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15 Months Ago at 61, and 1 Month From No Booze…and Current Photos. 63 Years Old in Six Weeks.

The cool thing happened the other day.

… It’s when I write a post quickly—before I can really “better consider” lie-edit or find any lie(s) as to why I ought not post it—I grit my teeth, hit publish and then, in this case, hit the gym.

Over the next hours I received a barrage of communications…even a few from non-members, and I received some new memberships, including one from a long-time reader who just hadn’t bothered, and he took the deal on lifetime membership. 350 bucks.

Testimonial examples:

“This is one of the best missives you’ve ever written.  ‘Be impeccable with your word,’ indeed.”

“Haha, couldn’t resist!  You’re definitely livin’ the dream.”

“I’ve always enjoyed your clear eyed, fuck ’em all, attitude. I was going to sign up to read no pill advantage. Happy about that. Keep pushing boundaries, my man.”

“BRAVO DUDE BRAVO!!!. I LOATHE the self-righteous! And there are WAY too many of them!”

“The part that got me was ‘lying to yourself’ because it is so ingrained in my outlook, and it’s most likely acting as a dodgy compass. ‘It’s okay to lie to yourself because you are doing what is “good”.'”

“This email hit some spots for me!

An appreciated giddy-up!”

“Couldn’t pass up your Black Friday deal.”

But here’s the other thing. First, my post was primarily about a bogus “documentary” produced by a public-broadcasting outfit in Germany.

(The word documentary has largely lost a lot of meaning because, often, it’s indistinguishable from propaganda.)

That “documentary” was about the world-famous Pattaya, Thailand “sex trade,” something I’ve unabashedly and unapologetically taken part in since 1986 on my first visit at 25 years old. So I knew just how bogus the “documentary” was, and from uncountable personal experiences…not to mention the experiences of hundreds of other “sexpats” I know personally, and the anecdotes from thousands of others I’ve read.

The rest of the post? I quote from it:

Now for a bunch of related stuff for members… like gym progress (amazing photo!), testosterone and growth hormone, stories about recent Thai chicks (3 of them…well, 4 if you include the threesome), reader reaction and answers, dick size, Christian vs. Thai culture bedroom-wise, and what the fuck I’m really up to…

Here’s a sampling of what you’ll see after the paywall.

There are stories to go with each of those. Cool-ass stories…and speaking of ass? Sumitra in the middle there? Basketballs. I may have mentioned that she likes beef, an extreme rarity for Thais. But an update is that she likes lamb, too (unheard of), and last night she gobbled up both butter chicken and mutton curry for her first-ever Indian experience. Thai chicks are generally annoying as fuck when it comes to any food at all besides Thai food. My ex liked about 1 single thing that’s not Thai food: lasagna. That’s about it. She liked pizza a little bit, but would not eat the outer crust. That’s annoying as fuck…even more so than pineapple on the damn thing.

… So given all that, then those testimonials, I was pleasantly surprised, of course.

But I was curious.

Was it the salacious nature of it?


Here’s what it was, behind the paywall, too, and I’ll quote it from the post.

… If you’re wondering what I’m up to…

Stage I’m going through?

Post-life crisis?

Small-dick syndrome? (NOT TRUE!!!)

I honestly think it’s a big confluence of a bunch of shit.

  1. 16 months zero booze
  2. 6 months ass-busting gym
  3. Finally ending a toxic [and expensive] relationship that was never going to improve
  4. Making up for lost time, with genuinely good, sexy (and regularly and unabashedly horny) women
  5. Getting interested in making a fuck-ton of money again (3rd time’s the charm)
  6. The TRT and HGH
  7. Developping a lot of genuinely mutually-beneficial relationships with other bros, especially at the gym
  8. My new living arrangements
  9. Stopping my automatic lie-telling to myself and others everywhere I can root it out

… But it’s my aim that’s coming more clearly into focus each day and I believe the time is ripe (and given what Elon said publicly the other day…coming to a head is my prediction and a global collapse of the left or billions die).

But again, being an “anarchy-begins-at-home” kinda guy, I’m about working with individual hearts and minds through this blogging medium and I must tell you something:

You’re lying. Every day, all the time. You’re lying. To yourself and to others. You’ve put the lying on automatic so you don’t even have to think about it.

Right to your face and looking you in the eye: you’re lying.

And I want you to stop.

And I want to help you to stop.

  1. If your body is not the best it can be at any age it’s because you’re lying
  2. If you’re broke it’s because you’re lying
  3. If you’re not thinking about sex (with a partner or a conquest) and getting horny it’s because you’re lying
  4. If you’re masturbating to porn it’s because you’re lying
  5. If you’re regularly drunk, stoned, or hungover it’s because you’re lying
  6. If you’re in a relationship and not having very frequent sex at any age it’s because you’re lying
  7. If you’re not happy or largely so, genuinely so it’s because you’re lying
  8. If you’re making excuses for remaining with a partner who you’re not or no longer sexually attracted to it’s because you’re lying…and you are believing vicious lies

All of this and more is fixable, and I can assure you of that because I am very well and far along on that path, rooting out every single vicious and despicable lie I can identify, no matter how small and seemingly insignificant.

I will not tell even the whitest of lies for anyone’s sake. Because nobody is worth that, and that’s because the cost is ultimately your soul.

It will depend on the courage you can muster to undertake the hard work.

Stand tall, and if you’re not a member, start there.

Here’s the post if you wish to access and read the salacious stories about ultra-mega-exotic Pattaya, Thailand, where it’s rare indeed for me to be seen with anyone over half my age (great story about that with the first girl up to the left, Muay…)…although since I bring up that brag, it compels me to be fully contextually truthful and say that Saifon, the one who calls me Big Man, is 42, and she is my favorite of favorites and for a host of reasons. It’s about six weeks now, and I can’t find a single thing I don’t like about her, including that she likes to bring her friend Far along some nights, and that’s far out! (Go ahead and cover your jealousy there, and virtue-lie-signal about that.)

…Plus, she owns a 100-head pig farm in Buri Ram that’s profitable.

So, do you want what I’m pitching, or do you want to keep lying knee-jerk and automatic so you don’t even have to think about it? You better be sure because just as I am doing with myself, I will eventually root out every single lie you tell yourself and others because you lack the courage to tell the truth always.

Also, see these:

… Which ought to make part of why I’m transparent about all of this apparent: I’m really living it. In a world chock-full of fucking fake-ass opportunist “influencers,” (liars), I’m not. I’m genuine. This is really my life.

I can teach you. I can help you.

4 bucks per month.

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