Public Introduction to Freedom vs. Freedom, Inc.

It’s maybe not what you think, so don’t relax…

Freedom vs. Freedom, Inc. delves into the stark contrast between the essence of true liberty and the deceptive guise of autonomy peddled by global institutions. This category strips away the veneer of ‘freedom’ marketed by corporate and governmental entities, revealing the insidious bindings they present as choice. It’s an exploration of genuine independence in the face of systemic coercion masquerading as liberation.

That’s from the post-category description page, brand new. This is the introductory post in the new category.

How did it come about?

A Tweet. … Or, should I say, a Xeet?

Et voilà.

I generally think of “Freedom, Inc.” in three distinct ways or flavors.

  1. The fascism (state and big-corp alliance a-la “the Twitter Files” and much more) that dominates the globe but, in particular and most ironically, the West. This is where states, particularly America, completely abandon and violate their own founding principles and constitutions by using big corp to do their dirty work. In return, big corp gets granted all the favors it wants, like having experimental drugs coerced and forced upon billions of people, maiming and killing being of absolutely zero concern—only what they can get away with.
  2. Fake freedom lovers (so long as you have an imaginary friend and spout magic words, you’re in). These are who I hate the most because they’re the most insidious and fake and should know better in their hearts. I’m talking about conservative Republican evangelicals, primarily, who cowered like little children in the dark over a head cold and went right along with their churches being shuttered when, for 200 years, the very pinnacle of America’s founding value was its religious freedom. Closely aligned are the loathsome, pussy-ass “2nders.” Americans privately own over half the guns on earth and trillions of rounds of ammunition, and there’s a lot of chest beating over that. So what happened when businesses were being shuttered, livelihoods were being destroyed, many were under house arrest, and then experimental jabs? They cried that their gun shows were bing cancelled. I told you back in 2020 that I would never forget. I will give all of you fuckers both barrels from here to eternity. “So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.” Revelations 3:17 (KJV)
  3. The totalitarian woke. This is a tenuous one to include, since many don’t even bother with the pretense of “freedom,” anymore, and are unabashed about it (much like the communists, way back, which was originally supposed to usher in Utopia). But in hard Leftism (and Libertarianism, too, eventually, but that’s an advanced element of the topic) east always eventually meets west, and you must always double down, and you must always eventually attack and destroy that which you claim to champion. I include it because those who run this scam are the highest IQ, the most evil, and the most difficult to detect, whether they’re touting freedom or not. They’re psychopaths through and through. Nihilistic, too. Just remember that the “freedom” is always proscribed. Freedom to crash the border if you’re a parasite, criminal, or predator…so long as you vote D and are willing to cheat. Freedom to chop off your teen dick or teen tits if you can be groomed enough. Freedom to rape children if so “attracted.” Freedom to divorce-rape men, take their kids, and demonize them to those same children. Freedom to tell any lie. Freedom to steal anything. Freedom to tear down, burn, and loot as long as you claim oppression.

Number one is with us for a long time and can only be turned through history-level revolution (supertankers full of essential bodily fluid). Number three is forever intransigent, and all you can do is have them go first in filing the supertankers.

Thus, number two is the only one worth addressing. The only one for whom redemption is possible.

And how do I do that?

Shame. Ridicule. Extreme disrespect.

So stay tuned.

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