Artificial Intelligence Is Coming For Your Job

— Being Already More Creative Than 99% of Humans, AI Can Replace You. What Are You Going To Do So It Helps You Instead?

In the video:

  1. Brief description of the previous posts here: 10 FUCKING THINGS, and The “Get Very Fucking Ripped at 62yo” Plan and Mods.
  2. How I use AI; which, when combined with my own process for “JTBD,” is simply unbeatable—as many of you have pointed out, and as evidenced by my fire-hydrant of new content here…as though I have a team working for me (I do, a 3-in-1, and they work 24/7/365 for a few bucks per month, and never complain).
  3. AI doesn’t write my content.
  4. Features are overhead.
  5. Food, gym, programs, and extended fasting.
  6. Autophagy <<<————
  7. Get off your lazy, stupid, and weak ass, shut the fuck up, and get to work (me too).
  8. If you don’t like it, I [explicitly] do not give a fuck.

… I look forward to continuing to learn even damn thing I can and imparting it to my membership here.

To the extent I can shower you with competitive advantages everywhere you look—from deep understandings to paradigmatic awareness; from lie detection to exposing value-destroying parasitism; from future forecasting to No-Pill thinking…to harnessing AI to its full potential in your life, work, and play—I’ll be doing so.


There isn’t time to waste. It’s already almost too late. It’s already too late for millions. Every day, it’s going to be harder and harder to catch up because the acceleration we see already?

It’s going to accelerate. That’s right, an accelerating acceleration.

We’re living a differential calculus now, and it’s never going to let up. Your mid is going to be your only weapon and defense. You better get it to the (AI) gym and make sure it’s in shape.