Nikoley Has a New Woman and She’s Hot

— Have I Overpowered My Kryptonite, or Am I Fooling Myself?

Disclosure up front. That header image is not her. It’s a Midjourney AI image; the prompt, “/imagine a beautiful 34-year-old Thai woman working as a nurse in an elderly care home.” I picked one.

My Kryptonite is hotter. And, she’s 43 years old, 20 years to the month younger than I. I used 34 because that’s the very believable age she lied about when I first met her 5 months ago, and when the truth came out, says she, “so you want me to go?” Yea, she called my bluff right off the bat. Ha. And it wasn’t the only little thing I loved the 1st two times I hooked up with her.

… Going back a few months, I indicated that I would continue with the story of the failed relationship that I began here: The Story Of a Girl and Her Girls — Part 1, and The Story Of a Girl and Her Girls — Interim Update. I had begun that as a positive, it-all-worked-out sort of story. Then it turned sour, I took extreme measures—all-in like—to see about keeping things going…primarily for the sake of the two girls, making it a completely flawed and doomed-to-fail approach from get-go number one.

It was about the last week of September, so about 6 months ago, when I called it quits. By then, my attitudes had been evolving substantially. I was nearly three months into my take-no-prisoners ass-busting in the gym most days…beginning with 30 consecutive days in July.

I was tired, and a bit beat down physically because I would just not let up.

But I felt the power inside. I was thoroughly revitalizing myself. It was only in retrospect that I realized my firm and definitive ending of that relationship with prejudice coincided with getting on the DIY testosterone replacement of physiologic doses that reset you to T levels of a teen or 20-sumthin (but with old-dude experience). I covered that here: TRT, Tucker Carlson, Peter Zeihan, and More…, then here… TRT and HGH For This 62-Year-Old? Yes, and finally, I created a cool free download: Crazy Gym Training, TRT, and HGH For This 62-Year-Old?

Who’s looking out for youz guise?

Now, months later—9 months into the gym routines—my willingness to tolerate fucking bullshit lying excuses diminishes by the day.

Let me give you a number. I recently created this: Transform Your Fitness Journey with The Full-Body High-Frequency Gym-Training Matrix. It’s a 30-Dolloar-Download, but free to all members.

The number? 14.3%. That’s how many of the membership numbering in the hundreds—mostly men—have even bothered to download the thing, for free! Even out of curiosity.

“I’m so busy…”

Yea. I’ll bet you are.

Sour grapes? Hardly. I’ve been paid already. It’s the disappointment that comes from recognizing flabbiness, laziness, excuse-making, and weakness in men. Also, importantly: a complete failure to assess the current situation honestly, without the hopefulness inherent in the natures of women and children because if not men, then who?

I should know. I was pretty good at all that fucking bullshit for a long time.

But what has happened globally and particularly, to Western Civilization, since 2020 is tantamount to a call to arms and, if not literally, at least morally. The blood-in-the-streets day cometh; and if not that, financial collapse and ruin, complete with soup lines, is not unprecedented. See how far lazy fat asses gets you then and listen, it’s not only about being physically fit…that’s actually the smaller part of it.

It’s that getting and staying physically fit and strong at any age keeps you mentally sharp and fucking tough. Because, you’re at fucking war with your lazy fat ass every day and if you can conquer that and keep it down, chances are you can take on a lot, if not anything.

… Now let me connect some dots and see if you can Grok what I’m getting at here, lest thou thinkest I have digressed too much.

1. Richard Dawkins talks about being a “Cultural Christian.”

It’s funny that so many, mostly Christians, are going all apeshit over this in ways both positive and negative.

Old fucking news. The issue is that so many of you imaginary-friend fans never stop to actually think about much of anything.

