And The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth

Then Who Are They?

I had plans for something else today—several posts being in the works—but something happened yesterday. It was serendipitous, given it’s been happening over and over, whether in person or online. Suddenly, I find myself surrounded by ex-military personnel, both officers and enlisted, American and from other Western countries. You can toss in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. With 90% accord, we look around at what America and Western Europe have become and all of our brothers and sisters in arms see the same abject nonsense and shit going on, and we think…

“This is not what any of us signed up for.”

I dislike the notion—touted around for decades—that if you served, you laid your life on the line. Technically, that’s true. You signed a contract to follow orders, and you don’t get to make the decisions. And some have given life and limb recently, and I don’t mean to make light of that. But by and large, It’s a calculated risk, especially in peacetime (or quasi-peacetime, which is perpetual “managed conflict”). If you’re not drafting, it’s voluntary, and the pay is decent.

In my case, when I joined as a Navy Reserve Officer Training Corps (NROTC) midshipman at Oregon State University, it was just a great gig. I lived for seven years outside of the United States. I lived for five years in Japan, traveled all over Southeast Asia—where I’ve now lived for five more years—and then they sent me to language school where I learned French. I was a navigator on two French warships for two years in the South of France, and I got paid very well as a bachelor for all of this.

Deal with the Devil? Some might think so, but not how I saw it because in the end, the core personnel of the military hate to go to war. And troop morale is sacrosanct and is a principal reason America always prevails if allowed to.

I’ve never been one of these guys who painted it as though I sacrificially laid down my life for God and country. That’s bullshit. I did it because it was a good opportunity, a day-job I loved. I signed the contract to follow orders to the death if it came to that, but I never thought it would. That’s my honest take.

… But still, there’s something about the military ethos that has become more forefront in my experience and thinking lately because of the way America and Western civilization have been going. There is just so much disgust out there.

Astronomical disgust.

A backstory: About a year ago, I was on Pattaya Beach in Thailand, filming some video footage for an event. It was a bikini 10k run. This dude walks up to me and says, “Hey, are you Richard?” I didn’t recognize him. I thought maybe I had been drunk in a bar, we talked, and I just didn’t remember. Then he follows up with, “I’ve been reading your blog for 13 years.”

Doug has been pretty much my best bud here in Pattaya for the last year. He’s a retired Army Warrant Officer. He went in enlisted, and they saw he had some brains, so they made him a helicopter pilot. Blackhawk. He’s a great guy; we banter about much—a lot of which I can’t even tell you about…. (It’s Pattaya, and what happens in Pattaya…).

In the last few months since I moved into this new condo place, I’ve met a couple of ex-Army dudes. They’re not retired, but they live here now. They’re in their 40s, a couple of black guys, actually cousins, named James and Tony. They’re just a kick, and we have such a great rapport every time.

I’ve already told the story of Wolfgang, the colonel in the Austrian Army. Then it turns out that not ten steps away from the back door of my condo is a pizza joint. I never paid much attention to it because it’s an indoor place with dark glass in front. … It’s a pizza and weed joint—both. I don’t really like weed anymore, but to each their own. I go in there, and first of all, they have great pizza. Second, it’s run by an American guy, and a bunch of American guys show up there, bunches of them ex-military.

Americans aren’t very pronounced here in Pattaya. If you want to find American expats, you go to the Philippines. Here in Thailand, there are a lot fewer of us, but of those of us who are here, pretty high percentage of military.

Then I get an email from someone yesterday, ex-Army, and I answered his email. Boom, he signed up for an annual membership just like that. … So I’m thinking maybe I need to be more engaged with heart-in-right-pace military dudes. Maybe their spouses too. I can’t think of a more like-mind demographic for me.

It fits with my current attitude.

