Whole Food, GLP-1 Fat Loss Supplements, and Gatekeeping Your Online for Peace

The Swagger #21 — The Thursday ‘How May I Help You KISS Everything?’ Edition

Enough of what I think about stuff for once. This one is all about how a few things I’ve learned over the years can streamline your life and make it better. For this time, I’m choosing three areas.

1. Get Real With Whole Food. For those new here to The Swagger (or to my 20-year-old gig, FreeTheAnimal.com). I used to be a “Paleo Influencer” back in the day. While much of the diet-obsessed world has moved on in the perpetual quest for The Holy Grail, I still keep it simple and effective. Here’s how.

2. Glucagon-Like Peptide 1 (GLP-1) To Nuke Fat The Best Way. The new class of weight-loss “drugs” (non-patentable peptides, most naturally occurring) are and will be totally overpaid for and make 99% who use them fatter or skinny-fatter. There are even better ones now: Tesmorelin and Ipamorelin. Here’s the low-down skinny on both of these wonder peptides, especially for women. This article is prefaced with the story of an emergency visit to a government hospital out in rural Thailand, and what that first-rate emergency medical care cost.

3. Make All Your Online Useful To You Again. It has been about 30 years since us early adopters got an IBM clone PC, a modem, internet connection, and got online. It was amazing. Then the rest of the world started showing up and now, 3 decades later, simple measures to stem the tide are called for and can help a lot. Don’t withdraw. Engage with useful purpose.

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