The Provanta Debt Freedom Guidebook

Escape American Indentured Servitude and Debt Slavery Notice to FreeTheAnimal Members: Paid Downloads are included in Membership ($420 value) and can be accessed on the Members Resources Page. For non-Members, you can subscribe to Membership for as little as $20 and your welcome email will tell you how to get this and other paid downloads.…

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Personal Update: On The Home Front

— My mother has beaten the odds; now on the way home It’s my turn to be sick Well, I’ve been laid up for a couple of days and haven’t had the motivation to really put something up, but now here I am. Greetings from Pattaya, Thailand. Home. Every two or three years, it seems…

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Heartburn: The Acid Test: Big Pizza: 100% Pass

For The First Time In My Life I’m on quite a tear with these two entirely new, way out there things…one of them so obvious (this heartburn Total-Control Absolute Cure) you’ll shake your head when you finally learn of it. … It was right under our noses all along. Probably why few to nobody saw…

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The New Way to Quickly Increase Your Intelligence (IQ)

— It’s The Opportunity to Surround Yourself With Smarty Pants and Have it Rub Off On You Introduction — The Heyday of Online Intelligence In the nascent days of online interaction, there was a digital chasm separating the intellectually curious from the casual interloper. This era, defined by bulletin boards and newsgroups—relics now, but once bastions…

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How do you know if there’s a pilot in the room?

— It’s Easy Well, I am back home in Pattaya, Thailand, just about two weeks to the day from when I left, having spent about one week in the good ol’ USSA and then about six days in the Philippines. I’ve got quite a lot to share about that trip, mostly in video footage that…

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The Most Eclectically Unique Blog On Earth

— Nothing Comes Close — Let Me Show You The biggest problem is that I don’t have room to tell you the half of it. But in this final installment of my technically failed 30-post marathon, the 2/3rds I did get done is pretty damn good, and so I just take more steps forward. I’ve…

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How Artificial Intelligence Will Enrich Us All

— The Most Massive Boat-Raising Tide In Human History Observe when I first wrote the title to this post, I wrote it as how artificial intelligence will make us all rich then I went to mid journey in order to create an image, and out of the eight images that I was that I got…

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The Great Big FreeTheAnimal Reorganization Reveal

— “I Worked Very Hard” Well, obviously, the elephant in the room is that I need to come clean about something right off the bat, and that is this “marathon” or now so-called. What happened is that I made a command decision. There’s something I’ve been working on for months—working very hard on for months—and…

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I Won’t Be Home For Christmas For The 12th Time

— How Do I Do It? My message isn’t try it you’ll like it. Rather, it’s more like you’ll get used to it. It’s not something to strive for; rather, something—for me at least—that’s great and wonderful if you can get it. But if not, it’s ok. Everything’s gonna be alright.

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Here Goes Everything As The World Burns

— My Customary Holiday Cheeriness Turned to Production Volume I’ve always tended to produce more posts during the Holidays than at other times. Part of the reason is that customarily, it was always family time, combined with down time, and so writing and publishing posts was sort of an outlet for my natural exuberance and…

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One-on-One With Richard Nikoley

The first and most important thing to understand about me and how I might help you breakthrough, overcome, advance, or acquire new knowledge and insight is that I am a consummate generalist. Secondly, I’m an autodidactic polymath, which is a fancy way of saying that I have taught myself a fair to modest level of……...

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The Arrow by Dr. Michael Eades

My history and friendship with Mike Eades goes back…ah…about a dozen years, I’d guess. I was a frequent reader of his blog, Protein Power, for at least a few years previous, had linked up a number of his posts here, and had read a book or two by himself and his doc-wife, Mary Dan. I…

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CBS’ Survivor Star Russell Hantz Interviews Me: Taboo Topic

I previously did my own interview of Russell the day after meeting him here in Phuket. You can check that out here. A couple of weeks later I did a post about some of the charity work he’s been doing here in Thailand. Link right here. He recently returned to Houston but is planning a return trip soon.

Some people have said to me, “who is Russell Hantz, never heard of him, why should I care?” My first response to such nonsense is, “is this a complaint?” I mean, how fucking stupidly entitled? I’m posting something about a celebrity of sorts, out to thousands of my subscribers—and whomever else may search and find—and you find some bizarre need to tell me, or post a comment, that YOU’VE NEVER HEARD OF HIM!!! as though that means squat and I should give a shit?

So just fuck right off on that score. If you’ve never heard of him, then here might be an opportunity to learn something rather than peacocking around your ignorance, expecting people to somehow be impressed with it. Hilarious and pathetic way to virtue signal, to boot.

Survivor is the most successful reality TV show of all time. My wife and I got hooked midway through Season 1. They do two seasons per year and Russell was on three times in near succession when the show was about 10 years into its run, which is now on Season 45 or something. So, I watched for about 10 years. Russell comes on and literally redefines the game in a most dramatic way—twice in a row back-to-back. So much so, that after he was to be seen no more, I stopped watching and have never watched a single episode since.

…So out of the month of July he spent down here in Rawai, south Phuket, Thailand, we saw each other frequently, hung out, trapsed around. So what can I say about Hantz on a personal level?

The Energizer Bunny.

