The 114 No-Matrix, No-Pill Advantages Course

Arm yourself with 114-Lesson No-Pill Advantages Course, where Richard's lessons are life's cheat codes for those who refuse to swallow society's pills.

It's more about what you shouldn't "know," rather than what you're guilted and shamed into believing is true—that serves external authorities more so than serves your own health, state of mind, and happiness.

It's about first deprogramming yourself. Then, this course serves you by gradually, one short reality-based concept at a time, giving you the fully integrated, honest insights required to reprogram yourself—not according to Richard's or anyone else's designs—on your own exclusive authority...if you can muster the courage to do so (and only a miniscule percentage can, at this stage of sheeple evolution on planet earth).

Then, you just may achieve guiltless financial success, sex, celebration, and long-term happiness.

Break free from the Matrix, conquer mysticism, quell dishonesty, and hold the power of prosperity and passionate love.

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September 29, 2023