Deutsche Welle as the Wicked Witches of the West

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The Wicked Cunts of the West

Given Elon Musk’s recent public commentsparticularly in terms of all of the appearance of virtue everywhere you look, played out by people who are really doing evil, I thought I’d weigh in on an issue.

The German whatever organization, Deutsche Welle, recently produced a “documentary” about Pattaya, Thailand’s sex-tourism trade…that contributes an estimated 15% GDP to this country of 70 Million (same size as the UK, for comparison) that filters and percolates its way throughout all regions.

It does exist. Things are not always normative-narrative as they seem, however, especially through the ignorant Judeo-Christian cultural cloudy lens-eye regarding a culture 1,000 years older than 4,000-year-old Judaism. LOL. You nincompoops think you were first and have a lock on familial & social morality and ethics. I laugh again.

So do the Thai people.

Here’s the no-words-minced Xweet.

Hey @DeutscheWelle I watched that docu you published about Pattaya, Thailand.

You’ve got us expats splitting a gut laughing. And, disgusted with righteous rage.

Complete alarmist, cherry-picked, breathless, staged, non-representative bullshit.

I’ve been coming here since 1986 as a 25-year-old—hardly your typical “sexpat”—and saw zero of what you represent over many visits and months in-country in the late 80s and early 90s.

Now I live here. For four years, since Jan 2020. Yea, I’ve had dozens of liaisons with 20 and 30-sumthin Thai women. All legal adults…just like EVERYONE else I know and ever see.

You know what awful thing I did with the last one? 32 years my junior—but hot, good in the bedroom, and understands the nature of men (unlike The Wicked Cunts of the West)?

During Coowid—when shit-hustlers such as yourselves were doing your best to profit through alarm and fear—I rolled up my sleeves and built her, her mom, her 2 daughters, her sister, and little nephew a 4BR house.

Then I bought them a car so they can more effectively get around and transport stuff during the rainy season and get ahead in life. I put the 2 girls in private school, so their English skills will be internationally marketable.

I changed their lives forever.

And I’m just but one of tens of thousands of “SEXPATS!!!” who do this sort of thing routinely…never reported by vicious fucking assholes such as yourselves, who claim to help these women through your self-serving, empty, virtue signalling and white knighting lies and manipulations and deceptions…but all of whom you’re helping is yourselves by your own chak wow, right out in public view.

I see zero of what you represent as the standard “troubling” narrative. Nor does anyone else without a values-destroying-for-attention-and-profit agenda.

I don’t know who YOU are whoring for…but you make the bar girls blush in that department.

You typify precisely what @elonmusk just said in public, about appearing virtuous while doing evil.

The shoe fits. Wear it with shame.

And then, go fuck yourselves.

You’re dismissed.

(Too bad the girls’ mother turned out to be such a lying, deceptive, cunning cunt herself…but you do what you can—you try hard for the sake of the kids—and when it’s still all coming up nothing but shit on a daily basis, you move on with prejudice…unfortunately. And then you’re stuck with what and how much truth to include in your answers to questions from the girls… It’s fucking awful…)

Here’s the “documentary.” English subtitles. Another organization is involved, too. Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR DOKU).

Now for a bunch of related stuff for members… like gym progress (amazing photo!), testosterone and growth hormone, stories about recent Thai chicks (3 of them…well, 4 if you include the threesome), reader reaction and answers, dick size, Christian vs. Thai culture bedroom-wise, and what the fuck I’m really up to… all of which you can access…and there’s an end-of-year sale, too. It seriously helps in all aspects of this continually-evolving endeavor to stay one step ahead of routine, same as always, boring, and regurgitated standard narrative through extreme transparency and truth-telling that sets you free, just like the Bible says. Please give it your fair consideration, and thanks. (P.S. I’m just about to be kicking into my Holiday High Production Mode, a habit of mine going way back. Opportune for you, potentially.)

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