2. A couple of my recent posts to add to that.

3. By contrast, a recent Xweet (so in the same way you think about what Dawkins is saying, think about what I’m saying).

Evangelical “Born Again” Christianity is distinguished from all other forms of religion anywhere on earth and in all history by its insistence on what I’ll call pathetic, broke-dick, do-nothing, low-to-no-effort “salvation,” spurning all works or good deeds. It’s not only a call to laziness, or an admonishment…it’s a damn commandment. A death sentence if you try. Literally. No, not even: eternal torment and damnation.

It’s got to be the top adverse incentive ever devised by man, and it’s like crack. People love it because it espouses literally getting away with anything (not “supposed” to, but you can, and that’s operative). It has utterly ruined and made worthless huge swaths of Christianity, and is peopled primarily with low-IQ huckster doofuses.

… That’s the way to get people motivated…to sit on their fat, potluck-munching asses doing fuck all, praisin’ Jesus—pass the butter—and let’s all join hands in prayer. And get fatter.

(Like I’ve always said, I have a special and unique insight into why so many evangelicals are attracted to LC, Keto, and Carnivore diets, which are often touted as magical and effortless, no hunger—works and deeds and efforts—required.)

4. This guy, who shuttled his 10-Followers ass over to join in admonishing me about what “manliness” is.

He replies to 48-Followers Simeon Gewicht’s replies, here, if you want or need the full context.


Pretty funny—really, no matter how you choose to couch it—to lead off by shitting on an intelligence test without posting your own passing score. The natural, Occam’s Razor impression given is that “intelligence test say: you fucktard.” One naturally assumes, equally so, that minimally, he wouldn’t be challenging it had he received a passing score. Fucken funny. So.

So I wonder how many of you can connect those 4 dots, above, without me going into excruciatingly boring explanations…

Let me put it this way:

  1. Gentlemanliness is in no way taming of the beast. It is the art of disciplined restraint of a capacity for mayhem and destruction—motivated by essential masculine competitive bloodlust—while maintaining decorum and attractiveness. This is all contextual.
  2. Men do not forego or deny their core needs, desires, or wishes that are foundational and natural (such as banging chicks). This too is contextual, and it turns on whom, if anyone, you’re harming.
  3. These two weak-ass, projecting pussy-boys can’t name a victim. They appeal to shit chicks say on a girl’s weekend and beta-boys, wanting you to feel shame, and all based upon proclamations by narrative regurgitators, imaginary friends, and civilization-on-your shoulders heavy stuff.
  4. Men do what they want, one way or another, with the sole caveat that they don’t hurt anyone first (except for credible threats). And then it is entirely up to them whether they wish to explain themselves, tell everyone to just fuck off, or schmooze, glad hand, politic, and network their way through it. All approaches have merit, depending upon circumstances and context.
  5. School, teach, and train as necessary and/or winning opportunities and gains present.
  6. You care about what others think only insofar as those thoughts can be converted to words or deeds that can serve your goals, ambitions, intentions, and resolve.

Don’t ask permission.

Never apologize.

Don’t complain.

… And always remember that when little puppy-dog males come to virtue-signal you because you’re doing your thing, it’s always, at some level, a cry for help.

There are no exceptions.

So, who is the girl? I’m going to dictate a stream of consciousness here. That strikes me as the way to go about this, so it’s not going to read like polished writing.

… Well, as I’ve already alluded to, I call her my kryptonite. She was one of the very first women I encountered back in late October when I started what I call hyper-dating here in Pattaya, Thailand. Going on, I don’t know, let’s just say around 100 dates with 40 women over the course of five months. She was by far the most challenging. That’s just kind of how she’s made. She’s hot. She turns heads. She has the unequivocal attention of men. She knows it.

That naturally engenders certain behaviors that can be aggravating. Duh. What the fuck do you expect? Ducks quack.

I’m really not a fan of the submissive, subservient, lovey-dovey, adoring sort of woman. I suppose there’s a place for that, and I’m not necessarily criticizing men who clamor for that. It’s just always struck me as weak. Because why do you need her to be submissive? I prefer the term “surrender.” Does she have the capacity to surrender? But “submissive,” in other words, just means what you say goes automatically, no matter what. What are you? Too weak, too unsure of yourself that you can’t take criticism or even rebuke? You can’t say, “Yeah, you know what, you’re right, and I was wrong,” and learn from it? You can’t learn from a strong woman who can be irritating at times? What it turns on is how you respond to her peccadilloes, let’s put it that way.

