No-Pill #45 Getting to Psychuous

— A Pathway to Personal Happiness and Growth

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“Explore the transformative power of psychuous pleasures in boosting personal happiness, enhancing relationships, and rekindling your sense of life’s potential.”

When a person fails to fulfill their basic human responsibility of achieving personal happiness and psychuous pleasures, they allow their future to descend towards death. This idea suggests that life is not merely about survival and continuity, but about the pursuit of joy, satisfaction, and growth. Psychuous pleasure refers to the fully-integrated physical and mental or psychological pleasures that come from feelings, thoughts, imaginations, dreams, ideas, and ideals when all is in alignment—an ideal or optimized state of being. And more. When a person defaults on these responsibilities, they fail to nurture their own happiness and mental growth, causing their life and its potential to spiral downwards.

This downward spiral is not just a metaphoric decline into sadness or disappointment, but a very real, tangible shift towards mortality. Life and time become wasted commodities, slipping away from the person’s grasp. The opportunities for joy, fulfillment, and satisfaction become fewer and farther between, leaving the person in a state of increasingly unrewarded and unfulfilled existence.

The tragedy of this situation is compounded by the fact that everyone, at some point in their life, usually in early childhood, has a sense of the exciting potential that life holds. Children are inherently optimistic, curious, and eager to explore the world. They see life as a grand adventure filled with countless possibilities. But as people default on their responsibility towards personal happiness and psychuous pleasures, this sense of potential fades away.

Once this sense of potential is lost, it can never be experienced again in the same way. The world becomes a less vibrant, less inspiring place. But this does not mean that all hope is lost. There is always the possibility of revival, of rekindling that sense of potential and excitement.

Defaults like these are not needed, are against human nature, and are a product of the mysticism perpetually pushed by the connected-parasite class. In contrast, the pursuit of an exhilarating, value-creating life and the attainment of wealth, power, and psychuous pleasures are achieved through personal responsibility, and a commitment to logical endeavors and truthfulness.

This is where rethinking and renewed commitment come into play. Rethinking involves reassessing one’s attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors, questioning whether they are contributing to personal happiness and psychuous pleasures or hindering them. Renewed commitment, on the other hand, involves making a conscious decision to pursue personal happiness and psychuous pleasures, to prioritize them in one’s life, and to make the necessary changes to ensure their fulfillment.

A relationship based on values and romance provides boundless enjoyment, from joy and spontaneous amusement[1] to sensual excitement, adventure, intense pleasure, and deep happiness. Furthermore, such romantic partnerships can significantly boost each partner’s productivity, values, and wealth.

Pleasures derived from psychuous experiences can always evolve and expand, even amidst chaos or crisis. Engaging in psychuous sex allows an individual to physically affirm the value of their life, particularly during challenging or crisis-ridden times. It enables a person to deeply recognize their value, pleasure, and joy. However, psychuous pleasures are not limited to sexual activities. Indeed, sex itself is only a minor (yet vital) ingredient in psychuous pleasure, which is intertwined with every facet of conscious living.

Romantic love and sensual pleasures contribute significantly to human joy. Thus, opting for something as non-demanding and restricted as casual, no-strings-attached sex is indeed a disservice to oneself. Restricting the possibility for pleasure to such a limited, superficial scope of experiences can compromise a person’s entire existence.

By defaulting on the basic human responsibility of achieving personal happiness and psychuous pleasures, a person lets their future turn downward toward death. But through rethinking and renewed commitment, this trajectory can be reversed, and life can once again be filled with joy, satisfaction, and growth.

[1] The spontaneous, childlike joy is completely distinct from the monotonous, artificial “enjoyment” found in sexual relationships that are solely about fun.

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