You Are Programmed

— But That’s Not The Right Question

“Are you truly free or simply a puppet to societal programming? Join iconoclast author Richard Nikoley as he takes you on an intellectual journey, challenging your perceived independence and guiding you towards true self-programming. Uncover the raw truth behind human behavior and liberate your animal instincts. Warning: Not for the weak-minded or easily-offended.” — Chatbot Zon

I’ll restate the title:

You. Are. Programmed.

Did you bristle?

If you did, you’re full of shit but keep reading.

… Of course you erroneously believe you’re independent, and you think for yourself.

We’re all programmed to think that.

It’s no revelation. Who doesn’t claim that they think for themselves? If there were people all over going around admitting that others do their thinking for them, then there would be some question about it.

There isn’t because everybody says the same thing, and remember my Rule #1:

If everybody believes and says the same thing, everybody is wrong.

I’ll show you how you’re wrong.

If you weren’t programmed to some extent, then you would have to stop and consider every action you undertake.

“But I have experience in many of those things.”


You have programmed yourself.

So, see? You were full of shit when you bristled. Congrats to those who said to themselves, “sure, in some things.” The irony is, bristling at the idea of being programmed…is part of the program.

So what’s the right question, then?

The question isn’t whether we’re programmed—but by whom, for what, and to what extent.

That, is the question.

The vast majority of the people on the planet are programmed by others, and we all start out like that. We’re programmed by our family, then our close social circle. Later, society and various tribes and activism kick in. University is a programming mill, and those who stay in it the longest are the most programmed (though some become master programmers in their own right…we’ll get to that).

… Only a small percentage of folks on the whole planet are self-programmed with a recursive function that continually reevaluates the program for goodness and well-being of self and others.

I wouldn’t know figures, but where you find a lot of self-programmed people is in jail. I know a few. The other group of the self-programmed are the psychopaths. You know them by their names that appear on ballots in voting booths.

(The difference between sociopathy and psychopathy is that the former simply stumbles through a reckless life lacking empathy and wreaking havoc, but without malice; the latter does it on purpose and gets a thrill.)

So there’s a risk, a slippery slope where unless well grounded, self-programming is mainly a rejection of the programming of society and then a haphazard or malicious self-reprogramming.

This is where I come in, and I assure you I have all the goods.

Unparalleled deprogramming and then self-reprogramming with valid core principles and values that are all fully reducible to the dust of the earth, mist of the seas, and blood of the wild kingdom… Free The Animal.

Not a stone left unturned. I’m dead serious. It will exhaust you…if you’re ready for it.

You begin right here, right now.

There’s not only no obligation: It’s free, and it’s substantial. Or, stay being full of shit.


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