Nice 4-Egg Runny Yolk Plate With Dry Whole Wheat Toast

Click bait: that's a cheese omelet I made

Realizing that I did not snap a pic of the actual dish, I recalled that I did snap one of a cheddar cheese omelet and dry whole wheat toast from the same batch of eggs. They come in packages of 10 here, not a dozen. I hate it—though the eggs are uniformly fantastic. Free range are easy to get, and cheap.

Since this will be short, it gives me a chance to briefly explain the method to my madness about videos. I already wrote about some issues in the previous post. Mostly, the videos have to sort of work within the realm of creation I do, which is principally about writing eclectic. It's too cumbersome to write in short form something that's just a hair up my ass. Video is perfect for that. It's a means of putting out more content I would not not otherwise do. The videos are easy compared to putting out a 2-10K-word post.

Mostly, I wish for a sort of companion to the blog in terms of the videos. I've basically done it that way for a long time. The problem is, YouTube stopped monetization years ago for pond-scum puny "creators" like me. Can't recall how long it was, but I used to get like $100 per month from a share in ad revenue. Beer money. Now, you have to have over 1,000 YT subscribers, which I do barely. The bigger hurdle is 4,000 total watch hours. I've got about 1,100 and of my catalog of all videos, it does 50-60 hours per month. I need 3,000 more watch hours.

That's 4 years at my current rate. I need exponentiation, which means more subscribers and more views. That means, I have a lot of creating to do. And I hope to get enhanced engagement from the various folks who visit: public, free member, and paid member.

A couple of points:

  1. Some have come to me asking for audio-only and also transcripts. I'd love to, but doing so undercuts my need of watch hours, as already explained. Sorry. For now. You help me now, I help you later
  2. Many of my videos will not be just me sitting at my desk. The backdrop of the Russell Hantz lunch gig on Nai Harn beach in south Phuket would suck as audio
  3. How many of my cooking videos could be audio-only with a transcript?

What this all means for me is that it makes me think of getting off my ass when I do a video and make the backdrop or any action worth watching the damn video.

OK, so let's just cook some eggs and toast some bread.

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