Anthony Colpo and Richard Nikoley — 1st Video from Pattaya, Thailand

It’s more than you think…

— Infamous diet and fitness blogger (archive site), and author of The Great Cholesterol Con and The Fat Loss Bible, Anthony Colpo, joins me for a video discussion during our daily activity… which in this case is a scenic hike overlooking Pattaya, Thailand.

This is the first of a planned series of videos with the well-spoken and concise layman-researcher in diet and fitness, Australian Anthony Colo.

… We’ve already recorded a 2nd video and wow is it ever salacious. … Well, part of it, anyway. The first half covers Anthony’s first and developing impressions of Thailand over the past 5 weeks. And because he’s currently in Pattaya, the “sexpat” capitol of the world (where’s he headed to next, and why?), he has some definite impressions about the out-in-the-open, unabashed sex trade here, and how his thinking has changed. I hasten to add that unlike me—and the things I relate in that video—he’s not a participant, nor does he aspire to be. Stay tuned for that one. You can’t miss it.

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That’s yet another upcoming post where I really dive into the Freedom vs. Freedom, Inc. where I totally mock—with precise reason and many examples—this Sean Hannity-esque “Land of the Free” nonsense. In fact, America is among the least free, least fun places on earth and I’ll explain exactly why. It’s not just whistling past the graveyard…it’s completely in graveyard denial, and Trump is no more gonna save your stupid asses than he did the last time.

For many reasons, America is already long dead. You can believe what you want, but the longer you keep denying reality, the tougher it’s going to be on you once you have zero choice in the matter and a soup line looks appetizing. The region of the world where I live? That’s the future—morally, economically, and in business. I’ll give you one tiny clue, and you can look it up. Self-employed entrepreneur percentage of the population of 70 million in Thailand? About 60% (~ 40 Million entrepreneurs). America? A laughable, pathetic 5 “Land of the Free” percent (~ 15 Million entrepreneurs).

America the big joke, hahahahaha. Suck on it. You make me laugh with your righteous arrogance and hubris…or in my parlance—metaphorically referring to the average sexy Asian gal compared to Western feminist woke cunts now—America, you’re totally unfuckable!

Here’s a short preview.

To access the full 20-minute discussion on a controversial dietary topic of great interest to millions worldwide, check it out, below. All future videos we publish will be published in the same way.

Without further ado:

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  1. Georgene Harkness on February 27, 2024 at 08:52

    Speaking of Trump….. I like him. He made my life better. But damn, no one is coming to save us, and certainly not him. I think we’re screwed!

  2. Georgene Harkness on February 27, 2024 at 08:53

    Well, as much as I like “ANY” politician. And while he may not have been a politician previously, he is now.

    • Richard Nikoley on February 27, 2024 at 08:56

      Yea, pretty much states my position exactly.

      It’s not as though I like this, but people are outright delusional about the power of casting a vote.

      This is a global problem. It’s the morally decayed and depraved West vs. the conservative, traditional, culturally-valuing (and still patriarchal) East.

      It’s a-priori who wins, long term.

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