Why Does The Exercise Business Community Do This?

— For The Same Reason The Diet Business Community Does The Same Thing

Greetings from where I sit, 04.00 in the dark and still Pattaya morning, hours away from embarking on the big and final test of my exercise program.

It’s a 7-consecutive-days trial; it’s a substantial piece I’m biting off.

Can I chew it?

Will it wreck me for trying?

That remains to be seen and for that reason, it’s going to be the focus of my reportage throughout the week. Ringside seat. That sort of thing.

The second question is: Why do this? Why tout a program that’s the opposite of the current thing; which, just like with all the diet programs, what’s touted and emphasized most is the ease of it all? You know the slogans, I don’t have to recount them. They’re all designed for sales and marketing success, and that game is to overcome natural resistance to handing over any value, especially money, by creating an instant can’t-pay-fast-enough buying decision.

There are many ways to go about this, many approaches. Think things like instilling confidence that you have authority and experience. Your voice is worthy of being heard. It’s those other voices who’re just out for your money. Think of things like instilling lack of confidence in others and their wares, even implying danger, harm, poor, or inferior results. It continues down that path. Tout and elevate yourself, degrade and diminish your competition.

There’s a word that encapsulates all of this: dishonesty.

Sales and marketing, for better or worse, is a mix of truth and lies. Most of the truth is half-truth, by which I mean an emphasis on the most unlikely, while de-emphasizing often more likely downsides. This is generally accepted as simply the way it has to be because humans have a resistance to buying in, and integrating (weaving) the lies, truths, and half-truths into a dishonest but coherent narrative is the name of the game.

It falls under the category of: it just is. it’s unavoidable. Selling something is not an exercise in instilling perfect knowledge in customers. It’s more about creating an acceptable level of belief and faith. This is why religions are an inexorable part of the human experience for most people. Belief and faith is how the harshness of nature and reality gets compartmentalized so that people can cope, do what they need to do, and live to fight on.

We all know how this belief and faith takes root in the sales process, and it goes back to what I said at the beginning. Things are touted as easy. That’s what people need to believe, to have a level of faith in. A sort of Jesus take the wheel. I’m in. Let’s go. Now. I’m ready.

Try to sell cold, hard, objective facts and truth through impeccable reason?

… Don’t quit your day job.

Where I’m Coming From

With that introduction out of the way, I’m going to strike a bit of a balance here. I think there are ways to be less dishonest in sales and marketing, and it’s always what I’m aiming for. Cold and objective gets you nowhere. It just doesn’t. Total hype, all the bells & whistles, gets you everywhere, at least with the largest segments of most markets.

But I think you can make a decent sales living by being less dishonest, which dovetails with my daily admonition to just be a little less wrong about everything than you were yesterday.

‘I’m right and the views I hold are the best and most correct’ is the equivalent of over-the-top marketing hype. That applies widely.

Up to May 2007—17 years ago by now whoosh!—my gym experience probably resembled that of a lot of guys. Semi to serious stints lasting weeks to months, some classes, some workout partners, New Year’s resolution stuff. Nothing stuck and became a part of me long term.

That spring of 2007 was different in that I hired a personal trainer (Mike, a good one…BS in kinesiology). Paying up front for 6 months at a time ensured I’d go to my sessions. As I recall, that was north of a thousand bucks each cycle. I hit the gym under Mike’s guidance 2-3 times weekly for about three years or so. He employed various methodologies. Sort of semi HIT, but in a circuit, going from set to set in 2-3 exercises at a time. We got a lot done in 30 minutes. I did make good progress, combined with an LC-ish Paleo-ish diet.

Now, wait for it. It is a fact of nature that the Shiite HIT peeps (in the same vein as vegans and carnivores) will go full commie and say something like “if you were doing ‘HIT,’ then you just weren’t doing it right.’

I also did a good bit of consulting with Martin Berkhan, Leangains, coached by Mike who quickly got up to speed on Martin’s stuff. It’s a lift-heavy program with rep ranges from 3-5 in the deadlift to 5-8 on the bench, to give you an idea. Naturally, at 49-years-old and really pushing it on classic deads (I don’t do low-range-of-movement sissy sumo…and now I do [Goldilocks] Romanian, 10-12 rep range) to get to 150Kg (330lbs) x5, x3 I injured myself a couple of times. Progressed too fast. History.

But it was the best hypertrophy achieved in the shortest time, up to that point.

For the last 10 years, I haven’t been in the gym that much. I dabbled with an app StrongLifts 5×5 in 2017 for a while, which I liked. I didn’t stay with it long enough to achieve a lot of gains, but I did very quickly recompose to close to where I’d been, and I was aged 56 years at this point.

… And finally, we can fast-forward to mid-2023, just 9 months ago. I’d been 11 months zero alcohol and in July, took up a challenge on a total just-like-that whim to do a program by Alexander Cortes called SHRED30. It’s 30 days consecutive and while not technically full body, might as well be with that level of frequency.

My achievement over 9 months, with a training frequency of mostly 5 days per week in the gym, is a matter of record, now.

