Pattaya Thailand 1-Week Bootcamp for Men

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There has been a war raging on a societal level against…not just men, but man’s mind…for over a century. The stakes are as high as they could possibly be—the goal being to undercut and deprive the naturally aggressive, sexual man of his competitive and dominant nature and demeanor, to render him nothing more than a little liar by cheap “romantic” words; ineffectual in action and deed…a mocking-stock of deference and subservience…a cuckolded simp-wimp of virtue-signalling and white-knighting.

The Western man has become a slave to his own ideals of gentlemanliness, romanticism, love, and freedom.

Your life and outlook will never be the same once you read this sexy-photo packed free download, take it all in, reflect, plan, execute and complete the experience with me, Richard Nikoley as your personal 1-on-1 guide.

Act now. It’s all crazy-introductory at this launch stage.

Slots will fill up fast.