— And I Wasn’t Even Trying

Boost your testosterone naturally. Follow along as I tell the story of my journey, where without any drugs or special supplements, I [accidentally] managed to increase my clinically-tested testosterone levels by 40% in just a year. Find out the simple lifestyle changes and daily routines that could help improve your health and wellbeing.

54 Pages, 41 Photos.

Ironically, those who will presume immediately what this book is about, scoff, and move on, are the ones who need the values in this book the most. They'll miss the forest for the trees, never having understood how and why this happens, and what widely applicable, common chords and themes are in play that apply to every man-woman relationship on earth. This goes equally, perhaps even more, for women.


  1. Preface — Who's going to hate this book and why (guess)?
  2. Contents
  3. Introduction
  4. The Thai Connection: A Deeper Look

    • Debunking the Stereotypes
    • Moving Beyond Preconceptions

  5. What I’m Up To

    • What’s Really Going On?
    • The Allure of Stability
    • Thai Society and the Older Man

  6. Some Guy Steps In It With RFK Jr on Hypertrophy and Male T
  7. Bar Girls, Massage Parlors, and Freelancers
  8. The Philosophy of Old Dudes and Young Chicks as a Natural Phenomenon in Thailand
  9. Getting Along With Far Younger Women In Bed — C’mon, Baby... Light My Fire
  10. Getting Along With Far Younger Women in Daily Life

    • Know The Terrain
    • Don’t Fool Yourself
    • Never Complain
    • Never Get Angry
    • Tally Up Information

  11. Increasing Testosterone Naturally

    • Maybe You Don’t Need Male Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)
    • Sun, Beach, and Ocean
    • Stop Eating Like a Kid Who Can Get Away With It
    • Gym — Fit or Fat
    • Sleep
    • Boom-Boom (Sex)

  12. Adopting The Formula

    • Don’t Look The Part They Think You Play
    • Hair & Whiskers
    • Suntan
    • Body Composition
    • Alcohol and Drugs
    • Masculinity
    • Dress Up a Bit
    • Comportment and Cary

  13. What’s In It For the Young Women?

    • Restating a Few Things
    • Beyond Age and Wealth
    • Not Just Gold-Diggers
    • Beyond Snap Judgments

  14. Closing Rambles

    • That’s Simply An Ideally Natural Human Match Up
    • Wrap

  15. Resources

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