight, that is. That’ll tie in with the “just make yourself do it” aspect of a year of no booze.

I hope to make all the e-books free and even blog posts as public access, and just have affiliate links to the AJAC products I tout (SHRED30 and Longevity), but I can’t get him to answer a damn email or DM in Twitter (or X, or whatever). If the answer is no, then fine.


The food pics during the previous program are in the above links. Solid. Protein was targetted.

Over the last 6 days, not so much, though I didn’t chow down. I ate less, actually, just basically whatever I wanted.

The top left kra pao moo with eggs and the featured steamed fish and prawns were prepared by a Thai chick for me. Here’s how you make that happen.

The pizza is from Dom’s, just 200 meters down the street. Arguably the best pizza in the region. It’s the Italian version of what I first had in France, called La Reine. For Italians, that would be La Regina. It’s baked or boiled ham (not cured or smoked) with shrooms and mozzarella. In France that’s an important distinction because the French use gruyère for pizza, most typically, which is a hard Swiss, no holes. It’s a neutral sort of cheese. The other thing is that I asked for “extra meat” and for some reason in Thailand, it’s not assumed that you want just double of the kind of meat that’s on the pizza. Actually, they’ll assume you want a different meat…so I got ground beef.

I’d have preferred double ham, but at this level of pizza mastery, there’s no such thing as a bad pizza. And yes: three (baggies of red-chili-pepper infused olive oil).

The pork tenderloin is my own doing at home. That’s onion & garlic sautéed in butter, infused with cayenne pepper. The pork has a salt, white pepper, garlic, MSG, and cayenne dry rub for the air fryer time, then it’s finished off in the pan with the same butter.

The full English up there is my recent great find, reminding me I need to write a review on Google Maps (my food reviews get tens of thousands of views because I put in work and do them right…wish I could get paid). It’s Old Rogues, 500 meters up the street. That’s the small English breakfast. 125 baht ($3.59), includes the fresh squeezed OJ.

Ah, fish & chips, and that was yesterday (the anniversary day) and that was my treat of choice. Owned by Sean Sharples, it’s a “traditional UK chip shop,” I guess the fish being presumed present. About a year back on a visit to Pattaya, I stumbled onto his tiny little stand in an outside food court at Tree Town on Soi Buakhao. I watched expat after expat arrive for takeout and figured this must be the place.

Indeed. Atlantic cod and haddock that you’d swear is fresh off the boat.

… Here’s my attestation about fish and chips: either both the cod and the batter are absolutely perfect in every way, or the whole thing fucking sucks. I never order fish & chips anymore because I am redundantly 100% disappointed every time.

Thank God for Sean Sharples.

… Funny story, though. I drove the whole 15 minutes over to Pattaya for it (they’ve since moved from the food court to an indoor place in a mall). First, I run out of gas along the way because my gauge has gremlins and once I get an MC-taxi guy to go get me a couple of liters, get that sorted, get to the place, and order, I sit down and look up their Facebook Page. What do I find?

Oh, only the grand-opening announcement for their new 60-seat place over in Jomtien, 5 minutes from my place.

Is that all?


I just find a few minutes ago that all this time, they’ve been serving up their fish and chips at Bentley’s, a place I’ve walked by a thousand times over the last 5 months living here…BECAUSE IT’S RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET!

And the McD’s? That’s almost right now.

Walking Street at Coffee Time

I got up at 02.45, not uncommon. Did stuff and then started drafting this here and along comes 06.00 and I’m thinkin let’s do sumthin different, so I jump on the MC and head down to the famous Pattaya Walking Street—unchanged much from my first experience 37 years ago at the age of 25, when I arrived via water taxi from USS Reeves at anchor in the bay, right onto the sandy beach.

I went over to snap a photo inside Mist, a dance hall.

At 06.20 in the morning.

MYST Club, Walking Street, Pattaya; 06:20 AM

This is why, if you’re smart and care to enjoy something like this from time to time, you get off the booze and do it refreshed and sober.

In other words, those people didn’t just arrive. They’ve been there for hours and have been drinking all night.

It’s fine as an acute tourist experience for a couple of weeks.

As a regular, who lives here?

The body count is substantial. I grew up in a 24-hr town, Reno, NV…LV’s ugly stepsister. Every casino in town is 24/7/365 open for holidays especially! So I’m familiar with the “culture,” having grown up where it was somewhere close by.

I can count on one hand the number of times my parents may have indulged in way-late-night stuff past midnight.

