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In addition to unlimited access to all material published to the blog, here are some links and other benefits listed below for easy access whenever you want.

Member Links

Note: Some members are unaware or confused about how to upgrade from your current member level to a higher level. Really easy and automatic from the Member Account page. Just click “Change” and go for it. Whatever your existing subscription is, it’s automatically cancelled at the gateway (Stripe) and replaced with the new one.


For the time being and likely forever, I’ve made all downloads free, as they are now the primary source of new lead generation. So, all downloads at the same place as for non-members.

I’m asked by members about sharing the PDF files. You are authorized and encouraged to do so, but better to give them the link to download it themselves because that makes a lead out of them and they get the pitch.

Chatbot Zon

I have made available unlimited access to ChatGPT-4 through the OpenAI API. This is the version that costs $20 per month by subscription with OpenAI, so a significant benefit for your membership here.

There are four versions of the bot, accessed here:

Chatbot Zon Dialogs

If you’re interested in the background development to get these things up and running, or to learn a bit about how best to use them, it’s all spelled out here.

Because the bot is connected to the blog, it has taken on a bit of a personality with members. Here’s an example screenshot from the logs (so no formatting), in response to me.

It can be a lot of fun to interact with, once you get the hang of how to treat it.

Discord Server

We now have a Member’s-Only Server and if you’re a Discord fan and have an account, you can connect to it. Get a free Discord account here. You can do it in your browser, desktop app, or device app.

Chatbot Zon is now accessible in any conversation, simply by invoking her with the /zon command on Discord. An example.

(the connect button below is visible only to logged-in members, so log-in here if you’re not seeing it)

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