Low Fat “Potato Hack” Soup |Patreon

I’ve been ramping up creating cooking videos for my new Patreon venture. I’ve rolled out a few already which I’ll be posting here as well, and I have a backlog of about a half dozen. So, off and running. I’m enjoying it and yes, I do have work to do refining video presentation, though without…

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The Potato Hack is Making Potato Great Again

I hadn’t mentioned it in a previous post, but we’ve been up here at The Cabin since last Friday, with guests over the weekend, and I just plain haven’t felt that much like writing on the blog. It happens. But I wanted to get a quick note out that Tim’s book, The Potato Hack: Weight Loss…

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I Like to Help When I Can: More Potato Diet Hack Ideas

Lots of posts, lots of comments, lots of speculation and musings in both. Someone asked somewhere in comments about Paleo adversity to this whole idea. I’ll state it plainly: I simply don’t follow it. I’d rather just put it out there, willing to be wrong, let myself and you decide over time. Why not decide…

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The Potato Diet Hack – Observations

People seem to be going at this from at least two different approaches, angles, perspectives, or however you care to characterize it. …Back when I caught wind of all this, there was a discussion going in comments at Ray Cronise’s blog, as well as a forum thread or two at Mark’s Daily Apple. Other than…

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Ketogenic Fruit Hack?

On the heels of my latest post, I want to toss out a falsifying idea. The idea that needs falsifying, again and all the time, is the notion that low carbohydrate dietary intake is required to measure ketones such that you’re considered “in ketosis.” Nothing gets you into ketosis faster than not eating anything You can…

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Using The Potato Diet to Leash Your “Stupid Dog Brain”

Back when I was drafting this big post on the practicalities of The Potato Diet, I was already receiving comments on some other posts that caused me to add this blurb: “So, my conclusion is that boiled potatoes occupy some outlier niche where they’re mensch enough to give your stomach something substantial to feel, palatable enough to…

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Can Eating Mashed Potatoes With Your Meals Cause You To Eat 30-40% Fewer Calories?

I’ve had renewed interest in “The Potato Hack“ lately, emerging here just over three years ago, producing a bunch of posts and comments once Tim “Tatertot” Steele brought it to my attention. He’ll soon have a book out, specifically on The Potato Diet, or “Hack,” as we like to call it. I’ve skimmed through his draft and offered a few suggestions.…

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Just Watch. Bulletproof Exec Dave Asprey is Going to So Biohack Resistant Starch

Another one is on board to check it out and this is good:

Is there such a thing as Bulletproof Resistant Starch?

My friend Richard Nikoley over at Free the Animal has blown the doors off the Paleo community recently with an amazing series of posts on something called resistant starch. If you are not familiar with Richard’s work, he’s a little crazy. As in totally willing to go on an all milk and kefir diet for a whole month. Or willing to experience crazy amounts of intestinal gas to test the effects of lots of potato flour on his blood glucose. He’s discovered some cool stuff, and Mark Sisson and Chris Kresser picked it up. Now it’s all over the paleo world.

Once I got wind, here’s what I said and meant in comments:

Dave, I’ve idly thought from time to time that you would find this irresistible as a hack.

The comment thread is kind of amusing. Apparently, because I said some bad words to judge and characterize certain individuals, it’s very, very bad that Dave had the audacity to link up this totally unrelated work. I guess it’s tainted, and so when I say xyz, it means something different than when a pure individual says xyz. That hundreds of people have commented about great individual results in about a dozen posts about resistant starch doesn’t matter. I’ll just grin and show you the last comment, dashing in just a few ago, and are representative of so many since last April.

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Resistant Starch: 4-Letter Word? Nope. Goal: Create Mashed Potatoes A Diabetic Can Eat Every Day

Here’s the reference: Prepare for the “Resistant Starch” Assimilation; Resistance is Futile. It started off slow, rather as I’d expected, because: STARCH! (Fingers raised across face in the sign of a cross.) But, comments began picking up and even though the post is quite a ways down in the scroll, it’s what’s getting the most play currently. And now, those who began their own experiments are beginning to report in.

I’m tickled at the authoritarian poo-pooing here & there. Not fooled for a second, though. Disappointed? Maybe a smidgen, but I’m counting on the last laugh. I would have thought that the sciency folks out there would have at least taken up some well-placed clues before proclaiming the issue of Resistant Starch to be so much hype.

…I see things like “I have boatloads of studies on it.” I call absolute lying bullshit. They do not—at least not that they’ve carefully read (I can’t dismiss out-of-hand what I’ve read carefully on the matter, and I live by my own standards). I also suspect you are being lied to by them…just because it’s “obvious,” dontcha see? Nothing to see here. It’s “starch,” and starch is a “4-letter word.” Yea, yea; and bla, bla. “There’s no essential carbohydrate” (true, but bullshit, because every human animal on Earth eats starch and always has). “Grains simply aren’t necessary” (true, and thanks for demonstrating how you just lied…because this is not about grains—also a very poor source of RS). …Plenty more lazy dismissive bullshit where that came from, but you get the idea.

In the end, trust is the only thing that really matters—not your popularity, not your credentials, and not anything else. The root of the problem is laziness. I grant that allure. Once people start seeking you out, asking advice, commenting on your blog, it get’s easy to just play authority. Of course, there are certain things in paleo we can rightly consider settled: avoid processed foods, refined sugars & grass seed oils, grains generally. You do have to draw lines, or literally everything is an endless open question forevermore, and nothing gets done because nobody can get off square one.

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