And Men: The Future Doesn’t Care about You

Today, today:

1. The Compound Problem in Feminizing and Taming Males — An examination of a new source of the problem. It’s not just a lack of men signing up. It’s a shortage of raw material and what creates the shortage.

2. What I Learned By Hyper-Dating Thai Women — Stop. Complaining. About. Women. No, seriously. This gets at the crux and root of the matter. Short version: it’s just easier to be a girl than a man. Also, there are plenty of available women, so that excuse is off the table. Photos. There are photos.

3. Thailand Confidential: Update: 1-Week Bootcamp for Men — What has happened so far, on the ground, with my offer to personally guide men for a whole week on the streets and in the red-light districts of Pattaya, Thailand?

4. Why Asian Patriarchy Wins — I understand if you don’t see it. Neither did I, even when I lived here in the 80s. But I’ve learned that it’s real and natural, and for reasons I’m still exploring, it’s a patriarchal art and structure that endures, while the West’s version of it has been under constant attack for centuries and is more fevered than ever.

5. The Future Doesn’t Care About You — An adaptation of an Andrew Tate daily email that hit me in the right spot and became the essential inspiration for this entire post.

The Compound Problem in Feminizing and Taming Males

This is a new idea I’ve been developing and chewing on for a while. The essence of it is that, for around 100 years or so, there have been various feminist movements in society. To some extent, they probably go way back, but at the forefront, at least, you can go back to the women’s suffrage movements for the vote, which is just a bit over 100 years old. I believe America was a pioneer in that.

My idea for this comes from having lived in Southeast Asia, specifically five years in Japan in the late 1980s, traveling all around this region and visiting basically all the countries. Now, for the last four years, I’ve been in Thailand. I never recognized it before, but now the contrast is so stark. A recent trip back to the United States, my first in four years, really hit home at a time when it was being further developed by my recent practice of, let’s say, hyper-dating Thai women since October 2023 (see the next section). So, these things are all coming together.

To nutshell this, there are two parts. The first is that you don’t tend to think of Asian countries, or at least I didn’t, as particularly patriarchal. At the same time, there’s a stark contrast or distinction between men and women and their roles in many of these countries, and particularly in Japan. Even the language used by men and women is quite different. So much so that when Western men learn Japanese, if they have a Japanese woman as a teacher, that man will get laughed at when he starts talking to Japanese men. They will tell him he talks like a woman. I suppose I would characterize what I now see as the patriarchal aspect of Asian cultures as something that is very deeply ingrained, and it’s not really in the political discourse. So much so, that it’s just the way it is. Men and women are different; men do this stuff, women do that stuff, and it never changes. Whereas in the West, it’s all fluid now. It’s ridiculously fluid to where you have men claiming to be women and women claiming to be men, and not just dress-up and make-believe, not just being in drag. And of course, this is all coming to a head.

So, this gets to the second issue in this compounding problem. Let’s put it this way: traditionally, to be a gentleman doesn’t mean so much that you’re tamed. It means that you are self-restrained; the violence is there when needed, but what you put on display is an art that is, on the one hand, designed to attract women and, on the other hand, not scare them. To the extent that there is taming of men, that’s something that exists or happens on an individual level, where a woman tames her partner to, in some sense, suit herself, to put her at ease, to make her feel secure, safe, etc. So, she’s got the wild animal there when she needs it, but otherwise, he’s tamed towards her.

My argument is this: taming does not scale up to society. That’s between a woman and her partner. What we have now is a taming of males across the board. So, the compound problem here is that we have increasingly fewer numbers of strong men, alpha-type leaders of men who’re available because so many men are falling all over themselves to show how tame, or how empathetic, sympathetic, and deferent they are towards women and their needs and their oppression and all of that. Everything now is focused on females at a societal level, trying to attain the same sort of thing as validly happens in a man-woman relationship where she has tamed him to the extent that she is the center of his universe, which is good and fine, but is not fine at institutional levels.

So it’s worse than the fact that there are fewer and fewer men showing up to train in the ways of men, it’s that the raw stock, the raw material from which such men are identified and developed, had been diverted by feminism.

No potential men available.

What I Learned By Hyper-Dating Thai Women

So, here we get into the touchy part, and it’s touchy for two reasons, one of which is valid and the other not. The valid reason is that what I’m about to talk about is generally not for discussion in polite company. That said, I am a transparent, open-book blogger. It’s part of my makeup. It’s so you know he can’t be lying because he wouldn’t say that if he was. The other reason, that’s not valid, is exactly the thing we’re talking about: the feminization of males. Whereas, when you say, “It’s not polite to talk about that,” and I can grant and explain why I extend dispensation in this sense…more often than not, it’s the same sort of virtue signaling and white-knighting males have been trained and conditioned to do, in their process of being feminized by society at institutional and political interaction levels.

The second caveat is that I don’t put this out there to break up good relationships. Not at all. If you’re in a good relationship with a woman, then fucking maintain it. That’s my advice. So, you should read this in the sense of encouragement to not be doing this but to really value more, that what you already have, and seek to make it as fulfilling as possible for both partners, so that you stick around for the good of yourselves and, if you have children, for their good as well.

OK, let’s dive in.