I don’t think that women are naturally driven by reason and logic. I believe they all have the capacity to put reality first, but owing to their nature of being physically weaker and also vulnerable during childbearing and rearing, they need a survival strategy that allows them, when necessary, to manipulate males by pussy. That’s done by putting feelings as primary over logic and reason. But in the overall context, it’s logical and reasonable because it’s her survival. A woman needs to be able to shift alliances on a dime.

But it’s just my preference to have a woman who, using the phrase, “hits you viscerally” or is “in your bones.” … Whichever way you want to put it, she can get away with a lot; whereas, women who aren’t in that status with you don’t even get a second chance. And I think, at least for me, that’s the kind of woman I want. I want the kind of woman who gives me fits.

It’s like exercise.

In the process of giving fits, I don’t think you have hard and fast rules for this sort of thing. Everything has to be looked at, and out-of-proportion responses or emotions are never good. Because if she’s hitting you that way viscerally, then it is a weakening influence, unavoidable. That’s why I call her my kryptonite. It is weakening. It’s OK for that to be a fact of the relationship, but to put it on display like wimpy and weepy type of behavior? No. She can know that you have a weakness when it comes to her, but you better not show it explicitly too much.

Rather, I would, on purpose, piss her off to where I wouldn’t hear from her for days. And I’m not calling her saying, “Where are you? Where are you?” Nothing like that. Just wait and see if she comes back. And she came back every time.

So who is she? Well, she’s a huge Scorpions fan. Annoying as fuck, but appropriate. (I’m talking about the band, for those who didn’t catch that.)

She has two businesses. One is a small caretaker facility. There’s an industry here in Thailand of older foreigners coming for convalescent care because they can get a lot more bang for their buck (HUGE!). She has a number of people she takes care of on a 24-hour basis; she does some of it herself and has people that assist her as well. So that’s one thing she does here in Pattaya. She’s from the city of Buriram, and it is rumored that the hottest chicks in Thailand come from Buriram in Isaan.

She has a pig farm, and that’s just one of the funniest things, I think, giving her the one-off quality I see in her. She raises 100 hogs at a time, taking about four months from piglet to the chopping block. Her brother runs the physical part of the business, and she runs the finances part, which includes the relationship with the feed suppliers because as the hogs grow, they eat more and more. So you’re having to balance your feed costs and credit terms with the suppliers and all that.

So she’s a business gal. Kind of non-nonsense, too. She has no tolerance for “boring,” perhaps her favorite English word.

That’s the introduction.

I have some photos for the membership. I’ll include a photo of her friend, who’s also hot, and is a partner for our non-bisexual threesome sessions…

What can I say? It was their idea, sprung on me by complete surprise about a month into this liaison, and it has endured. They enjoy watching each other. Fine by me, it’s satisfying. Nobody is being harmed, and I’ll remind all you young, petulant, pansy-ass, virtue-signaling little shits: I’m 63, and they’re 43 and 44. So fuck off.

I think it’s my girl’s way of controlling behavior she’s realistic about. This is Pattaya, after all, she knows all about my exploits, and there’s up to 12,000 women on Thai Friendly, under 45, ready and waiting 24/7.

She says I can hook up with her friend any time I want, even “every day.” Even just the two of us (which happens rather regularly now…so maybe I have 2 GFs in one?)

That’s her least annoying thing, of course, naturally, right? And if you think about it, that level of dispensation affords her some license and leeway in other areas…

So, tradeoffs.

And once again for you “manosphere,” Red Pill dudes: Stop complaining about women.

The message is simple. If you generally or mostly like the content I’ve been writing nearly every day for 20 years here, then pay to be a member. If you don’t, no worries. You’re welcome back any time. Up to you.

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