Adding Resistant Starch to Your Meal Plan for Weight Management

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Quite a few surprises when you see it all in one place. For instance, bread. Freezing white bread for 30 days doubles its RS content. Also rye and pumpernickel are the highest in RS by far. Not that I’m eating bread, just saying.

Some other surprises were uncooked rolled oats at 7-14% RS, and the big span in cooked potatoes .16% on low end for boiled to 19% for ‘roasted and cooled’.

You can also see the difficulty in pinpointing exact RS values. For instance, the label on Bob’s Red Mill Potato Starch says 1TBS=12g. The range of RS in potato starch is 66.7 – 79.3%, therefore 1 TBS of potato starch should have somewhere between 8g and 9.5g.

You can also see why RS is hard to get in any meaningful amount eating a typical paleo or SAD diet. 3-5g/day is the estimate in SAD and may be even lower in paleo.

I should think it safe to recommend people try to get 20g/day of RS and when food isn’t enough, supplement with a bit of potato starch.

I added references to the list. If anyone has questions about how the food was prepared or where the values came from, they can easily go to the paper I got the info from.