Shred Spike Proteins: No Drugs, Supplements, Diets, or Exercise

— Boost Your Health and Combat Vaccine Concerns with the Power You Already Possess


I’ve been blogging about health matters for a long time.

I was already blogging during those days in 2007—I had been for about 5 years by that time already—but doing so at about 30 kilograms heavier (66 pounds).

One day I decided to see if I could do something about that, and it began in the gym, because that’s what a lot of us think, first off—that it’s lack of movement, or burning more calories (it’s not…but that’s what I believed then).

It wasn’t the conventional training regimen that I started on. I got a trainer; he and the head trainer were cut from a different cloth in this gym.

To make a long story short, through the exercise, then adding a sound and comfortable diet, then adding a few other things, I dropped that weight within the next year or so and have kept it off since.

And I still generally practice the exercise, eating, and other things I did way back then, and I do so because it’s perfectly natural to do so.

And it’s why my blog is named Free The Animal. It’s my way of saying, in a sense, “so easy dogs and cats can do it (and animals in the wild, too).”

… No, I was not a fan of the Covid measures. I was not fearful of it. Whether you were or were not…even whether you were or were not in favor of the vaccines, many people received them for a number of reasons and many people succumbed to pressure to receive them regardless of what their own health assessments were or the health assessments from other qualified professionals as they related to them personally.

You had a situation where people reading the news on the television—and just about anywhere else where people had adorned themselves with “battlefield commissions” of medical authority—were dismissing and countermanding the medical advice you may have received from your own physician, if it was at all at odds with the one-size-fits-all get vaccinated right now!

Well, I have no such battlefield commission myself, but my own experiences have taught me a lot. And, because I was in a position of being a blogger of some influence in the health and diet community, I had quite a few qualified researchers and physicians looking out for me.

I maintain cordial contact with many of them to this day, and there’s one thing many of us understand. Well, two things.

  1. You can’t get unvaccinated, so how or why you got here is irrelevant to the open question of: has it, or can it, compromise your health…or even worse?
  2. There is something you can do. And it’s well known and well established.

In fact, chances are that if you are religious, your religion would approve, too.

You won’t have to buy anything, subscribe to anything, diet, take any drugs or supplements, make any appointments, or consult with anyone. The procedure is already within you, and it’s just as obvious as getting up and having breakfast in the morning.