No-Pill #33 Human Oppression of Human Freedom Over Thousands of Years

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Don’t you just love it when your personal agency is overridden by some so-called authority? Yeah, neither do I. Welcome to No-Pill #33, where we dissect the insidious ways in which society—those “trusted” institutions and self-proclaimed moral authorities—systematically oppresses your freedom under the guise of ‘for your own good.’ This feature liberates you from their suffocating grasp, equipping you with the rational tools to reclaim control and define your own life’s trajectory.

This isn’t about some magical pill or a quick-fix solution. No, this is about sparking a revolution within yourself—a radical shift in mindset that lays bare the hollow promises of societal norms and standards. Learn how to harness logic and objectivity as your compasses in navigating through the murky waters of human existence. Empower yourself with deeper understanding of humanity’s real nature and your authentic experience—not what they’ve been shoving down your throat under the banner of ‘truth.’

No-Pill #33 is not for everybody. It’s for those who dare to think independently, who refuse to be spoon-fed beliefs, who relish in their individuality. It’s for people like you—who demand nothing less than full authority over their lives.

This post is a whopper, coming in at 3,500 words of pure exposure of the wicked.

Around 300 A.D., Christian theologians discovered a powerful method of control—linking guilt with sexuality.

Earth’s first “Plandemic,” still going strong nearly 2000 years later.

This was a fundamental shift in societal norms during the time, as prior cultures and religions had celebrated sexual pleasure rather than associating it with guilt and shame.

With the establishment of this guilt-sex link, the Christian church gained a significant influence over people’s lives. By imposing a moral framework that associated sex with sin, the Church was able to exert a high degree of control over the individual’s thoughts, emotions, and behavior.

This newfound control had far-reaching implications. The Christian Church’s rise in power coincided with the decline of Western civilization. As the Church’s influence spread, scientific progress slowed, sophistication and culture declined, and society crumbled into what would be known as the Dark Ages.

During this period, human happiness and well-being plunged to unprecedented lows. The pervasive sense of guilt and shame associated with sexuality, along with the oppressive control exerted by the Church, suppressed individuals’ capacity for joy, pleasure, and personal growth.

The Christian Church’s dominance during these times also resulted in severe restrictions on individual rights and values. Not only was sexual expression stifled, but any dissenting opinions or alternative beliefs were also harshly suppressed.

One of the most damaging effects of the Church’s control was the suppression of happiness, pleasure, and sexuality. These natural human experiences became sources of guilt and fear, leading to widespread psychological distress and a pervading sense of sinfulness.

The impact of the Christian Church’s oppressive control over people’s lives has had lasting effects on Western society and culture. Even today, remnants of these attitudes towards sex and guilt persist, influencing attitudes and behaviors. The lessons of this historical period serve as a stark reminder of the dangers of allowing religious institutions to exert unchecked power over individual lives.

(from research by Morton M. Hunt, Frank R. Wallace, and others)

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