Full-Body and High-Frequency Kicks Ass

— And I Don’t GAF The Bla Bla Or Yak Yak About It

Muscle Facory. Pattaya, Thailand. My 2nd Home.

… Oh, I’m onto something now. Naturally, I’m emboldened and when that happens, the fuck youz come fast and furious because I love issuing them whilst simultaneously observing the shock over my raw audacity.

Who in the fuck do I think I am!?

I knew this was backed by recent science and on-the-ground results to go with them.

And even though I have a long history of getting things the least wrong, this is relatively new to me in the sense that I’m not really a hardcore gym rat—even still—though I spend hours per week in one and have done so consistently over 9 months.

So admittedly, there was some trepidation. Fortunately, my own physical appearance and progress suggests that I may know and understand a thing or two, and here are the very two most important things about this right here, below:

Before & After. Even the same shirt from Koh Chang.

1. I have consistently kept hitting the gym over those 9 months, and time off has been legitimate rest (I like to take a week off after each 8 consecutive training weeks), a dental issue for a few days, and a brief trip back to the USA that counted for the longest downtime of 17 days.

2. I have not only remained bad-injury free, but a left shoulder injury I had has been managed, even as I set daily records and made serious fucking gains the whole time. It’s still there a little, but much improved.

I can’t emphasize 1 and 2 enough…the importance of engaging in routines you like enough and that give you results enough to keep you hitting the gym, and remaining bad-injury free. You want little niggling “injuries,” which signals that you’re pushing it. Goldilocks style.

(This is a continuation of my post as part of The Swagger #15, published yesterday. You’ll want to check that out for the background, and it includes reports from guys currently putting my program to the test.)

… I cut that section of that post short because of the overall length of that issue. But, it worked out because I had an epiphany during today’s session that shed a lot of light on things. I’ll put it like this: Save for the program I did to kick all this off last July, 30 consecutive days, legs have only been worked once per week, where you have to get ‘er all done in a single session…upper, lower (calves), and some glutes/posterior. It’s an exhausting session to be sure, but doing it only once a week, I never felt like the progress was keeping up with the upper-body gains, and you’re talking about all your biggest and strongest muscles.

One exercise that wrecked me and became my most hated was an 8-week phase where each leg session was dumbbell walking lunges. So, you’re talking body weight, plus what you’re carrying, and I initially just said fuck it, 5s and 7.5s look like girly DBs, so I was using 10s. That’s Kgs, so x2 is 44 lbs of added weight. Then you’re doing 2-3 sets of 15-20 steps per side.

Never so wrecked, but in a good way. It’s that stretch and I have talked to numerous guys who do them too (some carrying 20s and 25s…Kgs) who’ve completely set squats aside. The claim is, from what I understand, it’s that stretch under load that makes the magic happen.

Then today, I had included hip thrusts in routine #13 of 20. I wouldn’t have, but the gym got a machine so you don’t have to go through the woeful PITA of setting up for barbell hip thrusts. Just load plates, sit in the thing, and close the gate…like an amusement park ride. I was new to this myself, so I started with a lightish 100Kgs (220 lbs) and popped off 20 reps with ease. Loaded to 140 (308 lbs) and it got tough at rep 15, 2nd set. And now I sit here writing this with a perfectly taut ass. In other words, worked hard, feels really good.

(If you think that’s a lot, the girl…yes, girl…on the machine before me had it loaded to 600#. She’s a pro BB, looks pretty much like a dude, and was not doing high reps, of course. Still…).

Long story short, for now, I know a lot more than ‘leg day once per week’. Enough more to call leg day once per week unmitigated bullshit, and I don’t GAF who the fuck you think you are. And just so we’re clear, I’m not really talking about body building, here. That’s not focussed on functional overall body fitness, but physique…and for that focus, you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do. Fine.

So after 13 sessions with 86 exercises done, I’ve set PRs in half of them. That’s every session as full body. Over 3 weeks. After 8 solid months in the gym. Not exactly newbie gains, anymore.


… The records are evenly distributed. So, progress isn’t diminishing as I wrack and wreck, “overtraining” with full body every single session.

This is noteworthy…

Turns out that 04-09 outlier is walking lunges, and it’s being logged as 20Kgs, not 110Kgs (bodyweight + DBS). I’ll have to adjust for that, so everything is on the same page. That goes for the DB step-ups, too (03-28, another lower volume day that doesn’t count all weight lifted).

Not sure how to evaluate this data, quite yet, so suggestions, please.

That’s weight lifted per minute, presumably during only the actual time under movement or load…and that depends upon your logging integrity and consistency. I’m pretty good there. I generally log right away as I finish the movements, and also good at the 1-minute rest between sets. It’s time between exercises that can be all over the map, but I don’t think that’s counted, or is it? There are 5 days of data either missing, or it was zero, which is hard to believe. I’ll discard it as a factor in anything, for now.

All in all, this makes me rather confident I’m really on to something and that being the case, I’m going to make it big.

… Tomorrow I’ll take off. Sunday, I’ll hit it 7 days in a row, routines #14-20. That’ll flex the idea of combining this full body with serious fucking frequency. We’ll see if I can maintain my pace of every other exercise being a record setter.

… Finally, I’m going to remind all you fat, lazy-ass males out there in your 20s, 30s, and 40s…

I’m 63 years old.

Don’t be a fucking pathetic waste of flesh.

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