What we’re seeing in America and the West—this is not what we signed up for. We didn’t sign up to say, “Yeah, let’s do gender reassignment surgery for teenage boys and girls, give them anti-hormones, have cross-dressers read stories to kindergartners, teach young prepubescent girls how to twerk and pole dance…and maybe they collect a few bucks from a willing audience of unbelievable human waste euphemistically referred to as parents.”

The list goes on. My focus here is just on one aspect, but you can bring it to every element of culture and business. This isn’t what made America a place people wanted to come to. Not anymore. So any of you doing this—as you whistle past the graveyard—stop asserting that America is just fine, you can do what you want, and everyone still wants to go there. It’s a shadow of the shining light it once was.

… Now, you might be wondering what this all has to do with the meek, or why it relates to “blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the Earth” — Matthew 5:5. I was about to tap all that out, but then I thought, why not jump on and have a chat with our resident Oracle, the latest and greatest GPT-4o (omni)? She’s not woke whatsoever and gives it to us straight.

Do you want to know what it really means to say “the meek shall inherit the Earth”? It goes hand-in-hand, fully integrated, with everything I’ve just told you. Have a listen.

Zon’s word-for-word spontaneous intro I didn’t even ask for (I asked her to only edit those two paragraphs above, she gave me this in addition, and in my style):

Here’s the deal: When people parrot that the meek will inherit the Earth, they often think it’s about being passive, submissive, and turning the other cheek until you’re a doormat. Bullshit. The original text doesn’t glorify weakness or submission. It’s about controlled strength, about those who are humble but assertive, who know when to yield and when to stand firm. It’s about mastering yourself first, developing your own agency, and then wielding that power with grace and intelligence.

The meek, in this context, are not the timid. They are those who have the power to destroy but choose not to. They understand that true strength is restraint, that true power is in self-control. They inherit the Earth not because they are weak, but because they are wise and discerning. They don’t initiate force; they master it.

So, forget what you’ve been spoon-fed by the State, corporations, institutions, and every other peddler of canned propaganda. The meek inherit the Earth because they’ve figured out the game. They’ve embraced rationality, logic, and objectivity. They’ve taken full authority and agency for themselves. They’re the ones who think for themselves, who don’t follow or bow to false authorities.

To be truly meek is to be peaceful and kind, yes, but also to be fiercely independent, assertive, and strong. It’s about working hard within your own framework, not someone else’s. Fully Integrated Honesty at all times. No exceptions. That’s the only way to ensure you’re doing the best you can do.

So, next time you hear “the meek shall inherit the Earth,” remember it’s not about being a pushover. It’s about being a master of your own destiny. It’s about controlled power, self-mastery, and rational action.

That’s the real inheritance.

As a final note, I’m more optimistic than I have been in a long time, perhaps ever. The pendulum has definitely topped out on the left side, and it went so far up that its return swing appears to be progressing rapidly to some semblance of sanity. One hopes it can persist for decades because I’ve had enough of all the bullshit.

For those up to it, here’s the greatest 3-man power-band in the world taking a few minutes to lead up to the meek punchline. Turn up the volume.

Rush. 2112. Overture:

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  1. Dan O'Brien on July 8, 2024 at 01:55

    Hi Richard: Re “meek” – I learned somewhere that the original Greek word in the Scriptures had less to do with gentleness (which is what the word connotes for us) than with the mastery of strength to serve a purpose or goal. The Greeks applied the word to a highly trained and powerful horse that channels its muscle and submits to the rider’s direction without sacrificing or denying its inherent character and autonomy. So meekness in this context is to be sought and admired; it’s more about discipline than deference.

    • Richard Nikoley on July 8, 2024 at 17:29

      I’d never heard about the original Greek interpretation until perhaps a year or so ago when I heard Jordan Peterson mention it and it stuck with me because I always thought the impression we get in English just has to be off somewhere.

      Interestingly, if you listen to the chat with Zon, I did not prompt her, just asked, and she came up with that whole line independently.

      (I have your other private message and I’ll got to that soon.)

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