So that’s what I mean.

I know numerous smart expats who either don’t drink, or very little, get a full-night’s sleep, and head over there between 05 and 07 in the morning and end up picking up a 20-sumthin just lookin for a place to sleep.

Not my thing, but if yer gonna, that’s the way to keep your wits about you.

… After snapping that pic, I realized I hadn’t had a bite in at least 16 hours, so the 24-hr McD’s was the place to target protein at 07.00. Struck up a convo with a young Englishman, who’s stone-cold sober, in his 30s, and lives here too. He’d picked up a pretty [and reasonably sober] Thai chick in the Tunnel Club across the street that’s just then closing, and we’re lauphin and jokin as we watch drunk people stumble out—or in the case of two partygoers—being carried out.

Male Testosterone

I included that because I didn’t in the various marketing I used for the book about old dudes and younger Thai women.


Even though it has a whole chapter about how I naturally increased my T by 40% in my first year (clinically measured) living here, I didn’t want that to be the thrust of the book (harhar).

But now I’ll give it a mention.

And because it’s free, I’ve also been trying to get word out in some of the Thailand expat groups on Facebook, since this sort of thing is in everyone’s face all the time, my treatment of the topic is respectful and wholesome, and it reflects the experience of hundreds of Thousands—maybe millions—of foreign men visiting this country over decades, going back to the Vietnam War.

Can I get my posts past moderation?

That would be a nope.


Well, my guess reminds me of what I knew to be absolutely true about the expat Facebook group down in Los Zacatitos, East Cape, Baja, Mexico when I lived there, off grid. It was run by people I use a word that starts with the letter ‘c’ to describe.

It’s a 1+1 thing.

And to the extent there are any males involved? The word describing them also starts with a ‘c.’

A Taste of Politics

Remember back more than a year ago when I took [another] position contra almost everyone else concerning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and I laughed at the sanctions and said at the time very explicitly that it will backfire because neither China nor India are going to be on board with that shit, and combined with Russia and other countries in the region, it’s over half the population of the world.

Here’s 1000 words as to the stupidity of global sanctions against Russia and outright theft of assets of private individuals for the crime of being Russian and having lots of money.

Russia encompasses the upper-half of that circle and has every natural resource in huge abundance and cheap, that everyone inside the circle needs.

The West are become a bunch of fucktards, driven by “defense” contractors who only see QP&Ls.

Recall what I’ve said many times about why I resigned my commission in the US Navy in 1992, coinciding with the fall of the Soviet Empire. I saw (and heard) the writing on the wall…the clamoring for new enemies in order to keep nonstop welfare payments going to the military-industrial complex and all its investors…including in every one of your fat 401Ks and IRAs holding mutual funds. They’re in there.

The Republicans used to be the worst on this issue alone, but Rule #2 at least possesses the virtue of gridlocked opposition, or slows the March to Oblivion down somewhat.

But now it has all morphed into the Rule #1 Rocket-Sled to Hell.


  1. If everybody is saying the same thing, everybody is wrong.
  2. If half are saying one thing and the other half, the opposite thing, they’re both wrong.
  3. Corollary: #2 is a marginally better state than #1.

This is how wrong.

Of the above, extraordinary Florida Attorney and blogger at Coffee & Covid, Jeff Childers, had this to report.

Since I couldn’t source the story to any Western media, I checked the IMF’s website for myself. Russia Today’s story is accurate. Not only that, despite two years of “brutal” U.S.-led sanctions, Russia now ranks among the world’s top five largest economies, and the largest in Europe in terms of ‘purchasing power parity’ (PPP) as of the end of 2022.

Presumably, halfway through 2023, Russia’s numbers are up even more.

Instead of sanctioning Russia for invading Ukraine, if Joe Biden had set out to deliberately expand Russia’s economy, he could not possibly have done it any better. Does that seem weird to you? Meanwhile, here in the U.S., we are either in a recession or headed straight towards one, depending on who you believe.

He’s no lefty, either. Republican conservative, born-again Christian. And, since I came from that realm of Fundamentalist Baptist as a youth, I understand them a great deal.

Here’s a nugget of truth about born-agains: what we “enlightened ones” refer to as The Matrix, they call The World, and they see themselves as wholly apart from it—saved from it, more precisely. Surprisingly, that goes haywire for a relative few, and most are well able to maintain fine communion with The World in practical senses. They aren’t separatists by any stretch of the imagination, and a primary reason for that is their charge to spread the word. They’re evangelicals, and to do that, you’ve gotta get your hands dirty in The World.

