Physical Culture — Gym and Kitchen

Physical Culture — Gym and Kitchen is where Richard's iron-willed philosophy pumps up your fitness regime with unadulterated truth and then feasts—or famines—on or off the stuff swole is made of.

Delve into how it all began, beginning with Art De Vany in 2007, and continued through many iterations and self-experiments with workout styles (even working personally with Martin Berkhan — Leangains) and all forms of dieting and cheating known to mankind...right up to how Richard eventually dumped alcohol for good, became a "gym junkie" at the ripe age of 62 as an American Expat in Pattaya, Thailand...and achieved the best gains and fat blasting of his life.

In the end, no long-term progress will ever be achieved until one embraces the hard thing because it's hard...and comes to love that it fucking sucks so bad. That's why most will fail. They do not possess, nor can they ever acquire, the courage that's essential and required. They should all just give up as totally inferior wankers nobody should ever want to fuck...

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December 19, 2023