The Wrap: 7 Consecutive Days FBHF (Full-Body High-Frequency)

Gaining A Pound of Muscle In A Week


1. Prelude. Poking the HIT guys (again).
2. Introduction. Of my HIT origins, Little, Metzger, and Ayn Rand.
3. The 7 Consecutive Full-Body Workouts. With photos and stats.
4. A Word On Overeating. Once you build it, the SWOLE water will come.
5. Thai Girls Like Big. Get 1,250 Thai gals to show interest in you.
6. Final Thoughts and What’s Next. Hugely successful trial, but a few changes are in order to make it better.
7. All Seven Training Logs with Exercises, Sets, and Reps. And the offer.


I’ve had to clarify to some HIT (High Intensity Training) guys and non-HIT guys that giving some other HIT guys shit through this process is a lot of tongue in cheek.

Some won’t fucking take a clue, though, continue in their girly ways, so block and ban them, I have.

Fuck off. You’re dismissed.

That out of the way, let’s move on.

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… In a section called “Where I’m Coming From” in a previous post, I gave my more recent gym background and experience, going back 17 years—to May 2007. What I didn’t delve into was what it was exactly and precisely that got me in the gym, paying a professional trainer 50 bucks a pop, 2x per week for a few years.

In an acronym, HIT.

I didn’t mention it. That way, I could let all the HIT girly boys continue to huck it up based on my hyped marketing xweets without manning up—after all, they’re ascared of gym sessions lasting more than 30 minutes or more frequent than twice per week, so what do you expect?—and actually evaluating my work as presented.

Moreover, I reasoned myself into it, which is well documented in the early posts on my blog, with credit to Art De Vany for helping me connect the final dot-pieces. It’s also documented in numerous podcast interviews I did back in the day. The story, briefly, goes something like this:

So, it’s 2007, and I’m running a company with about 30 employees while also trading options full-time on the side. In addition to day trading, I’m eating too much, drinking too much, and not sleeping enough because I’m monitoring markets overnight. Suddenly, I realize just how unhealthy I’ve become—I probably have a good 50 pounds to lose.

Partly because I was pressed for time, and just mulling over how to tackle this, I kind of stumbled into the idea that the harder I work each time I hit the gym, the less frequently I would need to go. Essentially, the idea was that the more intensity or difficulty I put into my workouts the fewer sessions it would take to achieve my goals. And that’s exactly what I did.

I ended up hiring a personal trainer, and our sessions were twice a week for 30 minutes each but pretty damn intense in various ways. This included doing several exercises simultaneously rather than resting any significant amount of time between sets. You’d just go from one exercise to another, performing two or three at a time in a circuit. There were other techniques as well, like holding more weight than I could lift and getting assistance to reach and maintain a fully contracted position—really pushing the limits. What I later discovered is that this approach is generally known as High-Intensity Training or HIT.

I got this book to the left (which I’m not going to name or link because Jeff Bezos is a penis-headed little cocksucker who should crash and burn in a rocket explosion and then his propaganda-rag makes fun of it).

That was the introduction, in 2007, 17 years ago, to a more formalized understanding of what I had intuited on my own by a simple recognition of inviolable tradeoffs. To this day, Shiite HIT types tell me of this relationship all bright-eyed, as though it’s a real revelation. It’s The Good News (Gospel).

What was particularly intriguing to me is that it relies quite weightily on a more philosophical approach to the science in the package of Ayn Rand, Objectivism, and body builder Mike Mentzer’s affinity for it. As it turns out, I’m not just an idle fan who, like Hilary, read Atlas Shrugged, once and expressed a collegiate-level infatuation with her work.

I dove very deep. From 1990-1995 I collected everything she ever wrote, everything ever written about her and everything she wrote, and I studied everything with layman scholarly intent, especially her non-fiction. I can cite chapter and verse from the greatest of her works: An Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology.