I find myself liking them all more and more.

I’ll tell you why I thought Russia had the upper hand and will prevail, beyond the immutable geopolitics highlighted above.

Russia had the relative Moral High Ground, and that’s what wins wars in the long term.

You read that right. I blogged about Putin and Russia staking out the moral high ground a number of times.

  1. They don’t put up with any of the Woke crap.
  2. They laugh at the West falling all over itself with all this LGBTIDGAF crapsense.
  3. They know the distinct difference between men and women and boys and girls.
  4. While the West derides and mocks its conservative religious institutions, Russia bolsters its Orthodox Christian and Jewish institutions and even has room for the 3rd branch of Abrahamism: Islam…and there is increasing levels of peace amongst them all.

The atheist-commie Soviet Union has come a long way in 3 decades, baby!

And then there’s techno-fascist-to-near-perfection China. The Chinese Foreign Minister accused the United States of destabilizing the world. He used facts.

What is truly concerning is the destructive role the U.S. has played to peace and stability in the world. The U.S. is the number one warmonger in the world… The U.S. accounted for about 80% of all post-World War II armed conflicts. The U.S. is also the number one violator of sovereignty and interferer in the internal affairs of other countries. According to reports, since the end of World War II, the U.S. has sought to overthrow more than 50 foreign governments, grossly interfered in the elections of at least 30 countries, and attempted to assassinate over 50 foreign leaders.

Jeff Childers, again, has a good qualification of all the above while at the same time admitting explicitly that it is factual—a rare thing to see, which would be seen more often if you had more than a few percentage points of human beings who are actually honest.

In fairness, many of the alleged interferences in foreign countries and so forth occurred during the Cold War, when we were beating back global communism. Some of those conflicts may appear questionable in hindsight, but many people would agree most of the conflicts were reasonable, or at least, arguably reasonable.

But the Cold War is over. The problem seems to be that we never dismantled the Cold War “:”dirty tricks” apparatus. Our CIA’s continuing facilitation of color revolutions around the world, like in Ukraine, does not appear reasonable, and opens us up to attacks like this one from the Chinese Foreign Minister. We do not need to be “number one” in any of those questionable categories.

We need to start minding our own business, which incidentally needs a lot of minding right now.

… The problem is, minding our own business has been very bad for business for 3 decades, now.


For three decades, I have consistently forecast a lot of what’s coming, based upon what’s going on, and whatever it is in my head that makes me the synthesizing dot-connector of disparate things I am, who barely ever listens to The Forecasters.

Many geopolitical “analysts” in the West are simply shills for the “defense” industry, just as doctors and researchers are shills for the pharma industry and Big Food. Or, you’ve got your retired military who like getting on TEEVEE. They’ll even take, like, a “retired Lt. Colonel.” Like, you mean he retired, meaning he spent more than 20 years, and he didn’t even make full bird? That’s known as a failure. It means people thought he was too dumb. If you don’t make advancement on time or early, every time, you’ll never get past O-5 (Lt. Colonel / Commander). … And making flag rank is no help either, because your top quality is that you’re a decent politician to add to your military and organizational competence. That’s not necessarily bad. Just a yellow flag.

I smell all that shit coming from 10 kilometers away, every time. I laugh.

But, for three decades, It’s “What are you talking about, Richard?” every time, and it’s based on me having a view or prediction or take that goes against the mainstream or approved narrative.

Over and over. Same with the Covid/Vaxx nonsense that I got right from day one and wrote 98 posts over 2 years that have aged very well indeed.

Over and over.

I was posting this early on, because EVERYONE had it in their profile, like they’re great military and international policy analysts, or something. Actually, here, I’ll do a juxtaposition.

So, anyway…

I’ll leave it all at that for this time. I’d intended to just write about the no-booze quickly and move on. This is what happened, 3,600 words later.

So, it’s a for-public-consumption thing on the occasion of the anniversary, the gym stuff, and also that there’s a whole lot of bunches of new email subscribers owing to all the free downloads and some of them are surely WTF, deer in headlights and such.

So I’ve tried to give and example of a sampling of the breadth of topics I cover (there’s more…I’m a polymath) and in the style I write…though I write in a number of styles.

Bottom line is merely that if you find yourself interested in the topical material and like the style, this is what I do for members.

If you like it and aren’t a member, you’re missing 99% of what you like.

That’s a promise.

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