A Father’s Day Golf Story and France

Dr. Michael Eades requires no introduction here, since the various goods and bads of my friendship with him goes back 12 years now when he was introducing his Sous Vide Supreme and there’re many posts on this blog over those years.

I’m an avid reader of his new endeavor, The Arrow. It’s a weekly newsletter by email he started close to six months ago—which is easy to know, since he just put out #24 last Thursday. I think it clocks in at close to 10k +/- words each time. Not for the faint of heart and if you run down the link rabbit holes, well, you’re in for a beating. It’s such a value I have taken to saving each issue myself.

What I truly adore about Mike is that he’s a lover of writing and the craft that goes into making it look easy. The hardest part about making it look easy is storytelling. So what sets Mike’s gig apart is that he’s always telling stories, making apt references, dropping names modestly—as I’m doing here—and engaging his readers. Even if you’re just dropping hard data and analysis, you can at least do it in a narrative prose that keeps some level of heightened curious engagement since it’s not Dragnet.

Not just the facts, ma’am.

In issue #22 a couple of weeks ago, Mike kicks off a golf story about one of his Sunday outings. I immediately had the urge to tap out a little story of my own to convey how I am the exact opposite when it comes to the links.

I don’t know how many of you play golf. But one of the arguments raging among golfers is what’s called pace of play. Many people want to get out, play quickly, finish and go home. Or to the bar. Or whatever. Others want to play slowly and unhurriedly and just enjoy themselves outside for a few hours. I’m a member of the former group. I like to play fast. And nothing bothers me more than standing around waiting for the group ahead of me to get off the fairway or green, so I can take my shot.

Back in 1989, I had just left 7th Fleet embarked on USS Blue Ridge in Yokosuka, Japan. In total, 4 1/2 years there, counting my first junior officer tour on USS Reeves beginning in ’84.

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Ok So What’s Next?

Back when I was a kid, my dad was a painting contractor. There were different masks for different materials; and also, how the materials would be applied, and whether in an enclosed space or more open.Think about those elements without thinking of politicized mandates. What sort of things come to mind? Perhaps if you’re brushing…

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My Random Quick Takes #5 (Memorial Day)

MY RANDOM QUICK TAKES #1 MY RANDOM QUICK TAKES #2 MY RANDOM QUICK TAKES #3 MY RANDOM QUICK TAKES #4 The comment thread is 100% dumb as doornails ignorance. I posted a comment. Anyone have any awareness of Farr’s Law? In epidemiological and virological terms, it means that viruses naturally become more benign over time.…

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Dealing With The Blog Members

Hey Members, This email is only to the few hundred of you, but the Membership is growing daily. There are two things on my mind this morning. Since you’re already a member let me just get right to it. You can handle it. I’d like to send out a quick email as an alert for…

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My Random Quick Takes #1

Epidemic influenza kills a million people in the world every year by causing pneumonia, “the captain of the men of death.” These epidemics are often explosive; the word influenza comes from Italian (Medieval Latin ?nfluentia) or influence, because of the belief that the sudden and abrupt epidemics were due to the influence of some extraterrestrial…

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I Finally Understand “50 Shades of Grey”

It’s not as though I ran away from a considered understanding of it. I simply noted early on that it seemed to be a chick phenomenon, which is fine. Building a solid wrap-around deck, only to retire aftarwars with your man-clan—around a fire, with alcohol and smokes, telling lies…that’s a guy phenomenon.

I never gave a mindful thought to the barrage of bullshit messaging and signalling that admonishes—to one and all— what to think in order to get along with the cool narrative. There are rewards in play, you know. You get Likes, and not just virtual ones. That all exists for all the stupid people. It does. The shallow and the stupid. The unserious. If it’s mainstream popular, it’s only because that’s the biggest market and the biggest is the dumbest. Media and advertising are generally designed to exploit your dumbest weaknesses to the point you pay.

But I’m probably putting more into it than is called for. I got a lesson in this thing last night.

Yui, my 28yo Thai GF found it on Netflix and watched it not once, but twice, as I was pounding the keyboard a few feet away. It has Thai subtitles.

She was largely dumbfounded and confused the first time through. The second time, she was all on board. At points, she squealed in delight, as though it was the Lucky Number (Thai Lottery) TV broadcast every 2 weeks, and she’s 2 digits away from the 12 million baht jackpot.

This morning, she says something like “he do EVERYTHING. He so handsome, she not even have to touch him or do anything and she love it and she come anyway.”

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New Twitter Account — Follow @NikoleyRichard

Back in January or so, 3-4 months ago, Twitter up and deleted the account I’d Tweeted through thousands of times since about 2008 without a problem. All these months and I’ve had zero response to the appeal I submitted at their behest. So, I decided to wade in and start over from zero. I had…

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Auberon Herbert Asks

“Why should you desire to compel others; why should you seek to have power— that evil, bitter, mocking thing, which has been from of old, as it is today, the sorrow and curse of the world—over your fellow-men and fellow-women?…”

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New All-Member Forum

I always wanted a forum integrated with the blog, but what I didn’t want was to contend with the trolls, haters, perpetual time wasters, and those who think others owe them and work for them for free. A comment section can get unruly, but because that was typically a single topic post, and subsequent posts…

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Biden: I Will Neither Vaccinate, Nor Mask

Got that? Just try and make me, and 10s of millions of others. Incidentally, Banh Mi is my start-over Twitter account, since after 13 year and 7,000 legitimate followers (not bought from Indian click mills as so many do), my account was deleted without notice. There was a right to appeal, which I did. That…

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Oscar Is Dead, Now Rolling In Its Grave

What an anti-spectacle it has become.

Who needs to even get into it, when a picture is worth a thousand words?


