Ridiculously Fast: Create a [Good] AI-Generated E-Book in an Hour

— Start selling it online the same day

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You’ve probably purchased a few e-books, or even a special report such as this. So you know that page length does not necessarily correspond exactly to value. Or, even in the traditional book world. We’ve all had the experience of buying a 300-page book and after completing it—especially if it’s business-actionable—we might feel like what we really need to know could have been distilled into 5-10 pages.

That’s where the world of the e-book and special reports shine. They run the spectrum, from free (in exchange for a valid email address) to 20, 30…even 50 or 100 dollars.

It only depends on what someone is willing to pay for the information and if it’s deemed to be highly specialized and valuable.

… In 1993, down to my last $200 after going through $50,000 of savings by failing in two businesses, I responded to a direct-mail piece and paid $89 for a physical business-opportunity book a mere 100 pages long.

I used the exact formula in that book I read in a couple of hours to not only get my new business set up over the weekend, but to secure my first $300 retainer as a deposit for services by Monday afternoon!

Over the following 12 months, I made $250,000 in fees from business clients and later, expanded to apply those same services (credit-card debt settlement) to consumers and grew that business to a level of 2,000 clients, 30 employees, 3 office locations, and $3 million per year in company revenue.

I ran that company for 20 years and made many millions of dollars and paid employees millions in compensation and benefits.

All from an $89, 100-page book that today would be an e-book, selling for $149. Maybe even $249.

The possibilities are endless because the ideas are endless. Every day that ideas for small business—and How-To e-books and special reports to start them and profit from them—become obsolete, double or more that number emerge as the next New Opportunity.

If you can put relevant e-books and special reports together and sell them, you’ll never be out of work. You simply fill up your inventory of information that sells and keep it revolving, adding new profitable products as the old ones drop away.

What’s special about this is that it makes the barrier to entry so minimal. Nearly all the tools are either free, almost free, or ridiculously low cost to pump out your e-books and special reports in hours to days.

You don’t even have to test it first. Just do it, and if it sells at all, improve it, so it sells better and better.

Check out Gumroad. That’s a site where folks just like yourself pull down 6-figure annual incomes from digital products.

Now, here’s your Special Report on how to implement this and have an e-book to sell within the hour.

And if it doesn’t?

Then spend another hour.

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