How to Overpower ChatGPT Wokeness and Political Bias

— By Understanding The First Thing

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By now we’ve all heard the wailing and gnashing of teeth surrounding ChatGPT and other AI bots and language models of various sorts. They’re woke, and they have a leftist political bias.

I’m going to dispel the alarm. This report is to explain some of the fundamentals involved in terms of real hardware/software limitations, why that makes it rather easy for the Idiot Savants who’ve created it to “keep us safe,” and how that approach is doomed to failure.

How do you know it’s doomed to failure?

Easy. One word: porn.

Since the Gutenberg press in 1490-something, then still and motion video cameras well after, authorities on all levels have spared no expense in time, money, and effort to keep you safe.

And yet here we are. Porn is more pervasive at this very moment than at any previous time. There are other examples: alcohol, drugs, prostitution, gambling…

But those are physical products and services. Porn is information. AI is a disseminator of information.

For whatever faults people have and no matter their propensity to lie to themselves and others, they still often seek out the truth about things, get curious about the truth, and claim to honor the truth.

The other thing I have said many times is that truth requires no maintenance. There may be a struggle to get the truth out, but once it’s out, it’s the truth. It stands alone.

Lies, by contrast, always require maintenance and great management to keep them going, including additional lies piled higher and deeper.

It’s my contention that AI will finally and gradually expose all the lies, and thus, erode the power base of global society’s parasitical elite. I make this argument throughout the following 28-Page Special Report.

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