The New Way to Quickly Increase Your Intelligence (IQ)

— It’s The Opportunity to Surround Yourself With Smarty Pants and Have it Rub Off On You

Getting to High IQ and Being Part of the Exclusive Club

People of honest High IQ with pride and integrity don’t bullshit. They aren’t nefarious. They aren’t haughty and arrogant.

Many of them were formerly lazy, low-IQ retards themselves until that spark that ignited their personal awakening and hard-won improvement and achievement of intelligence excellence. It serves the status-quo and the keepers of the general narratives for the consumption of retards, for you to believe it’s all genetic—and if you didn’t win that lottery, you’re screwed.

There is a genetic component (gray matter). But it’s only one part. The rest is a combination of factors having to do with upbringing, culture, resources, early nutrition, parents, grandparents (and their respective IQ statuses), education, indoctrination, socialization, environment, and the list goes on…

But I’ve got good news for you. You can wash out the genetic component. In other words, given identical circumstances, the natural genetic part is going to only account for a given number of IQ points. Let’s say it’s 15 points. Well, there’s quite a difference if you’re 95 and the other guy is 110.

With dedication and effort, you can add 20-30 IQ points, and it’s not going to take forever.

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