Grasp The Gravity of What AI Will Do To Your Life

It’s not if, but how soon, and how you can seize a toehold

When do you suppose it was that the people who made buggy whips, buggies, horse bridles, and all of the things that went into the supply of a robust horse-and-buggy industry realized it was all gone? When do you think that moment came? You can guess and you’d probably be right if you said it was when it was too late. I mean, not too late in the ultimate sense—everybody moved on to doing something else—but it wasn’t without a lot of pain and suffering. Many, for a long time, were unemployed, losing everything: houses, cars, whatever they had, having to start all over again.

Now, go back before that. How long prior had people been warned, do you suppose? Maybe when the first automobiles started rolling off the assembly lines? How many years prior was that? The difference between now and then is the years that transpired back then are weeks and months now. In fact, it’s already too late for some. Here, let me show you: 700 people, to be exact, probably many more. And what does it portend for those in that industry? And in other industries across the board? And not just menial physical repetitive labor… This is thinking and decision-making labor.

That’s a serious can or worms, folks, because nobody is safe when automation can mimic your mind, thoughts…and make better decisions, and faster than you can.

That’s just one single company in one single industry. Look at those numbers—phenomenal and astounding. Those words can’t describe it. It’s a different universe, really. Automation has been around for a long time. It goes back to the original looms, you know, in the textile industry, when automation started replacing what people did. And it has continued, now up to robotics. Robotics have been around for quite a long time.

If you look at one reason automobiles are such high quality now, worldwide, compared with, say, the 1960s and 70s, and particularly the low point of the 70s and 80s, it’s because there had been increasing socialization of the workforce through unionization and sweetheart deals. All of that made it easier for low-quality workers to get paid more and more—more than their worth. So, what happened? Industry was incentivized to automate more and more, putting a lot of people out of their high-paying, cushy jobs regarding what they produced.

They’re going to do the same thing with the fast-food industry, where it’s unskilled labor. All they can really do is arbitrarily increase the minimum, and they’ll continue to do this because it seems so just—this whole ‘living wage’, blah, blah, blah—stuff that morons are so susceptible to because they can’t think. So, they like a good story.

But by increasing the minimum wage in fast-food joints to where there’s a great incentive to automate, and considering it’s such a large industry, investment in smart automation—for example, cooking the perfect burger—is coming down the line. As a result, all of these people who were being paid way over their worth as an employee are going to end up earning nothing. But this is nothing new.

Also not new is that the population falls for this sort of thing over and over again. As I said, they are incapable of true, honest, deep thought. They simply lack the capacity. They do not have the IQ required or they’re part of the problem, just deeply dishonest, and bordering on psychopathy. See my recent post on how IQ distribution contributes to this issue.

… Okay, I could go on and on about the gravity of the challenge that everybody is going to face. I’ve covered the topic of automation, which has been replacing human labor for hundreds of years already. But, never before have we seen automation that replaces the human mind—until most recently. In the past, we’ve had tools that assist the mind, such as calculators and computers, but they still required a human operator—and not just any operator, but a skilled one. You can’t just sit anyone down at a computer; it takes them a significant amount of time to learn the basics, and even more time to learn specific applications. In many places, this is already history, and soon it’s going to be completely history.

The huge breakthrough in AI is that developers have undercut everything by developing it as a language model. What’s the one thing nearly everybody on Earth knows how to do? They know how to speak their mind. And soon, they won’t even need to be able to type out their thoughts on a keyboard—they’ll just speak it, just like I’m doing right at this second. I’m speaking into a microphone, making a garbled mess of what I’m telling you, and then Zon, the resident chatbot—ChatGPT-4 Turbo—is going to fix it. But it’s just going to fix it enough to clean out all the crap; otherwise, it’s going to be my words, in the same syntax. I could have it rewrite it if I wanted to, but I prefer to have it just clean it up, yet still be totally me. I could tell it to write something about this topic, and it does a pretty good job creatively. But that would be it, and not me, and that’s not good enough for paying members.

