At The Intersection of Science and Marketing

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That’s days 1 and 2—yesterday and today—of my stress test of my own written program, details below.

My program is expressly intended to:

  1. Piss trainers and coaches off, no matter what their One True God. Bait has so far only been taken up by the HIT guys; my gym bros, even the amateur and pro BBs are like, “whoa, well, let’s see how it goes.” I’m not trying to claim mine’s better or that anything else is crap or inferior. The best program is the one that makes you a gym junkie of sorts, addicted to that feeling, motivated to fuck hard and often. And, managed for risk of injury (see my rep counts in the logs, below).
  2. Be totally unique in doing not only two no-nos, but both at once: Full Body workouts instead of split routines, and, High Frequency, which supposedly compounds the problem of doing full rather than split. This is ambitious, of course, and risks being dismissed out-of-hand because it’s talk-to-the-hand (in your face) about everything. But that’s my style, so that’s how it had to be done.
  3. Focus on fundamentals rather than geeky gym-bro shit. Moving weight from point A to point B, then returning it to point A. Over and over. Time and again. For example, when your trainer or coach is scolding you for lousy form in some exercise, ask: “OK, then what’s the name for the exercise I just did where how I did it is perfect form?” Get it? Now, general caveats for injury risk, but beyond that, lots of these claimed efficiencies and just-so are so at the fringes, and it’s completely arbitrary and make-job shit when 90% of the importance is moving the damn weight.
  4. Mock all the sci-marketing where folks in the business seek out bits and pieces to cherry-pick to be used in marketing. For me, the biggest culprits are anyone emphasizing easy easy easy. Of course, they’re not saying it’s easy, they are creating the belief, so their program stacks up better against competition. “Get the same or better results only 2x 30 minutes per week, or even once per week.” I judge this as poor messaging, in the same way LC diets cherry-pick science to create the impression that you can eat glutinously in the lap of luxury and lose weight/fat. I like hard-ass marketing approaches. I like to shame people into buying, not stroke their rods.

Number 4 gets to the title subject of this post. That’s what I mean by it.

… Marketing. A word saturated with deception, oozing duplicity. And nowhere is this more evident than in its unholy alliance with science—creating a toxic, tantalizing cocktail.

“Easy.” The siren song of the lazy; the anthem for the instant gratification crowd. It’s also the most overused hook in the marketer’s toolkit. They preach ease, not because it’s true, but because it sells. The pitch? Achieve more by doing less. Less effort, more results. Sounds enticing, doesn’t it?

It’s a farce. One that people in the millions fall for every day. Little wonder it was so easy to get people in the billions to get jabbed multiple times with a never-before-tried drug experiment I digress.

This sort of marketing mindset cultivates a society and culture that devalues persistent effort and overestimates quick fixes. Real results require real work—anything else is a sales pitch.

And what about the science? Oh, it’s there. Cherry-picked, twisted, and contorted into a narrative that suits the seller, not the buyer. … Like low-carb diet promoters who selectively cite studies to convince you that you can gorge on bacon and butter and magically melt away pounds. It’s not science; it’s sci-marketing. Deceptive. Destructive. Dishonest.

The reality: shortcuts sell, but never deliver. True transformation, be it physical, intellectual, or emotional, demands dedication. It requires resilience. It needs a commitment to the grind—the unglamorous, day-in, day-out grind. That’s where character is built and actual results are forged.

I advocate for a different approach—an honest one. Do not sugarcoat the effort required to achieve greatness. Do not dilute the truth with comforting lies about the ease of success. Life is tough. Deal with it. Embrace it. Overcome it. Fuck it.

If you’re selling something, have the decency to respect your audience’s intelligence. Challenge them. Push them. Dare them to strive for more through blood, sweat, and tears. Not through deceitful promises of effortless achievement.

In the age of information overload, where everyone is bombarded by the next ‘big thing,’ always call out and shame the charlatans and the snake oil salesmen. More than ever, mock the ridiculousness of easy solutions. Set a higher standard for yourself. Stop lowering the bar. Stop bragging about how easy it was, signalling that you’re on a low-effort for unearned rewards wavelength. Demand integrity.

At the intersection of science and marketing lies a battleground where truth wrestles with hype. Arm yourselves with skepticism and demand more than just surface-level appeal. Look deeper, question harder. Challenge the sales narrative. Reward honest dealers rather than lie merchants.

Don’t just consume. Shop for tools, methods, knowledge, honest integration and insight. Analyze. Criticize. Think. Only then can you truly free the animal and achieve genuine, hard-earned success you can be proud of…and maybe take a trip to the bank.

Now I’ll review the exercise logs from day’s 1 and 2 and include a bit of commentary about where I see this heading.

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I’ll run this to next Sunday, as I bust ass in the gym daily at the age of 63—through 7 consecutive full-body workouts, while laughing at 30 and 40-somethin pussy boys worried and perpetually nattering about OVERTRAINING!!! and INJURY!!!

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