A WSJ opinion piece by William McGurn, entitled Give Bill Maher an Oscar,” carries the very pithy sub-title:

Unlike Hollywood’s woke, at least its Communists could make good movies.

I goes on.

Defenders of Hollywood would say this year’s Oscars represent the choice of art over mass appeal. But the assumption that they are in conflict is belied by Hollywood’s own history. The best-picture nominees from 1939—“Gone with the Wind,” “Goodbye, Mr. Chips,” “Stagecoach,” “Love Affair,” “The Wizard of Oz”—point to a time when Hollywood did not despise its audience and produced many movies that had both popular appeal and artistic merit.

Surely it says something sad that professionals skilled in the visual arts can’t even hold an audience for a night. That’s because wokeness inevitably degenerates into virtue-signaling, which has never been a crowd-pleaser. So as the Academy was busy applauding itself for “the most diverse Oscars ever,” Americans changed the channel.

“Academy nominations used to say, ‘Look what great movies we make,’ ” says Mr. Maher. “Now they say, ‘Look what great people we are.’ ”


He’s referring to this hilarious New Rule bit by Maher, who seems to be getting both funnier and more piercing, lately (though I usually only watch stuff I get from sources I follow).

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Milk: Object Lesson In Protein to Energy Ratio

The following is a rabbit hole I went down on my most recent post, CHILI CON CARNE, EXPAT STYLE, for those members subscribed to the Health Bundle. I’m excerpting it and editing a bit into a full post for Member Free Content.

I’m asked a lot why I drink low-fat or sometimes, even skim milk. Admittedly, it’s not as luxuriously silky as is whole milk. First, us brothers grew up principally drinking 2%, and at one point even skim, as we were buying fresh raw from friends and mom used the cream to make butter. Don’t know why that was mom’s call, but it was, and it tastes just fine and delicious to me. I don’t feel as though I’m missing out (I do with skim, though—but I still like it) and so whole milk is more like an indulgence, or treat.

But there are dietary reasons. First, the fat portion, or cream, has no protein and little to no nutrients. Fat alone is nutrient poor, empty calories. Like refined sugar. It also pushes out protein in volume, but with over twice the energy density. Let’s compare ONE CUP of whole milk, alongside a cup of low-fat, and skim.

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Chili Con Carne, Expat Style

I’ve always been a big fan of making basic chili con carne with beans, starting with canned chili beans, then add meat and other stuff to make it actually good!

Being an expat makes that skill a pretty good thing. While there are some decent farang (Thai racial slur for white person) restaurants here that serve up chili, it’s expensive and usually not up to my standards.

Now, doing this is near to impossible out in the rural countryside. There just aren’t these things in any store—not even the ground beef. You can get beef, but you would have to hand chop it, like making steak tartare. Of course, you could make Texas chili and have cubed beef—just braise it long time. In Bangkok or a few other metro areas, a cinch. Otherwise, you can order everything but the ground beef online (I use Lazada).

Rawai Beach, southern Phuket, makes everything available, generally. While I would prefer to start with either Dennison’s or Stagg, all they have is Bush’s. I loathe their baked beans—which should be called candied beans—but we’ll see.


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In A Recent Study Of Combined Moron…

Who didn’t know that Democrats aren’t the stupidest fucks who ever walked the planet? Ironically, they are the Big Corp stooges, now, but that’s easy to understand since, they were always fucking dumb as nails and Big Corp simply exploited it. And now they are not only onboard, they riot and loot for Big Corp overlords who pay millions by means of ad buys to Big Media to keep everyone in a high state of political antagonism.

The Narrative Must Go On!!!

Yes, they are that fucking stupid. And by that I mean: your mother, father, sister, brother, granfather, grandmother, aunt, and uncle. If any are Democrats, then they are that fucking stupid and worthless, a sore on the planet and society.

Deal with it.


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How Do You Change Someone’s Mind?

Most smart people make the common mistake of believing that just Huge Lots of more time bestowing your superior logic and reason upon your unwashed interlocutor will do the trick. Never happens. Because, it’s counter-productive. In fact, the more you argue reason and logic, the more they become entrenched, so do you, and it’s no…

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George Floyd and Derek Chauvin: The Video Summary

Here is the free-access 10-minute videoI put together for the previous post: GEORGE FLOYD AND DEREK CHAUVIN: THE VERDICT. No, it’s not a sales pitch for that post which is paid access in the Politics and Social Relationships category. It stands on its own and gives the main points for my judgment that all sides…

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George Floyd and Derek Chauvin: The Verdict

Never paid much attention and never wanted to get biased one way or the other.

We lose any possibility of genuine satisfaction for justice being done when “justice” itself is debased to a level that is politicized by our very State and Federal levels of government; moreover, when it becomes sensationalized by media from so-called news to click-bait outlets who’re selling more advertising the more intense the social antagonism. This is Democracy, Republicanism, Federalism, and Capitalism?

Do amoral Big Corp advertisers who fund all media have any conscience in this regard? Fuck no is the correct answer. Both the victim and defendant are expendable, stage props. Their stock price is a non-negotiable must. I’m not big on holding Big Corp to high morals because who decides, what is the cost, and who pay it? I would, however, prefer and insist that they mind their own business, to re-coin a forgotten slogan.

…And I’m a fan of free-market capitalism. But at the same time, not a fan of Corporatism, where Big Corp is merely a “private” arm of the State—i.e., fascist. Ironically, not a single person in this ridiculous #Antifa For Bed Wetters actually has the slightest clue of what fascism is. It’s State control by other or extra-legal or unconstitutional means: principally, denial of service, cancellation, and dictation or editing of private public messaging to craft or uphold narratives that serve the political antagonism, left or right.

I tweeted this the other day:

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