Few people can match or hold a candle to my acumen for the subject, which is one reason I’m neither a disciple nor a critic. I’m highly respectful of her work and actually know enough about it to, shall we say, objectively weigh in on its values and shortcomings.

(As an aside, epistemology—the study of knowledge; or, how we know what we think we know—is her greatest contribution because you learn how utterly fucktarded everyone is, including yourself, and the process of acquiring knowledge…solid, contextual, conceptual knowledge based on the precepts of the senses and percepts of data formed therefrom…isn’t obvious and that most of what passes for knowledge is just regurgitated shit people have rote memorized plus a lot of childish, imaginary-friend nonsense they take literally rather than meaningfully. The idea is not about being right. It’s about gaining actual knowledge of reality and, thereby, becoming less and less fucktarded over time.)

… Anyway, I think the book gets into the weeds on this one, and after reading it I did some searching and found some forums where some body builders were laughing about it quite a bit.

This max-contraction thing, which I did myself some. It’s easiest to do on things like cable pull-downs, cable rows, chest press and leg press machines—where assistants can help you get a weight you can’t possibly move into a fully contracted position, into such a position, and your task is to hold it.

It’s the whole HIT idea taken to extreme based on theory and not practice: the more intense, the least time, the most gain per unit/time. Presumably, then, if you can hold an infinitely heavy weight in a fully contracted position for even an infinitesimally short period of time, you will gain infinitely large and strong lean mass.

But anyway, it’s an interesting mind worm, and it’s also interesting to observe in actual practice that humans can hold colossal amounts of weight fully contracted that are multiples more than they could ever possibly move into that contracted position. I can’t recall details and I don’t have the book anymore, but I recall illustrations of chicks holding like 1,300 pounds contracted and shit like that.

So theory and practice are all interesting stuff and makes for some good explorations. But…

  1. You’ve got to integrate human biology and physiology (how much and fast can muscles grow)
  2. You’ve got to consider evolutionary experience (nature doesn’t generally put such physical tests on our paths)
  3. You’ve got to check the money

By number 3, the absolute rule is this: for any competitive sport where there are substantial monetary rewards at stake, the best way to train that sport for competitive performance is whatever the top money-makers are currently doing.

This gives you license to laugh at people whom to this day try to make the case for low-carb or vegan dieting for competitive performance in professional sports. It’s a joke. Period.

So obviously, I’m not totally down on HIT. I’m well aware that it’s good and that it works. Besides, it’s more fun anyway to just call them a bunch of pussies who can’t take more than 30mx2/W.

I’m poking the gals, watching their pink panties get all bunched up.

The 7 Consecutive Full-Body Workouts


  • 7 Days Consecutive (High Frequency)
  • 43 Exercises (Full Body: Legs/Glutes, Chest, Back, Shoulders, Arms, Abs)
  • 86 Sets (2 Sets per exercise, intermittent variations per the manual, such as HIT variations and others)
  • 28 Calculated 1RMs, a rate of 65% or nearly 2 out of every 3 exercises performed, at a consistent rate throughout the 7 days
  • Ate hyper-caloric days 3-7 and 1 additional day (today, as I’m writing)
  • Gained 0.5Kg (90.9 – 92.4Kg; 1.1lbs)

A Word On Overeating

In general, you have to eat to excess to gain tissue mass (water is lean mass but not tissue). Tissue is muscle, fat, bone, and trace misc. When you train and overeat, tissue gain will preferentially go to muscle rather than fat, and that’s variable depending on how smart/disciplined you are. When you train and undereat, tissue loss will preferentially go to fat rather than muscle…and that’s variable depending on how smart/disciplined you are.

So that’s the game in play. In theory, obvious. In practice, difficult.

… Until it becomes easier because it’s more obvious what you’re doing.

Somewhere on about day 3, after the gym session (plus the walking to and from in the humid Thailand heat with no breeze) I began to get the run down feeling and that was the signal to start eating everything in sight and nap a lot.

