Neo-Tech — The Philosophical Zero

Neo-Tech — The Philosophical Zero

by Ray Kotobuki

The Voice of Honesty

  1. The Copernican Revolution
  2. The Lost Knowledge of the Greeks
  3. The Geocentric Hierarchy
  4. The Origins of Mysticism
  5. The Master Neocheaters
  6. The Discovery of the Zero
  7. The Propagation of the Zero
  8. Neo-Tech, The Philosophical Zero
  9. The Neo-Tech Revolution
  10. The Universe, Inc.


About The Author

Ray Kotobuki is a professional thinker/businessman and a writer/researcher in the fields of philosophy, science, and business. Born in Japan in 1954 in a highly mystical atmosphere, Mr. Kotobuki was trained to be a priest/scholar in a Zen Buddhist order. He then traveled to India for further study in Eastern philosophy and psychology. His aptitude for mathematical logic and interest in science eventually made him reject an anti-reason philosophy and brought him to the discovery of the EPISTEMOLOGICAL INVERSIONS of the cognitive process which characterize all mystical philosophies. His reading in 1984-1985 of Julian Jaynes’ THE ORIGIN OF CONSCIOUSNESS IN THE BREAKDOWN OF THE BICAMERAL MIND and Dr. Frank R. Wallace’s NEO-TECH firmly established him in the task of eradicating mysticism from the planet.