Just like on Survivor. He’s also smart, strategic, and has an excellent rapport with people he likes and finds interesting—just like on Survivor. Perhaps that’s what made his performance on the show so appealing. He didn’t have to play a role, so much. He’s a really personable guy with a smile and piercing eyes. The girls adore him, and quick—and I’m not talking about only bar girls. He courted many a “legitimate” young woman in his time here.

…He rode his scooter over to my house one mid-morning, set up his gear, and interviewed me. We shot about 30 minutes of footage which he cut down to 15 minutes—owing to the constraints of having a YouTube Channel, The Russell Hantz Show, with over 40,000 subscribers (another answer to the “who is Russell Hantz?” question).

If you watch my interview of him along with what I’ve written above, you might ask: why is he introducing you like that, since that’s not what happened? Chalk it up to harmless creative license. It’s his show, he’s the star of it. Period.

A correction to something I said: I should have said hundreds, not thousands, when referring to my engagement with Asian bar girls over 40 years, since 1982 in Pusan, Korea, when I was an NROTC Midshipman still in college. So from 1984 to 1989, 5 years living in and travelling all over Asia, and now 2 1/2 years in Thailand, hundreds is a reasonable number.

I’m not Wilt Chamberlain, after all.

A final note before getting to Russell’s interview of me about the disrespect the western world shows to this ubiquitous bar girl industry. I laugh. How do people think these hundreds of thousands of girl bars scattered all over Asia exist, if there aren’t millions and millions of men—both Asian and western foreigner—patronizing them? Yet nobody does it! Amazing! Either they condemn, deny, or keep quiet outside the realms of being within the culture of it.

Well, I unabashedly and unapologetically assert that I have partaken in the delights for 40 years. I haven’t a gram of shame, trepidation, reservation, or evasion over any of it. I always knew what I was doing, no exceptions. If I’m going to talk or write about it, I’m damn sure going to be transparent, open, and honest. All the rest can condemn and/or lie about it all they want. I will not.

And if my activities “cause” people to feel repulsed or disgusted, what in the fucking fuck do I care? What anyone thinks about me is none of my business.

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Villains Are The Kindest People

In the world of reality TV, there’s a particular series that’s the most successful of all time. Survivor. It premiered in 2000, 22 years ago. Season 43 will premier in September. It has 622 episodes under its belt. They run 2 seasons per year.

I didn’t catch on until episode 7 of season 1. I became a fan, as did my wife. We recall watching the finale in the departure lounge in Maui, headed back to USA. The most unlikely guy, and villain, Richard Hatch, won—a gay-guy asshole who trapsed around naked…there’s something to this!

Years later, when I caught onto The Paleo Diet, lost a bunch of fat, and became an influencer in the space via this blog, I always thought it strange that there wasn’t even scant mention of the show anywhere in the sphere…ever…not even a whisper. After all, here’s like 20 people getting dropped off on an island for 39 days; no food, water, or shelter. And there’s a social game too.

The biggest example of Paleo right in your face, nobody seemed to give a fuck.


Because of the social game, there are those heroes and those villains. Whatever anyone thinks about who’s the most villainous villain, it goes hands down to Russell Hantz, for me. In fact, after his 3rd and last appearance on the show about 10 years ago, I lost interest. There would never be any equalling of his performance.

He broke the system.

…They came up with this thing to hide immunity idols and if you find one and play it, any tribal votes against you don’t count. They issue clues as to where it might be found. This is where Russell Hantz villainously fucked with the whole production. He found them before clues were issued. He didn’t just do it once, but 3 times in his first season appearance. The production was so gobsmacked that after 39 days and losing 60 pounds, they invited him back to do it again, filming to start in 2 weeks. They inserted him into an already planned production.

And he duplicated his previous performance. He once again found all three hidden immunity idols without clues.

They brought him back a couple of seasons later for a third go-round but had fucked with the rules so much he was easy to dispense with early on. Nobody wanted to compete with Russell, so they got him out. Disgusting and disappointing for me.

I lost interest in the series.

…Advance 10 years or so and a couple of weeks ago, a guy approaches me in a bar here in south Phuket, Rawai, and introduces himself. In under 24 hours, we were on video.

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How About Daily Short Videos?

I both love and hate them. But I’m liking them more. For one, I see many YouTube creators with a shit ton of followers who do zero editing. No flashy stuff. It’s just get on and do the thing, publish easy. Usually, you don’t even need to thread two files together in an editor or cut a thing, so it’s just published direct from a single whole file.

So I did one yesterday sitting in front of my workstation.

It’s weird for me because I can have only one idea or theme with no idea of how I can talk about it for 10-15 minutes but once I press record, I lose all sense of everything, I ramble on, and I end up having to cut so it’s not too long.

I’m wondering about location. Sitting in front of my workstation all the time might get boring—though some creators have the same setup every time. I have the option of doing them from anywhere in my house or the back patio sitting on the stairs. I could do location at the pool.

So this is what I did in about 16 minutes yesterday. I cover:

  • My vision
  • My mom’s vision
  • My mom’s unique non-judgmental character
  • Covid a bit
  • Locks on stuff
  • What if you were God for an hour
  • And more

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My Interview With Ex-American Sean Ring

Most people understand what the term expat means. It’s someone who lives outside of their country of citizenship, typically by choice; i.e., not particularly applicable to military or corporate employees stationed in another country. As military, I lived in Japan for five years and then France for two. It was a station, I was not…

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