— White Knight?

“Explore a deep-dive analysis of Russian President Vladimir Putin's speech on the state of the world, and its implications for Russia and the West. This thought-provoking article challenges conventional narratives, offering an alternative perspective on global power dynamics, moral leadership, and geopolitical strategies. Regardless of your political leanings, this piece will provide fresh insights, spark critical thinking and broaden your understanding of current international relations.”

I originally wrote this as a blog post under a different title just about a year ago.

The continuing saga of much of my work here at FreeTheAnimal over 20 year and thousands of posts goes something like this:

  1. You're insane and crazy, Richard.
  2. NOBODY thinks or believes that. It's absurd.
  3. ... Uh, you were right (a year or 2, 3...later).
  4. You're insane and crazy, Richard (when the next The Current Thing comes along)...

Don't believe me? Read the testimonials.

So, a year ago, I published that and as usual, it was before its time. Now, not so much. Most disappointing for me is that for the longest time I took great pleasure trolling Xeets and scanning replies for the virtue signallers who just days, weeks, or months prior couldn't point out Ukraine on a map, and now they sport its flag amongst their profile emoticons representing every noble cause you're supposed to be staunchly, independently, non-conforming, and on-the-bandwagon for.

I'd reply to their reply with 1000 words.

It's getting to be sparse hunting, now, and more often than not, I get hundreds and of views of my X profile and visits to this blog...not because I was right then, and I'm right now about Russia vs. NATO and America via their proxy-puppet's that I used the word retard and that's bad bad bad.

Projection. It takes a retard to have not seen what this bullshit was always all about. ... Well, in fairness, at least woeful ignorance. While it's true that I was a US Navy officer at the time the former Soviet Union collapsed, and I got out precisely because of America's stance that dammit, Russia is going to remain an enemy no matter what and we have to make new wouldn't have taken a whole lot for a genuinely honest, inquisitive mind to understand that a free-enterprise Russia with a semblance of a Western-style democracy was an enormous threat to American global dominance. I even sketched out an outline for a novel way back then in 1991 about Russia coming to dominate the world because... but that's a story for another time and post.

Here's another 1000 words.

... And another 1000 words.


Are you correlating and extrapolating and connecting dots, yet?

The final dot to connect is contained in the download. It's an excerpt of an interview by a former US Secretary of State.

Watch for it.

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