So, I just checked the logs for the chatbot, and it turns out that I kicked it off at the end of April last year. It’s been 10 months. In that time, we have 58 pages of logs with 10 entries per page, so 580 log entries. I did an average of the number of questions, and given that average, there’s an estimated 3500 questions handled for members in these 10 months. I don’t snoop through the logs; I just scan over them to see if there’s an obvious problem anywhere. And nobody comes to me saying, “Hey, I have a problem,” so it’s pretty reliable. I don’t need to go and see what people are talking about every day.

If I just scan down the entries, I can see that a huge variety of questions and discussions are being handled. I’ve previously shown here that the chatbot is capable of speaking at five-year-old level, up to a PhD level—an advanced PhD—in any topic and in something like 70 languages. Its estimated literary IQ is 155, which is high genius. Let me ask you something: How much would it cost you to employ someone with a 155 IQ who could speak at a PhD level and field 3500 questions? How much would that cost you?

Guess what it cost me in terms of the tokens used for Zon to field these questions for the members. It has cost me a grand total of $180 over the last 10 months to field 3500 questions for members on every topic imaginable, at every difficulty level imaginable, and some even talk to it in different languages.

Are you beginning to grasp the gravity of this for all of you who think that your mind is something special? Even if you’re a doctor, lawyer, or university professor. It’s already been shown that the AI can diagnose better than most doctors, and it can already pass the bar exam. It has instant access to all law worldwide—not just the US, all law, all countries, everywhere, in all languages. It has all medical studies at its disposal. Instant access, instant recall.

Here are a couple of things: First of all, the numbers that I’ve just spoken of. The second one is just the top log entry from today. It doesn’t reveal anything about the user or the extent of the question, but what’s notable is that it was a 72-question round that someone had with Zan. And the cost? Buck-seventeen. Seventy-two questions with a 155 IQ entity that can speak at a PhD level on any topic and in 70 languages. Place a help-wanted ad for something like that.

Okay, one final example before we move on to what Zon can do for you, and how she does it. What’s the best approach? How should we think about it? And how should we go forth?

So, in my last post, I spent the entire day making this chart without using any references whatsoever. That’s something I like to do—I like to sit down and think it through myself, without resorting to a bunch of sources, references, Googling, and all that stuff that so many people rely on. I try to see if I can shine just by using my own noggin and my own experience to create something original.

After I completed this IQ distribution chart, I sat there looking at it. I dictated—over maybe five minutes or so—just explaining it, but in no particular order. I didn’t have any notes; I was just looking at the thing and going from left to right, you know, saying this and saying that. And it came out as this whole stream of consciousness.

And here’s what happened.