… Then I committed an unpardonable sin.

After 7-8 months of working other people’s programs and talking with lots of monster dudes daily in the gym, like BB Englishman Jason, huge Korean-American Alan, and ripped Canadian Dennis, I was thinking it was time to self-guide my progress. I counted them up, and in the last 8 months, had an exercise library of about 80 movements I was competent performing and setting personal records on. Then serendipity happened and long-time personal trainer and diet/exercise researcher, Anthony Colpo showed up, and we spent 5 weeks in endless conversations and workouts at the gym. We literally hit Muscle Factory, Pattaya within 2 hours of him showing up to take up temporary residence in my same high-rise pending processing of his long-stay visa.

I’d been doing 5x per week high frequency and was sold on it for the simple reason it keeps me addicted and coming back for the embrace-the-suck high very frequently…something that programs like HIT, marketed as quick and easy (ONLY 30 MINUTES 2 TIMES PER WEEK!!!) can never provide.

Anthony started talking about the science of full-body routines, and so I watched and talked to him while observing him do full body, 5-6 times per week for 5 weeks. When I bounced the idea off him to not only create my own program, but to make it into a workout manual for sale…not as quick and easy, but ‘learn to love that it sucks so bad’… I received nothing but encouragement and input, which continues to the current day…complete with the query ever few days from his new place in another part of Thailand, ‘how’s the FB going?’

Plus, he’s actually read my manual and provided input before publication, input which was incorporated and improved the final version, so thank you, Anthony.

But alas, I have offended the One True God. I have sinned and not repented. Now, before I reveal this, I’ll tell you what you’re going to see. Before that, let’s review what men do. If you’re a man, and you’re going to critique another man’s work, you buy the work (duh). Then you read it and, depending on the subject (say, like diet and/or exercise), you try it out yourself, maybe put some family, friends, or clients on it too, in order to get a wider range of human individual experience data.

Or, you can use what I call “chick strategy.” Before you read too much into that, I’m always having to clarify that I understand how this is totally valid…for women, who, out of survival necessity—being the weaker physically and vulnerable during child bearing and rearing—must be able to shift alliances (sleep with the enemy) in favor of the victor and also cut a man down at the ankles.


[T]he Female (herd) competitive strategy by circumventing argument by use of undermining, poisoning the well, reputation destruction by use of (G)ossiping, (S)haming, (R)allying, (R)idicule, (M)oralizing, (P)sychologizing, (U)ndermining, (R)eputation destruction and solving for (F)ace or consent – instead of Male (pack) strategy by factual argument solving for truth regardless of face or consent. In other words female “feels” using rejection or approval vs male “reals” of truth or falsehood.


So after the audacity of talking about full body combined with high frequency (rather like admonishing a vegan to include some eggs & dairy, a carnivore some fruit & honey, and an LCer to count calories) a couple of chicks using chick strategy—including tagging each other and liking each other’s xweets, show up on X.

… NOT to critique my offering in the manly way as outlined above, but by pretending to know all about it already, based on my lightly hyped, less dishonest, marketing postings on X (Twitter).


I’m not going to rehash. I’ll leave it all hanging out there. And if you didn’t pay much attention until you got to the salacious screen clips, NOW go back and read my self-serving setup to all of that.

I’ll just point out that the over-the-top condescension is the cut-off-at-the-ankles dead giveaway for chick strategy. Men typically first offer acknowledgement for all good, progress, and achievement. Chicks, when dealing with men, must always offer zero leeway. Feelings must always be couched as absolutes, since there’s no core logic or reason necessarily at play. It’s the equivalent of articles of faith.

Note: I am not at their places of business offering up my wares to their customers and potential customers while simultaneously taking a shit on their beloved HIT. Those two are doing exactly that, at my place.

Note also, the presumption that I’m l’m seeking to maximize efficiency (gain for time/effort spent) when I have been saying since mid-July that my core epiphany was that the messiness, the sweat, the bust-ass, the embracing that it sucks so bad is what I’m after because it makes me feel more alive more often, a feeling I’ve grown an addiction to, and it keeps me coming back to the gym for my near daily fix over and over. Go ahead and go for least time if that’s what you want. For me, it’s too little commitment to keep at it long term, as I’ve learned many times and the only thing that did before was spending thousands on a coach.

Those most recent gains were achieved from the age of 62 1/2 years to now, a few months past my 63rd birthday.

… Now, to return to something productive, I’m going to show you what 7 days in a row of full-body exercise is going to look like. It’s from the manual itself.

The best way to access that is in a way that gives you real-time updates, progress, observations, and helpful tips as I blog them for members, like right here, below. That’s by getting a membership and through today, Sunday, Apr 14, there’s a promotion. 17-50% discount. Applies to Quarterly (17% off), Annual (25% off), and Lifetime (50% off). Discount applied at checkout. Code: GETZON.

Members can download the program here.

The message is simple. If you generally or mostly like the content I’ve been writing nearly every day for 20 years here, then pay to be a member. If you don’t, no worries. You’re welcome back any time. Up to you.

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