— Mass Effect: The Imperative of Criticality

“Critical mass is the point at which a movement or idea gains enough momentum to become unstoppable. In his article, he explores the concept of critical mass and how it applies to various aspects of society, from politics to techno-totalitarianism.

“Nikoley argues that critical mass can be reached when enough individuals have reached their personal levels of outrage, that outrage is common, and the source of outrage is fundamental, natural, and human. He also notes that critical mass can be difficult to predict, as it often depends on a variety of factors such as timing, social context, and “priorities,” most of them contrived to deflect the growing mass of outrage.

“Overall, Nikoley’s article provides a thought-provoking analysis of the concept of critical mass and its implications for social change. His measured, condescending, and iconoclastic style may not be for everyone, but it certainly makes for an engaging and intellectually stimulating read.”


This brash, stark, and frank article is a sort of companion to my 114 No-Pill Advantages. I’m showing you a little piece of what’s in store for you by integrating these Advantages, as I did, 32 years ago. It’s only a piece, a facet of this manner of Fully Integrated Honesty. I’m going to make this available to everyone, but not here, unless you’re a member already. I’m putting it out in full on the email list, and also as a PDF download, for those who missed the email.

Over the last week or so, I’ve published the first six of The Advantages and also made them available as a free download. This week, beginning tonight and every night, I publish Advantages 7-11 Monday through Friday (and then every week, 5 per week, until all 114 have been published). These next five are all done, final edit, all in the hands-off automation to go out. You’ll be able to set your clock by them. The articles are published here at 19.00, the email goes out at 19.05.

Advantages 1-6

  1. The Essence of Mankind
  2. The Lost Child of the Past
  3. The Power of Individuality: Carving One’s Own Destiny for Prosperity and Happiness
  4. No-Matrix: Liberating Yourself from the Matrix of Dogmas and Rules
  5. Black and White Moral Absolutes: Universal Good and Bad Actions
  6. Unmasking the Masters of Deception: How to Spot Our Biggest Liars

Here’s the free PDF Download of those six, in full.

Advantages 7-11 To Be Published Daily, Right Here

  1. Joy Through Honest Winning
  2. Take Control of Your Happiness
  3. Achieving Life’s Rewards
  4. The Conscious Individual’s Path
  5. The Self-Esteem Hoax — Stop Caring What Others Think

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