Philosophy and Religion

Philosophy Religion is your sanctuary for rational thought, where Richard's heretical musings challenge dogma—faith and non-faith—and deities alike. He was born once into this world, with a German-immigrant Lutheran dad, an Idaho Mormon mom—who dabbled in the Jehovah's Witness faith before both were Born Again, into the Evangelical Fundamentalist Baptist take on Protestant Christianity.

He's seen the starting of a small-community Baptist church, the formation of a K-12 adjoining school with Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) as its curriculum (his graduating class numbered 2, and he was in the top 50%), and knows what it's like to attend Bible College (Tennessee Temple University).

His reawakening began with intense classical reading and study at the age of 29 and he never stopped. His problem with atheists is that he hates them even more than the intransigent, fervent, literal interpreters of Christianity. Honestly, he doesn't hate the latter at all. He understands hearts in right places, in spite of unwarranted exuberance over things that can't possibly be known.

For more, read his Statement of Values and his Manifesto.