99 Bottles of mRNA On The Wall

— The Sorry Saga Of a Criminal “Health” Syndicate That Went Global

When everyone and every source is saying the same thing, it’s automatically wrong.

I call that Rule #1.

Rule #2: When half the people are saying one thing, and the other half, the other, they’re both wrong.

Rule #3: There are no exceptions; understanding that this is in the realm of human ideas, propositions, assertions, and especially, the things that are “settled science.”

Especially the things that are settled, so called.

I’m not intending to contradict the Law of Identity by this. It’s okay to be settled on matters such as the sum of two and two…and that dogs are not cats, or vice versa.

The only reason ever to characterize any scientific proposition, hypothesis, or theory as “settled” is because that’s exactly what it is not. This is the province of hucksters and charlatans who have some stake in however it is that whatever it is, is going down, and they don’t want that upset; so they don’t want to be bothered with annoying things like proofs, arguments, explanations, or persuasions.

… The story of Covid, more than anything else, is a story of how billions across planet earth—in the space of days, weeks, and months—lost their souls by squelching their voices of conscience, taking a stake in the global safety-measure and drug-trial frenzy for influence, profits, social upheaval and “new normal” oppression of the individual—as a sacrificial offering up to the gods of The ScienceTM.

The ultimate result and consequence of this soul-crushing, anti-enlightenment and anti-civilization triune marriage of Big State, Big Corp, and Big Tech?

… A putrid and gaudy banality reminiscent of shag carpeting and bell-bottom polyester; cheap costume beads and glitter. Lava lamps and black lights; altogether, smelling of roaches and bong water. A mundane trudge through a swamp-sewar so unimaginative and unedgy that even all the lying has become automatic—with no real purpose, thought, or skilled attempt to deceive.

Everyone simply takes one of two sides, plays their role, and tells their slogan-and-bromide lies to the other side.

That’s the banality of dishonesty.

There were too few men and women of genuine principle, conscience, and courage to count. “Handfuls” is descriptive enough. Yes, that’s hyperbole, as The Great Barrington Declaration with nearly 1 million signatures at the time of this writing, demonstrates.

During this period of nearly three years, I followed a few handfuls of them and was able to connect dots, piece together, do my own research, and synthesize a sounder narrative, influencing a few handfuls of folks myself.

Here’s that story, from the beginning.