Noah Revoy, Andy Curzon, and Richard Nikoley Discuss

It’s Been Over Four Years Since The Last Time It’s not the first time, but it has been too long since Noah Revoy, Andy Curzon, and I have gotten together for a video discussion. The last time was April 2, 2020. We’ve had previous discussions, but here’s the link to the last one. So, what’s…

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One For The History Books… (and other takes on current events)

Who Thought You Could Ever Outdo The Trump Mugshot? This: … Could not have possibly been outdone. Yet, they managed. When evil meets stupid. … For many years, I’ve jested—perhaps with a bit of tongue-in-cheek—that the Democratic Party is the evil party. They’ll do anything for power because darkness and malice are embedded in their…

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Mistakes Were Not Made

That Would Be Too Much of a Coincidence Something crossed my computer screen this morning, and I decided I have to put it out there. It’s not brand new, but I wasn’t aware of it before. During this American Independence Day weekend, I’ve been putting out a themed series of posts—serendipitously and randomly—about the state…

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And The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth

Then Who Are They? I had plans for something else today—several posts being in the works—but something happened yesterday. It was serendipitous, given it’s been happening over and over, whether in person or online. Suddenly, I find myself surrounded by ex-military personnel, both officers and enlisted, American and from other Western countries. You can toss…

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Is Chatbot Zon Your Key to Independence?

Ask Yourself There are utterly momentous Supreme Court decisions to get to, even beyond the template for presidential immunity I already covered last. Thank God (or the Buddha, take your pick). I had literally given up hope for America…so much so that I have only spent 7 days in-country out of the last 1,610 (a…

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Finally, The President Is Not Above The Law

What Democrats Meant Was Only Republican Presidents… So Queue The Obama, Biden, and Bush II Prosecutions The U.S. Supreme Court decision on presidential immunity has been handed down, at least in part, and it is momentous in today’s political antagonism and discourse. Of course, it’s being spun as whether it helps or hurts Trump and……...

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