Understanding the Jamie Lee Curtis Oscar Aftermath in Clown-World-Speak

— I guarantee a deep understanding that is widely applicable to all clown-world phenomena

I have understood precisely what’s going on here for quite some time.

… Since sometime in 2018, so 5 years ago or nearly so, and my oh my has it made a difference. Searching my 5000+ post archives (and I can search the raw data for specific words or phrases, so I can’t miss) I never blogged about it until 2021. I’m not sure why, exactly, given its supreme importance in a way that everything becomes really clear and locks right into place.

Perhaps it was that I was going through divorce at the time, not blogging much about anything very often. Doing a lot of stupid stuff, actually, cooped up as I was in the mountains alone in a big house for two winters…

This phenomenon goes back a really long time and its most famous explicit use was in the early 1900s with the Bolshevik Revolution; how they were able to amass such a following so quickly and have that following be unabashedly loyal—up to and including a willingness to look completely crazy and stupid while putting on a smile.

Just like that photo, above…and whaddya wanna bet there were those in attendance seal-clapping to that ridiculous spectacle?

So the narrative goes something like this: After 4 decades and 80 appearances in film and TV, with some really notable performances—she’s a good actress—she gets her very first nomination and her very first win at the same time. It’s for a supporting role in a film where also, a bunch of firsts for Asians.

So the Asian thing is what it is…I never got the enthrallment over Hidden Dragon, or whatever it was that was dancing. Or something. Racism against Asians has been in the news lately so gotta get woke about that, I guess.

But why Jamie Lee Curtis…? I haven’t seen the film, so I’m just wondering if it was truly a great performance, or is something else in play? In the aftermath of getting that award…yep…sure enough. There it is, right on cue. I’ll cover that below.

Here’s the thing. Once you’ve got the technique down pat, you’ll never fail to detect it in play anywhere, from the macro down to the micro, such as in company or institutional politics.

You’ll also understand, if you’re an honest person with some pride in yourself…someone who can feel genuine shame…how you can never participate and cash in the way others do.

It’s not in you…and it’s not so much that ‘you’re better than that;’ it’s that you’re simply not that, at all. You’re fully human…