How The Globalists Screwed The Pooch But Also Paved The Way

So it’s Not All Bad News…Just Bad For The Ones Who Deserve It

I stumbled upon an article the other day in a publication called The Daily Reckoning, penned by a gentleman named James Howard Kunstler. The piece was boldly titled “Bad News for Globalists.” As I read through it, I found myself vigorously nodding in agreement, each point landing like a punch in the gut of delusion. I was so struck by the resonance of Kunstler’s words that I knew I had to do more than just read it—I had to dissect it, paste the whole damn thing into my blog, and go to town on every section with my own unfiltered commentary.

So here’s what we’re going to do: I’ll lay out an introduction, giving you the lowdown on what’s to come. Then, I’ll break into several sections, tearing into the meat of the matter like a rabid dog, because let’s not mince words here—the West is fucked.

Kunstler isn’t just whistling Dixie; he’s sounding the alarm, and it’s about damn time we all listened up. The globalist agenda, with its highfalutin ideals and pie-in-the-sky promises, is crumbling like a stale cookie under the boot of reality. And as it crumbles, the so-called elite are scrambling like rats on a sinking ship, trying to salvage their utopian dreams from the wreckage of their own making.

But as I delve into my commentary, don’t expect some watered-down, sugar-coated bullshit. This is, and we’re all about the raw, unvarnished truth. If the article’s truth bombs are a slap in the face, my commentary is the follow-up right hook. No apologies, no retreats, and certainly no fucking surrender.

So brace yourselves because this is going to be a bumpy ride. But it’s a necessary one. Because if we’re going to pull ourselves out of this mess, we need to confront the hard truths head-on, with eyes wide open and fists clenched tight. Let’s get to it.