Here’s the thing. I’ve been at this for 8 solid months and obviously have a lot more lean mass to show for it. Again:

What this means is that the effect from pounding carbohydrates is fast and pronounced. You begin to look visibly BIG. When all that muscle mass tops off glycogen, remember, each gram of glycogen brings 3-4 grams of water, so you get SWOLE really quickly.

You can feel it. It feels good.

Thai Girls Like Big

… Girls will notice. I’m tellin’ ya. This, below, is only Page 1 of the “Interested In Me” section of Thai Friendly. There are 130 Thai gals on page 1, 99% of them within a few Km. There are nine count-’em-nine pages going back 5 months, from when I jumped into this thing for my “hyper-dating” experiments.

These are not me reaching out, doing anything at all. This is me putting up 5 photos (including some gym photos and at least 1 with a smile), adding some details, and doing nothing but choosing which ones I will allow a personal audition with me.

In total, there are 1,215 Thai girls in that queue. I couldn’t get through them in the time I have remaining on this earth.

…Oh, another thing… of the 130, I count 58 of them aged 25 and under. I’m 63. A few have been over. Chompoo in the middle, top of page 3 is the most recent, over a few nights ago. Super fun and I have a post brewing about the young 20 gals…later.

Anyway, they never remember ages so after the fun, and we were chatting (good English, getting a bit more common, another thing with the younger ones), she asks, “how old you really.”

“You times 3,” I reply.

When she gets it, she laughs. Such is more ancient, NON-CHRISTIAN!!! Culture. That’s right, Thai culture goes back 5,000 years. Even older than the Joos.

So, anyway, on looking big for the chicks and when they message you it often goes something like, “hey my big man”…

These 40-50Kg little gals love big men.

Can you guess why?

What is the primary thing women worry about and need to feel?

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  2. Testosterone Replacement Therapy and Human Growth Hormone For Old Men
  3. The Thai Connection: How Fit Older Men Attract Young Women
  4. Pattaya Thailand 1-Week Bootcamp for Men

… And men, should you be inclined to signal your “Christian Virtue” about any of this, you’re perfectly welcome to. Just understand that those of us on this side of the divide view such signals as:

  1. Still not gonna get you laid
  2. Projection (You have INCEL, MTGOW, Red-Pill issues, or you’re stuck in a limp-dick relationship)
  3. A cry for help (so, see additional resources)
  4. You’re probably a fan of “safe and effective” HIT (couldn’t resist)

Final Thoughts and What’s Next

I’ve proven beyond a shadow of any doubt that my very unique program is not only fucking cool, fun, and bust ass (unless you’re ascared to go to the gym too much), but it’s highly effective.

How effective? We’ll see. But I certainly didn’t harm myself over the month of self-testing, including the final 7-days-consecutive stress test where I gained and set records at a rate of 65% of attempts.


I did each of the 20 individually unique full-body workouts from March 21 through April 20 which is basically a 5x per week schedule. But in this case, I switched it up. So as you can see, I began with 3 days on, 3 days off, 2 days on, 3 more days off, etc. That’s more like something an average people might do.

That was extremely doable, and I sometimes thought I’d made it too easy.

On the other hand, when you’re hitting every group every workout, it takes some stress off. You’re always one workout away from everything being at par, again. Depending on how schedules shake out and if you only hit some areas once per week, you can end up in scenarios where you’re fretting about something going too long, like legs.

… I do have lots of notes and logs and I will be issuing a Version 2.0 very soon, mostly because I’m only taking 2 rest days before I’m at it again. This next round through the 20, I’m doing 4 solid weeks, 5x per week, which was my standard for the split routines.

Mostly the changes are going to be about emphasizing some of the exercises I find the most effective in this context…so some are going to show up 1 or 2 more times among the 20 total. A few, de-emphasized.

I only kicked out one exercise…pistol squats. Too difficult to master, and there are plenty of other split squat stuff I have in there.

All Seven Training Logs with Exercises, Sets, and Reps

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