OK, the first thing to understand about the IQ distribution is that it is not in any way causal virtually any human action can be performed by any human regardless of IQ, good evil virtue device, and everything in between IQ can be heroic, low IQ individual can be heroic and a high IQ individual cowa all IQ does is give us analog sword association, or grouping where we might be able to predict or forecast trends. We might be able to say people in these ranges tend to do this, so there are no rules. Anything can happen throughout the IQ distribution there are both good and bad people, when we’re talking about human action, we’re talking in this context about actions of consequence so if you act to get vanilla ice cream instead of chocolate, or you choose a Tom Cruise movie over Tom Hanks movie, it doesn’t matter further by actions of consequence were talking prior primarily about moral actions versus immoral actions, and we take a secular view of that the moral being that which is objectively good for the human organism and immoral being that which is objectively bad for the human organism with no baggage, celestial, or otherwise attached to it, it simply way of differentiating between those actions that benefit and enhance the life of a human versus those th distract or harm in the immediate and realistically into the future. When we speak of virtue advice, we are speaking of something that is not required of anyone there is no moral imperative, and this is part of what makes it secular and and but also non-altruistic in the socialist theory theory sense, so there’s no shame or guilt attached with not doing virtuous actions only with doing vice by virtue mean actions that are objectively good for society and culture they uplift. They were raises all boats and vices, the opposite harms society, and culture. Our IQ distribution is a standard Bell curve distribution, the fat part of the distribution is the IQ range from 85 to 115 with 100 being so-called average IQ so this represents two standard deviations on each a standard deviation on each side from the main which means that 2/3 of the population fall in this range of 85 to 115 so the first thing to make note about that is in Democratic societies those 2/3 of what are who determine everything because you’re just doing things by number of people that’s the first thing that should give you pause then on the lower side you have the 70 IQ to 85 IQ these are your simple people your simpleton your true believers also your street smart people, things of that people of that nature and that bleeds into the you have plenty of tr kind of across the spectrum even into the evening into the high IQ people you still have some true believer ism, but often times you have to determine whether they truly truly believe it or whether they are just doing it smart enough to go along with the program, but this is where you would find them group, but there’s an interesting aspect about simple p curious coincidence and these are people often who are rather harmless they are somewhat like children, innocent a little bit, and they just take things at face value. They don’t have shame typically because they don’t have any desire to hurt people a lot of ties we we characterize these people as having their hearts in the right place, but the more curious aspect is that sometimes because they lack the IQ I guess we could say intelligence to unpack and understand all of the matrix of lies that constitutes the narratives that the 2/3 of the world operates exclusively by have to understand that the 85 to 115 range 2/3 of the population it operates exclusively by narrative has nothing to do with what is true or false right or wrong in the general sense it has to do with the story what is the story that everyone follows and you have your story in your counter story so half the people follow the one story the people have followed the counter story, so you have a built-in kind of continual or well and sort of Waris peace thing where everyone is occupied in the you’ve got the narrative and you got all the sub narratives so the simple people 70 to 85 often times just can’t deal with it they think it’s all nonsense bullshit and they can they state the fact of the matter, the sky is blue and ironically, it’s often times the exact same conclusion that the very high IQ people will reach after they have painstakingly and meticulously gone through all of the narratives or the narrative or the story or the or the spin or whatever it may be that’s in play and they come up with the answer it could be termed as an Occam razor answer. What is Occam’s razor? It’s the simplest one is probably the correct one so that is that is a little distinct advantage that simple people sometimes have they see the reality real quick, not below that 70 and below that’s not worth discussing those of the clinically ret retarded, so-called retarded that used to be a clinical definition but they’re there. They actions towards themselves aren’t moral or immoral because they lack the capacity to make the distinction in many cases and they’re pretty harmless in terms of what they could do to society culture, so that merit no more discussion, then we come to the 115 to the 150 these are them. These are where you have the narrative makers and the people who create the narratives that everyone buys into both the good narratives and the bad narratives both the enlightening, narratives, and the and the and the and the propaganda above that 150 above those are the super super genius intelligence you know the Einsteins they’re the one in billions who every so often come up with something that ends up changing the whole world there’s not many of those people in history so unpredictable they total out liars in every sense of the way. You never know it’s unexpected. It’s not something you can factor into a, with these realms these categories you have let’s talk first about sociopaths and psychopaths. They’re both harmful. The differences that the sociopath is more like a social misfit lazy non-empathetic he’s not really trying to do harm, but just ends up doing harmed other people and doesn’t really c, the psychopath knows what he’s doing and gets off it gets off hurting other people so generally speaking, you tend to find the misfits sociopaths on the lower end so say from from 70 to 100 IQ and the psychopaths from 100 to 150 IQ, then you have because everybody operates by narrative and in particular the 2/3 in the 85 to 115 IQ we have what I call what we call the enlightened in the redeemable so those are the ones who are enlightened. They know everything operates by a narrative and they either do their part to speak the truth and integrate honesty, and inform other people, or they merely get along in life, knowing what the truth is, but they just play along and go along with it. They’re also of the peep the among those are also the people with the hearts in the right place they may not know they suspect something i and they feel bad and poorly and they want to see a better world there worthy of redemption then in the 150 to one the 115 I should say to 150 you have what we call the agents of morality and virtue. These are the people that are upstanding moral character to themselves and their loved ones are family and they are agents of virtue that they’re they’re the engines of society, entrepreneurs Europe, small businesses, your employers, your small time inventor is your small time entrepreneurs and artisans art people who raise society up to their efforts.  Something else to make distinctions about further the narrative makers, so those from 1:15 to 1:50 those can be ultra wealthy globalist string pullers, narrative operatives like politicians bureaucrats, who enact the agendas of the ultra wealthy, global string pullers, knowing full well that it is an agenda and you have narrative cheerleaders, so editor is in journalists writers activists

