On the Intellectual Downfall of Nassim Nicholas Taleb

— We’re Not Fooled by Taleb Anymore


He sure was the bee’s knees and cat’s meow all rolled into one, wasn’t he?

I first came across him in 2007 after suffering a huge trading loss in options (about $300K in 1–2 weeks as my credit spreads all went straight into the money, rather than expire worthless).

I got Fooled by Randomness.

We all do…and I believe that was his point in what I consider to be his best book. He wasn’t saying we’re all always idiots, but that at times, we can be if we’re not super careful and end up downplaying downside risk, which can wipe you out in very short order.

So, I fucked around; and found out, I did.

Owing to my now 20-year-old blog, 4 years young at the time, I blogged a lot about that book.

… And the randomness happened and through a chain of events, I became known by Taleb, resulting in a book I wrote getting a 5-Star Amazon review from him, and an addition to his fairly short list (for him) of recommended books, putting my in pretty esteemed company.

Unfortunately, there’s a rest of the story…