All The Stupid Stuff in My Face from the Grant Whores

I’ll bet some of you already know where I’m going. There’s so much nonsense out there virtually every day that it would be tough for you not to know. So, alright, I’ve seen a barrage of emails and other communique over the last couple of days. What should I begin with, how saturated fat stimulates…

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If You Thought It Was Theater You Were Right

Happy Sunday evening, Americans. And, whatever time it is elsewhere. It’s Monday morning in my neck of the global woods.

Short and sweet.

There was a big-ass mask study.

In Bangladesh.

It had a bunch of authors and was written by scientists from Stanford and Yale, now published in Science.


Got that?

They lied. All those grant whores lied.

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Welcome Back To AIDS Again

I’ll begin with an admonishment to readers that this is highly speculative. I have a very good track record in “predicting the future,” but it’s because I’m a die-hard layman with nobody’s bread to butter…a polymath synthesizer and dot-connector. I see shit early, because there are no incentives knocking at my door to look away.

I do the opposite, no credentials required. The whole Paleo thing—where I was a decent enough influencer to get on the same stage as MDs and PhDs in conferences—afforded me a sort of skill, and that was an ability to glean the base meaning of scientific studies. I love reading them. But too often, there’s so much bullshit you know it from just the abstract. Developing a level of discernment over awe helps with that.

My Occam’s Razor is honed very sharp. You might have noticed over many years that I don’t waste time dissecting and trashing bullshit studies. I just call the authors grant whores and move on.

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Dot Connect: Viagra, L-Arginine, High BP, Heart Disease, ED, Covid, now Alzheimer’s Too

Did you know that Viagra was originally developed to treat angina?

During phase one clinical trials, where humans are given the drug for the first time to see what effects it may have, many of the volunteers were hanging on to their medication, rather than handing them back.

From a post I’ll formally credit later

Viagra jokes are prone to writing themselves. Here’s my try: “They developed Viagra for angina but ended up treating vagina.” Not bad?

  • My Viagra Experience
  • Much More Than A Hardening Drug
  • What Is L-Arginine And Who Cares?
  • My L-Arginine Experience
  • Viagra: The Drug For Everything?
  • 69% Fewer Alzheimer’s Cases With Viagra
  • Confounders And Prophylactic Doses
  • Final Observations

My Viagra Experience

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Why Am I “Attacking” The Low-Carb and Paleo Diets?

I’ve most recently put up yet another couple of posts that many perceive as me attacking the Low-Carbohydrate Diet, The Ketogenic Diet, and The Paleo Diet. A Mild Critique of the Low-Carb-Diet Encouragement to Add Fat Can Eating Mashed Potatoes With Your Meals Cause You To Eat 30-40% Fewer Calories? I suppose you could say…

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A Mild Critique of the Low-Carb-Diet Encouragement to Add Fat

Please understand right off the bat that I am not an enemy of low-carbohydrate dieting as a lifestyle. And even for myself, on average, I’d put it in the moderate carbohydrate category. Even Atkins, the modern pioneer, allowed up to 120 grams of carbohydrate—if I recall my 1991 reading of The Revolution correctly. That’s right. If it works…

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Bye Bye Paleo…Drama

It’s been going on for about three days, by my cursory calculations. The Usual Suspects…sans moi bien sûr. Thing is, I was only tipped off to it this morning and had zero idea of it, which is a good thing. What a cool perspective it offers me, in particular the references to me peppered throughout comments.…

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I Guess James Krieger Wants to Fuck With Me. Let’s Go, James.

My identical comments at his identical postings here (awaiting moderation) and here. I have to draft another post for the morning, 9:30 am EST, and it has to publish precisely to military precision and when you see it, you’ll understand why. So, you’ll have to read Fuckface Keieger’s stupid post yourself, where he tries to impress…

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Onward by Moving Forward

My last post being 10 days ago, this has got to be the longest stretch of “time off” since my first few years of blogging. I don’t think I’ve gone more than a few days without a post since going paleo-ish. So what’s up? Well, a few things, roughly outlined as follows: I’m going through…

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Who’s The Worstest of Them All?

When I began my defense of Steve Cooksey the other day, contra the North Carolina Board of Dietetics/Nutrition (NCBDN), I wasn’t planning on writing a second post, yesterday. And then when I wrote that, I most certainly had no idea I’d go at it one more time today. To begin, what do all the following…

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Kit Perkins Gets Himself Results, Blogs: Go Figure

And why shouldn’t he? Tell me again how the food giants were there for him. How about his friends, who told him, most likely: "everything in moderation?" The drug companies? The media? How about academia and research institutions with with their CAFOs of Grant Whores? Nobody was there for Kit Perkins who was supposed to…

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Thanks Readers, Commenters, Supporters…

…As well as the morons, dumbshits, grant whores, vegans, fat-assed health "authorities," frankenfood manufacturers, drug companies and all those who make my blogging job so easy and fun. So how about it? Group hug? Just for today? Can’t we all just get along? And thanks also to all those who link in to, helping…

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Is Eating Crow Paleo?

Back last September I got all riled up over "All The Stupid Stuff in My Face from the Grant Whores." The main impetus for the post at the time was the many ridiculous articles in the media claiming that saturated fat is making us fat by stimulating appetite in the brain. While the new articles…

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Laf Laf Laf Laf Laf

Oh, this is just too delicious not to put up here (via Mike Eades’ Twitter feed). Climate sceptics claim leaked emails are evidence of collusion among scientists – Hundreds of emails and documents exchanged between world’s leading climate scientists stolen by hackers and leaked online. Yes, I’ve always been a "global warming denier," at least in the…

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