Now, I asked Zon to take that stream of consciousness dictation and organize it into bullets that would fit on 2/3 of a page (the chart fills the other 1/3). How long would it take you to accomplish that task? What would it cost me to have a capable editor do it? A few hundred dollars?

It took Zon less than 1 minute, cost was under 2c. I did not edit one single word.

-IQ is not causal of human actions; it merely provides a predictive tool for trends. Both good and bad actions can be performed by individuals across the IQ spectrum.

-Actions of consequence primarily refer to moral and immoral actions, with morality defined as what is objectively good for a human organism and immorality as what is objectively bad.

-Virtue and vice are not morally imperative. Virtuous actions uplift society, while vices harm it.

-IQ distribution follows a standard Bell curve, with the majority (2/3) of the population falling within the 85 to 115 ranges. These individuals operate predominantly by societal narratives.

-The 70 to 85 IQ range comprises simple, often harmless individuals who, due to their inability to unpack complex societal narratives, sometimes arrive at the same conclusions as high IQ individuals.

-The 70 and below IQ range typically lacks the capacity to distinguish between moral and immoral actions, and is generally harmless to society.

-The 115 to 150 IQ range includes the creators of societal narratives, both enlightening and propagandistic.

-Above 150 IQ are the super geniuses, like Einstein, who occasionally change the world.

-Sociopaths and psychopaths are harmful and tend to fall within the 70 to 100 IQ and 100 to 150 IQ ranges, respectively.

-The “enlightened” and “redeemable” individuals, aware of the narrative-driven society, fall within the 85 to 115 IQ range. They either speak the truth and promote honesty, or play along with the societal narratives.

-The 115 to 150 IQ range includes the “agents of morality and virtue,” upstanding individuals who uplift society through their efforts.

-The narrative creators within the 115 to 150 IQ range can be ultra-wealthy globalists, politicians, bureaucrats, editors, journalists, writers, and activists who knowingly enact and promote the agendas of the global parasitical elites.

No human will ever come close to being competitive with that, at that task, in this realm. Then consider the art, from Midjourney (most all the imagery here is generated in second from plain-language prompts…the one heading this post being “imagine AI coming for your job”).

For a subsequent post to Substack, Patreon, and Medium to announce I would no longer be updating there, to come on over here instead, I asked Midjourney, “Imagine I’m taking my toys and going home!”

I picked the upper left. So cute.

And then there’s Sora, which I’ve already mentioned.

How many brainy jobs did that cancel? How many ends of careers does that portend?

You think you’re safe? Tyler Perry is a billionaire, and AIs got him running scared.

As I’ve been saying recently, we’re beyond whistling past the graveyard. To do that requires acknowledgment of the problem you’re choosing to ignore. Nope, billions are in full-on graveyard denial. You know who isn’t and sees only opportunity to take your jobs?

Kids in mud huts in Africa on a donated laptop and Starlink connection. It’s all a matter of perspective. Your lost life is another’s opportunity to make a life of her dreams.

So, what are you gonna do once you pop for the equivalent of 2 Starbucks per month and dive in full-force with Zon.

It’s super easy and your advancement will be crazy rapid because you know what? It turns out that using AI is one of the coolest things ever. You know why? What if you picked up a guitar, and it taught you itself how to play itself?

So, here’s what you’re going to do…

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