This is a bit of background. As I mentioned before, I lived in Southeast Asia for five years in the ’80s, traveled all over as in my mid-20s, and I did what most young foreigners do in this land. Being not hyper-attractive, but you know—I was never the jock in school or the homecoming king, that sort. I did just OK—but you come here, and that doing just OK in the states is amplified quite a bit. But the thing is, it comes late; it comes when you’re mid-20s, not when you’re 14, 15, 16, 17, and 18. So, that’s what I did back then. Many, many relationships in Japan, Korea, Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, all over the place, lots and lots of women. As far as I could tell, there was nothing unusual about it. Everybody, my peers, were doing the same thing. You probably don’t know that because most of them lie about it. It was other guys who did that, not them. Again, part of the conditioning to say what one estimates that women want to hear.

So, having been out of that game in the United States and married in a monogamous relationship for about 20 years, I came over here. I was 59 years old. I came to Thailand in 2020 and I immediately jumped into doing the so-called right thing. I got myself a girlfriend and after a couple of months, I formalized that and did everything you’re supposed to do in terms of support and be the leader and the supporter and sort of father to the stepchildren, all of that’s supposed to be done. And it wasn’t so much that I was miserable. After all, she’s 32 years my junior, so many aspects were quite exciting. It was just the day-to-day grind and the disappointments after disappointments, the immaturity, deception, and just a sort of hubris and carelessness about it, even in the face of her two daughters who were very attached to me.

So, there’s no need to dissect that relationship. I’m not the only one, and even younger men in their 30s who settled down here experience the same problems. So, that relationship came to a definitive end in the last few weeks of September 2023. Now, coincidentally, at roughly the same time, having been very much serious and regular at the gym, I decided that at my age, it was appropriate to do testosterone replacement therapy or TRT. So I started that, and within a few weeks, by the end of October, I come to find that I have a libido that’s off the charts. I don’t even know if it was that strong when I was 16 years old.

And given that the relationship had ended definitively, I just decided to segue into this life of doing the same thing I did when I 20s, with women who are roughly the same age too, in their 20s. Back then, I was in my 20s; women were in their 20s. Now, I’m 62, and they’re in their 20s still, and lots, lots, and lots. But in that, you’ve got years of experience under your belt, so you see the patterns, and you see the common things that you didn’t see before, or at least that is my experience.

And I am long-suffering and patient.

And what it all boils down to is that men and women are so vastly different, fundamentally, that it gives you a perspective on all this stuff in the West going on and how impossible it is and how it is doomed to fail. Now, interestingly, Southeast Asia—Thailand and Cambodia, I assume Laos, I’m not sure, and I know for sure Philippines—there is this phenomenon called ladyboys. They are males who are very feminine, typically very feminine-like features, and they often get boob jobs but otherwise remain intact. Maybe take some hormones, and they practice their art, if you will, of being a woman, and some are quite good at it. But this thing, this practice goes back hundreds and hundreds of years. The first known writings of it were by Chinese people visiting some temples in Cambodia, and they wrote of these ladyboys, and it’s only now they’ve starting to use the word “transgender” more and more, which is ridiculous because “ladyboy” suits just fine. It’s perfectly descriptive.

So, it’s different because it’s part of the culture now, and it’s a distinct thing. They’re not men; they’re not women, or they’re not considered to be. In fact, the word in Thai is katoey and when explained, they will say “different kind of women.” So, they’re not saying, “I am a woman.” Alright, I digress a little bit and interestingly enough, while they have the mannerisms of women, they don’t really act like women. They’ll gang up and beat up people and stuff like that. Other things, they’re quite cunning and sometimes the same behavior that you find in predatory males, only they’re dressed like hot chicks.

So, there’s that. But what it all boils down to is that men and women are very, very different. So, my experience with this hyper dating has just driven that home, and it’s shown me the contrast between here and what’s going on in the West, and the West is doomed, increasing marginalization and decay because of this feminization of everything. Whereas in Asia, they have it because human beings are human beings; but they compartmentalize it. They put it in the closet, so to speak, or they keep it in the closet, except in areas where it’s Carnivàle, to use a metaphor.

So, that’s one part. The other part of what I’ve learned goes out to the dudes that are part of the so-called Manosphere or the red pill movement or men’s rights movement or whatever you want to call it. And the message is this:

Stop. Complaining. About. Women.

Just stop it, for fuck’s sake, and realize that this incessant “girl’s weekend” style complaining and commiserating by dudes is unbecoming and is, in itself, feminine behavior.

Doing that only signals that you’re weak, like a pathetic trapped animal, and don’t know what to do and couldn’t do anything even if you knew.

And I’m going to show you why, here in photos. I will give you a hint. Right now, where I sit, on a 24/7 basis, you can go into the dating app that’s most used here, and if you narrow your search to women that are from the ages of 18 to 45, which is where I have mine, you will find that there are 141 pages of results in a 15 km radius. How many profile photos on each of those 141 pages? 84 is the answer. So, at all times, there are about 12,000 women available.

  1. Pic: Screen shot of less than half of the 1st page of results, 35 of 84 women, many stunners
  2. Pic: My in-app inbox of 10 unsolicited and unread messages in less than half a day.
  3. Pic: Screen clip proof of my filters and results. Yes, there are 12,000 available hot women in 15 Km, any direction. Use some other excuse that you can’t get laid.
  4. Pic: My pretty basic profile pictures I use. These get 20-year-old Thai chicks to initiate contact with me, every day.

… So this is the place I put up the paywall and your natural resistance kicks in, and you lie to yourself, “It’s OK, I got the gist.”

No. You do not.

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I’ll toss you a bone, for the sake of having “the gist” that you actually don’t have.

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